STARDOM (Episode 5)


Guys really very sorry i know u are ready to kill me..
its being nearly a month now..that i din upload the FF..
so here it..
sorry as its a boring one..i know i m boring u all..
but no worries i ll end it soon..
coz i m bit disappointed as comments went on decreasing(49 to 39 to 19 to 9 ) but as i said no worries FF ll end soon and i ll fully concentrate on Love strategy FF
and guyssss plzzzzzzzzzzz sugesst some idea for me..
and yeah thanku for giving such good responce for the FF— “TWINJ THE LOVE STRATEGY”

Every one are tired after the dance..
twinkle hugs sanskar and talks to him..and swara wishes her good luck.. how is my princess feeling..?after allshe ll be soon married and that to,to a businessman,and i hope he keeps u happy..
Swara-i m sure bhai ll keep u happy twinkle..i trust him..
and i know he loves u alot so i m sure he ll keep u happy..
twinkles smile fades away listening this..
just then arjun and radika come their..
A-congrats twinkle..
R-actually we wanted to talk to u something..
just a min i ll call kunj also here..
Twinkle unwillingly says ok..

Kunj comes their and his anger starts fuming seeing it is with sanskar too..
both both of them control it..

A-guys i know our past is not good..
i want all of us to clear the missunderstandings and become one like before..
K-u know thats not possible..atleast with me..
A-nothing is immpossible yar..
and this one i want to start with me..
Twinkle i m really very soory..
i should not have said those words and acted like that..when our whole group was at stake..i went off to london..
then when i came back radika said me what actually was the truth..
i m really very sorry..
and for this i m ready to bear any punishments u give me..
but plzz forgive me..
i cant stay now with the guilt
(i know u guys want to know what the truth was but dont worry i ll say it soon)
Twinkle melts and says i was never angry on you..
and hugs him..
Radika also hugs them..
Sansakr & swara together..
can we also join..
T-sure bhaiya and bhabhi
S-no dont call me that..
Kunj leaves the place..

All have dinner..
and spend few much quality time..

sanskar and Twinkle are alone..
S-are u hppy with this marriage?
T-yeah..i m
s-dont forget that u cant lie infront of me
T-i m not lying
S-u are..
T-s..i dont want to marry the man..i hate kunj a lot..
but i cant backoff the marriage bhai
S-but..if u are not happy then
T-but maa was happy with it…she is in coma..but before 3 days of her accident she had fixed my marriage and i want to fulfill her wish..
S-what?choti-maa in coma..
T-han bhai..after u left us..maa was depresed..but one day someone called her..and she huridly went their..but she had said me that once she comes back she ll get u too back..
but on the same day she met with accident..and then..
(twinkle starts crying)
sanskar consoles herand asks if he can meet her..
twinkle nods and was about to take her when kunj and RT arrive their..and before RT could say anything to sanskar twinkle takes him with her..

RT-gds knows what this orpan has done to my daughter..
we gave him so much of love..but he betrayed us and still this girl is supporting him..
K-dont worry papa..everything will be fine..

all greet each other and lev from their

adi and pankuri are in car..
and pankuri asks adi to fulfill his promise..
so according to the promise made by adi to pankuri and promise made by me to u
here the khulas i mean sach ka khuklasa

@ Flashback @
(guys now on the story is full of flash backs..and once this flashbacks are over i ll clear all the missunderstandings between these friends and end the FF,as further i ll get buzy with my DCET,hope u understand)

Theres a big collage shown….with few boys sitting on their bike near the enterance..
just then a boy enetrs..
han his name is rocky..!
sorry i m late na?
“Too much late”,says one of the boy among them..
it was kunj..
“and abb punishment toh banti hai right?” said anothr boy from the gang it ws sanskar..
kunj and sankar look towards a boy..he was arjun..
and smirks..
( ARjun + SAnskar + KuNJ = ArSaNj)
3 of them smirk
K-so u want to join th mosthappening gang of the clg..
and u have been trying to impress us since long one month..
S-and ur todays task ll be last..
A-pappu pass hogaya toh well and good varna out!
Rocky-oky boss..what ever u say done done done..
“first listen to these raskals and then say yes..damboo”,a voice choked from back..
San-kya yar adi..?
A-any way u just watch the entertainment oky..
any way mr what ever u are..
u have to give this rose to all the girls comming from that front gate..
San-lets make it easy for u..
as many know that such tasks are only given by us..
so the girls must be fresers..
A-happy?i said u madar ki tara math uchal..
abb buktoh..
K-comon yar adi..
lets watch the movie..
Ar-beta u want us to do ur arti..
then go na..

aftr about 15 min..
ar sanskar no freshers are entering..

Rocky was waiting near the eneterance when a girl clg..
Kunj sees her and is shocked..
K-“what the hell”
S-abb kya huva
K-adi see their..its swara..
Ar-are u know her..?
K-if rocky goes to her and gives theflower..then
A-bechare ki pitai hogayegii
K-lev that all and come lets save rocky..varna uske hath per tuth jayege..
Sa-then its good..we can hav s good entertainment right..
uski vat lag jeyegi..
Ar-u both..enough of making jalebi..and say it clear..
first of all..her face is not clear..
shes back facing us..
and u identifies her so easily..
A-han he can after all shes his sister..
Ar-u mean shes swara..then come make us meet her
han wow!..yar are u sure shes ur ssister..shes so beautiful and u..
K-ya i know she is beaautiful..
Shit rocky is going towards her..
adi do something..

rocky goes towards swara and kneels down and gives her a rose..
“hai beautiful..a beautiful rose to a most beautful girl”
Sw-ohh thankyou so much brother..
she takes the rose..and gives him a tight punch..on his face..
Swara sarna se pange mat le..

San-ohh shit..boxer thi kya yeah..
Ar-kya mara hai yar..
K-i knew it..this could have happened..

Kunj runs towards swara..
Sw-hai bhai..
K-what the hell yar..y did u punch him..
Sw-b***y guy!..bada aya muzje patane..
he dint knew who m i..
stupid guy!
k-han han its oky..
now come..
Sw-no let me kick him..
phele toh esske hadiya todungi main then i ll tell him..
saying this she starts hitiing rocky..
A-hai swara!
Sw-hi adi bhai..
dekho na..hes not letting me tech thos guy a lesson..
Ar-chill swara chill..
he got a perfect lesson..
San-yeah toh modern jasi ki rani nikli kunj!
Sw-hahaha very funny mr
san-are i m praising one did this thing before in clg..
i ll indeed not call u swara but jasi ki rani from now,,
swra pats the foot and says i m going bye..
San-bye…jasi ki rani..
swara gives him death glare..
and was about to go when she heard some noise..
bike sound..
she turns and smiles broadly..
San-so jasi ki rani..y are u waiting here..u just said bye right..
ar-wese guys whos this guy on bike..
k-i think fresher..
A-cool guy na..
Sw-not guy girl!
K-girl and bike not possible..
swara gives him beath glare..
Sw-dont think girls to be less..
Ar-and how u know she is girl..?
Sw-c their back..radika is sitting with i known that they are my two frnds..

no precap..

Credit to: crazy

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