STARDOM (Episode 4)


hello..hope u liked the analysis..
and sorry for being so late..
but cant help..
exams exmas and only exams.
but got lil time and taought to just write a bit..sorry for the short updtae..
story is just not flashing my head..
woud love if u all give me few tips..

pandit asks twinj to come for engagement ritual..
he says girls brother and boys sister to come front..
as per the ritual..
Twinkles father interrupts and says she has..
twinkle cuts him and says sanskar bhai plzz come here..
and bhabhi u to..

Kunj says s swara plz proceed..
usha is shocked to c swara their..
she stops her by holding her hand..and says dare u show ur face to us..
twinkle walks to usha..mummji..she my i want u to respect her…
she takes her with her..
and was about to make her stand near kunj when usha intreppts saying kunj had a sister but she is dead..
swara is very much this..
Kunj is full to angry..
but controls it..
Twinkle was very angry at this instance and continues..kunj regards my bhahi as his sister if u..
thats really good pandit says..
sanskar comes and holds twinkles hand n makes her sit..and slowly says thanks..
Twinj exchange the rings..
pankuri who is watching all this is upset..and says adii i want to know all about their story now..
he says ok..
i promise i ll say u once v reach home..
Swarsan were standing in a corner..
sanskar was hurt due to usha..
and continues this is y i said u dont come..
and dont accept the invitation of these..
but u..

radika read arjun..
A-no..are u mad..are u seroiusly gonna do it..
R-yes..when kunj can keep his promise then y cant i..
A-no yar..pz radika..
R-runs away)

lights get closed a voice is heard..
u know what guys today is the engagement of the most happening couple of our collage..
and that is none other than kunj and twinkle..
she is revealed to be radika..
A-ohh shit..she is very bad dancer and she knows it her self..and just to complete her promise she went on stage now i should also go therir..
to cover up her ..else all ll sttart laughing on her..
and if someone insults her here i ll break his a**

he goes on with her..
onec in clg..this happening couple promised us that all our group ll be meeting on their marriage and as per promise he invited us
and now turn to complete ur promise..

Panjabi wedding song plays
both dance just superbly..
arjun is shockd to see that radika danced well than himm..
so are others to see her dancing so well
all clap to their dance..

then comes the turn of PAya..
they dance on Bhuddu sa mann..
swasan join them and sanskar pulls twinkle and both brother and sister are happy and patch up..
kunj is happy seeing twinkle happy
I knew it twinkle u wished to be with the rival of mine..and thats u bro..
but my rivalry is not so much as much as my love is for u..

he sees swara and smiles at her..
so does she..

prcep-sachh ka kulassa

Credit to: crazy

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  1. awesome episode……..story interesting …..eagerly waiting next one…

  2. Crazy its really amazing.

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  5. Awesome episode, but could you make it longer. 🙂

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