STARDOM (Episode 1)

well helo to all you guys..
i just cant say how happy was i when i read ur comments..
i m getting positive comments in comman ..i m happy for that but i got few negative comments too..
for which i m tootooooo muchhhhhh happy..
i just loved ur Straight forwardness
and plz be the same.. i just love such straight forward people..

Now let me clear few things..but i shall do it in the end and start with ff first..

A young man is sitting on the chair..
with white Suite..and Blue navy coat..
he is watching a video..
its reveled to be kunj..
and the interview of audience is taken..
where they screm love u u..
he waves hand to them..
the reporter says this is.. the power of audience and the love to the sessation of todays generation….he shuts his laptop and says
sensation of The generation..
Kunj is in his office..his PA come their..and greets him..he says u r late
PA- sorry sir..wo my Gf.. and stops their..
kunj-i know she might have forced you forcefully for few things..and you got stuck right..
PA-han sir…
and stops..
k-now..get back to work..
PA- yes, sir..
sir you got a contract offre….they are ready to pay you blank cheque..
if u agree..
as you are stardom of this singing sensession..
he thinks..and says..
with who is this contact with..
Sanskar Co,
PA- Sir its the company of sanskar..who propotes his wiife..
k-he says i ll let you know..

Secne shifts..
a girl is shown doing meditation
its none other than our leads of my ff
a guy comes from behind and peeks a kiss on her cheeks and says goodmoring sweetheart..
she says goodmorning hubby..its reveled to be sanskar..
she says i know its time for ur green tea..
i ll just get it..
she gets up and he pulls her back..
and they fall down
swara on top of sanskar..
he cares her hair..
and says u take care of me so much..
when will u take care of ur self..
she says if u r happy ..then i m..
let me go now else u ll get late for office..he says i have a surprise for u..
for me..
yes for u..
she says i know it ll be the best ..i love u..
he says i love u too..
she says let me go plzzz.
he nods in no..
she says plz..
he says no..
she screems aaaa loud..
he says kya huva?
she says nothing and runs..
he says kab tak bachegi..
awww i love u wifeee..
and says now its time to take revevnge for every tear of u..

a sweet girl comes to her room…. and says good morning ..
and says plzz get up…
shes our lovely pankuri…
she makes sun rays fall on a guy..
ita our adii- he says plzzz let me sleepppp
just 5 min..
she goes and kisses him and says plzzz..
he says no..
she again kisses him on cheeks and says get up..
he says if u make me get up this way daily i m reday to be lazy always..
but he still doesnt get up..
and its our lazy adiii
he says one more.
she goes towards him..
and pores glass of water..
and says good morning..

A girl with black and pink jogging suite is shown running and doing exersise..
guess who..
yup its our Twinkle..
she is jogging..
she says god knows why my mom loves this kunj so much..
i m ready to marry any one but y he…
i just hate him from bottom of my heart..
how can i stay with him for all of my life..
forgetting what he did 3 years back..
i just cant never ever love him..
though i cleared him about everything..he still says he wants to marry me..
ohhh babajii help me..
just then she colides with a girl..
she eyes her lovingly..

both remember an incident..
how they both would come together for jogging before..
and how they used to have coconut water
when their flash back it interrupted with a call..
a guy comes their its our handsome Dashing arjun..
he sees twinkle their..
he says her Hii.. twinkle how are you..?
she doesnt reply and just moves ahead..
radika is in tears..
why arjun why with us…
we all were so close and suddenly one incident made us all apart..
Arjun consoles her…
and says enough remember na that you promised me that you wont let past memories come ..
i know all that happened wa snot good..
he gets sad..
and remembers a flash back/…
kunj and arjun holding each other by collar..
and beating each other black and blue…
when radika keeps her hand on his sholder and says lets go..
he nods and they both leave..

here twinkle reaches her home..
and finds everyone preparing for her engagement…
she sees all this and gets sad..
leela comes their just in..
and asks her to drink badam milk & rest as her face should glow
she nods and gives fake smile..
she thinks i have to do this marriage i acnt hurt maa.
she goes to her room
and finds a bouquet with a note 7 days to go princess..
she throws the bouquet in dustbin..

on the other hand kunj says his PA to agree to the coontract..
with diwans and say that sarna company is redy to do contract with Sanskar Co..
he says i ll take revenge of every tear of my twinkle now..

hope you loved the ff..
do share ur views..
and yes guys plzzz note that this FF i.e. STARDOM will be uploaded by me only one or twice a week…
or some times not even onec..
but plzz understand i have my exams trumbling and dancing on my head..
hope u guys wil undrestand..


Credit to: crazy


    • crazy

      Yup..I know start was it just included their intro..
      But it was needed dear..
      I ll try to entertain u more hence forth..

    • crazy

      Tq for compliment..I m not worried re in fact I m happy as their are negative comments
      N literally speaking the truth I like those who b straight forward .

    • crazy

      My sis loves them a lot so on her instance I included them in ff..
      But yeah I ll try entertain u..with their story..
      Stay tuned.

    • crazy

      Are no dear as I said b4 lead pairs are Twinj swasan ardika paya..
      But story line is an syspence one ..
      Stay tuned u ll get it through d ff soo ..
      I know it is confusing but trust me u ll like further episodes as on this ff only suspense z there

  1. Aakanksha

    Amazing epi dear….u r very talented yaar….I mean how do u manage to write 2 ffs together…yahan to mai ek bhi thik se nahi likh paati

    • crazy dear I m not as talented as u..
      But the main point were it lies is..
      When ever I m free I just take off my cell n keep writing down all imaginary things..
      Then I cop it n put in ff..
      Actually most I write during my travel…
      As it takes 4hrs f up n down r more sometimes from Clg to home ?

    • crazy

      Don’t worry dear..u ll enjoy their track too..
      But u shd wait for it..
      N watch out for the next episode..

  2. Dambo ka,frnd

    Kya bathhh hai..
    My janeemannnn this ff is also as crazy as that one..
    Well I din know u wrote so many ff before
    Any 1 knew kya from our class

  3. Ur hater

    Completely bakwas ff..
    Stop writing the ff.
    I literally hate ur ff.
    God knows how r u getting good cmmnts but literally accept my advise n stop writing the ff.

  4. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

    Hey crazy don’t mind about negative comments just continue who knows they may be loving ur ff that’s why they comment like this

  5. Anushka

    Haters know just to hate but u concentrate on likers like me. I loved ur ff. Keep going dear. Just don’t feel bad about negative comments. By the way I likes the pairs I mean swasan, twinj and aradhika. I must say u have a good taste as all r my fav.

  6. Aribaa

    WTF is this crazy haaa how can you writing this bakwaaaaas I swear I hate uh more than my enemy

    Now switch d wrds

    WTF – what a mind blowing episode
    bakwaaaaaas- awsum epi
    Hate – luv

    • crazy

      Thanku adii..n welcome back..
      Well this is the question ur asking MW 3rd time ..
      Any way..
      Fb account is vaishnavigadge
      N twitter is

  7. Twinj Fan


  8. Ur hater

    Another bad bang Han..
    Btwn I like the fact that u have such huge gang behind u to support..
    But not getting y r they supporting such bl**y ff

    • aastha

      if u din like crazy’s ff ten i wonder y u took trouble to read it…..she had already mentioned the characters in the intro……….moreover u should nt b soooo rude……

      • crazy

        U copied the d same one ..
        Which u said was worst edit .?????
        Dambooo u r tufff to understand
        Not only aastha but each n everyone over their thanks for support

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