STARDOM (Episode 3)


i read all ur comments..and was very happy reading it..
but the most comman questions were asked..
guys i know my FF is confusing..
due to tricks and trocks and obvio as many characters are it
but stay in touch and u ll surely know all truths of all the characters but note down that the pairs are

and i said b4 only guys that only 1-2 episode a week but sometimes it may cross out to 3 sometimes depending if i m free..

as my finals have started..
so this can be last one for the week or may be for the month too..
but my exam ll finish on 6th
so if at all i get time i ll surely upload..

guys one more last thing in my bakbak..which i ll tell at the last now lest procedd to

Episode3 –
Episode begins from Swasan..
Sanskar is angry at swara for not consulting him and telling yes to kunj..
he starts shhouting her..
she just stay silent and criies..
he then notices this and stays silent and goes off..
swara comes to him and says i know many things have happened in these years and u dont like him..
but trust me all will be fine..
Sanskar-how swara ?how?
U know na what all happened and then..
Swara-But i m his sister..and hes my only brother in the world ..i left everything for u..then cant u come their..
and after all its not only my brothers engagment but ur sisters too
he gets tery eyes and continues -u mean to say step sister right..
swara-but u and twinkle alwys had a good relation..and some times circumstances bring us in such difficulties that it takes time to heel..
but they betryed me swara..

they threw me out of the house when twinkle and mom went to london..
and cooked a story that i tried to grab the property..but the truth was
swra-i know everything sanskar..
u dont need to explain me..
but u only accepted that twinkle and leela maa are not at fault…
then y grudges for her..

Arjun and radika
A-what u think should we go their..
R- yes..we got a chance after 3 years to rectify the mistake ..
so i think we should go..
R-kunj kept his promise noe its our turn..
A-our turn..
u mean i should..
No never i ll never do that..
R-but i ll keep up my promise..
A-okkky i ll get ready now…
R-u look good in any form
A-holds her by waist..pulls her closer so closer that..they can feel each other..
radika and arjun are lost in each other..
Arjun comes more close to her..
(may be just less than a inch difference between them..)
RAdika-feels something and pushes arjun hard..

he looses his balance and falls on bed…
R-(in angry tone)Nothing..
A-aree u spoiled such good mood..
R-u need mood..
when ever u come close to me something happnes..
sometimes someone knocks the door..
sometimes u get phone calls..
and sometimes…
ur breed..
shave it off..
else i ll never come close to u..
she goes offf…
A-kunj was right..
ladkiyon ko samjana bohot muskil ahi…
flash back…
It was twinkles bday..
all gave many gifts to twinkle..
then it was kunjs turn to gift her..
and she was waiting for his gift like anything..
he gifted her a dimond set…
then twinkle accepted it..

and just faked a smile..
Kunj had noticed this went to her and ask whats the matter she said i was accepting a rose boquet form u..
he says what?
i mean ur BF gave u a dimond set and ur asking just for an rose boquet..
its really hard to understand u girls…
flash back ends..


ENgagement venue..
all were present their just then kunj enters..
wearing a navy blue shervani with a golden border looking just tooo dashing..
i hope all can imagine hot he could be looking..

his eyes were searching his akonka tara (Eye star is the english version, but not sure)
just then he notices the arrival of Arjun and Radika..
and goes to them and says i m glad u both are here..
i taugt…
u may
R-what did u think that we may not come…how could u think that when u completed ur promise we can complete it too..
A-How are u kunj…
K-i m fine..and what about u..?
K-u chaned a lot man..
K-time changes everything..
R-and heels too..
K-heres this and just leaves off by saying i just hope it does as i know u and twinkle…he stop their…

Aditya and pankuri come their..
Kunj greets them..
and says so ur our pankudi bhabhi..
P-g han i m only pankuri..

K-good choice Aditya..
pankuri blushes..
well no need to blush bhabhi..after all i m ur devar..
u can call me kunj..
P-just smiles and says nice meeting u devargiii
A-agar bhabhi and devar ki bate huvi ho toh devrani ko deklete hai..
K-yeah sure she may come..i was also searching her..
A-searching her han….(in a funny way/tone)
k-i ll just come..
P-adii i just noticed that he was talking so well to arjun and radika then u said..
A-no pankuri its not that what u are thinking its diffrent..& i know only can make them all one togethr but u ll know whole truth later..
i ll tell u about the whole story of them..
just then Twinkle enters…
wearing a blue navy color with red emrodiary ghagra choli with golden beats of touch..
she was just looking fabulus..
kunj eyes were not leting off from her..
she walked down..
and stood beside kunj..
kunj was still staring her..

paya comes to him adii signs pankuri..
pankuri comes to them and greets twinkle she hugs her and says congrats..
she just smiles..
twinj are are made to sit on stage …
K-u r looking just fabulus twinkle..
u suite to be the wife of kunj sarna..
T-she gives him tuff looks..
K-he says i m in love with ur anger too..
(and thinks i know twinkle i myself made u far away from me ..but once this marriage gets over then u ll never leave me..and i ll also not have aany fear to tell u the truth)
he smiles at her..
T-kunj sarna kudko control karo…
u know i dont love u…
when ever i think of u ..only one word comes to my mind and that is a Cheater..
and nothing else..
and u too l
know how much i hate u..
just then she sees swalak..

she eyes sanskar loving..

both enetr in..
but are stopped by TWinkles father..
he says how dare u enter here..
its my daughters engagment..
and u are no way related to her..
sanskar-i m her only brother and that makes arelation
T.F(twinkles father)-yes the brother who wanted his sister to be left on roads ..
sanskar gives him angry looks..
twinkle comes their and says bhai…
she has teary eyes sanskar and twinkle were about to hug..
leela calls her to come..
t-bhai thanku for comming here..
i want to speak to u alot..plz be their and dont go anywhere plz…
she hugs swra and leaves..

Precap-not decided

hope u liked it..

Credit to: crazy

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