Which Star Plus show are you ready to bid bye?


Siya Ke Ram which runs on 8pm slot would be ending soon. The storyline is in its final phase. After Lankapati Raavan’s end and Lanka’s destruction, Shri Ram and Devi Sita would be heading back to Ayodhya after completing their Vanvaas tenure of 14 years. The track would then show some state affairs of Ayodhya and then a happy ending with Ram and Sita’s, and other couples unions. The show presented Ramayana in a wonderful way.

Siya Ke Ram would be replaced by another historical show Chandragupt Maurya. Rajat Tokas will be making a comeback in Chandragupta Maurya after his epic show Jodha Akbar and Naagin stint. Siya Ke Ram is a finite series and would not be completing a year run. With everything shown in proper and convincing way, Siya Ke Ram has won a great audience in a year’s time with brilliant performances by all the actors.

Another show Diya Aur Baati Hum, which is airing at prime slot of 9pm since its start in year 2011 is finally coming to an end. All DABH actors are well appreciated by audience. The child trafficking case recently started in the show. Mansi’s disappearance and Misri’s trap is already seen. Sandhya would be getting to the root of the child trafficking case and nab the culprits. The show will also have a good happy ending, with Sandhya doing her best duty and managing family. Both Siya Ke Ram and Diya Aur Baati Hum would be ending in mid September 2016. Which Star Plus show are you ready to bid bye? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comment as well.

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  1. what , nooooo , siya ke ram should not end so soon


      Siya ke Ram is based on Ramayan; it will end soon…

      1. ya but it is about sita so it should show her life is it not , if they end it in September I am doubtful whether they will be able to show sita’s life after her exile and her life wid luv and kush


        May be they show…. becoz right now ravan- ram fight is going on.

  2. I am not ready to bid bye to both the shows , so please don’t end skr and dabh . both r good shows , skr is the best of all shows , there r some stupid shows which should end , end that not skr and dabh

    1. dabh is running for almost five years now ,but skr is not like that , it started only last year , even one year is not completed .

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  4. How can i add pic in tel update

  5. but there is lot to ramayana and sita’s character even after ravan’s death. if anybody has seen telugu movie SRIRAMARAJYAM, in that they showed the difficulties faced by sita durig her pregnancy and then going back to bhumaata forever from where she has come.
    from the starting of the serial i was keenly waiting for this phase of story and the makers are ending without this.i feel this story is incomplete without this part ,that too in sita’s perspective

    1. Ya there is a lot more to Ramayan …..Lav Kush story is there which is actually a very nice story and untouched story for small screen …usually lot of Telugu films show this part …..
      But good Siya me ram has not prolonged the show unnecessarily by inculding vague stories…..Ramayan is a mythology show not a saas Bahu drama to prolong it…skr should continue only if they want to show further story of their children ,,,,otherwise the essence is lost in continuation ,

    2. Yes….I agree with Shraddha completely….this part of story is known by everyone…but if they show the story of lava kusa then it would be a complete Ramayana…and comingto the movie SRIRAMARAJYAM that’s completely a remake of old movie LavaKusa…..so that would be beautiful if the story gets continued rather than ending here….

    3. Yes….I agree with Shraddha completely….this part of story is known by everyone…but if they show the story of lava kusa then it would be a complete Ramayana…and comingto the movie SRIRAMARAJYAM that’s completely a remake of old movie LavaKusa…..so that would be beautiful if the story gets continued rather than ending here…..?

    4. even i agree dat….sita’s character will get more importance after the vanvaas…when she had to leave ayodha….even i am eagerly waiting to see how they will justify ram’s decision to send sita away from ayodhya….we will understand real sita at that part….this show should show dat part tooo….

  6. Aman

    Plz tell,there is size problem

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  7. Padmaja

    Nooooo siya ke ram shouldn’t end i want to cry now ????? siya me ram shouldn’t end … Pls star plus its the request of the fans pls pls don’t end dis show ???

  8. Please dont end skr cause we wanna see luv kush kand


    Plz end all shows and start new shows accept Ishaqbaaz and Dance +

    1. Sorry but this is too much !! Every show rocks in their own way but yeah it will be v.Boeing if Siya Ke ram and Siya air bathi exit !!

  10. Please please don’t end Skr so fast without luv lush story I love ram Sita very very much and have great love for its chapters plz star plus don’t close this lovely show so soom

  11. Please don’t end dabh.

  12. Pls pls pls don’t end skr pls pls skr crew pls Nikhil Sinha ji

  13. ohhh please why don’t u end crap shows sns ssel yrkkh including ekta ‘s ghost ,incarnation and witch tracks which are dragging since years

  14. Please do not end dabh and skr

  15. Parvathi Thangaraj

    Ramayanamoni luv lush story should be there without that can’t finish

  16. Sad to note that SKR will be ending soon. But it is going to end on a happy note .
    Good things wrap so fast whereas many non-meaningful serial goes on for years . This is KALI YUGA

    By the way , if SKR show Luv & Kush episode -that is indeed painful -painful for sita -both physically and mentally . And also Ram too suffer -lived like a vanvashi in a place.
    Ramayan shows how a selfish greedy mother and weak father ( Kayeki & Dasarath) could create havoc in Children’s life but being special incarnations- Ram & his brothers and Sita & her sisters goes through all the suffering still can promote love, harmony and goodness all around.
    And moreover , Luv& Kush -original Uttar Kand – is about how Luv & Kush sing the whole Ramayan ( learnt from Sage Valmiki) on the street of Ayodha and reaching Ram’s Rajshabha.
    But variations version says there were fight between Lov& KUsh with Ayodha army. That’s wrong.
    And the last part Devi Sita going to her mother Earth after giving agniparisksha -is indeed painful & Sad .
    Ram as a king was so kind and nice still his wife had to go through so much pain & seperation but people Ayodha were cruel . How could they question Sita’s purity ??
    SO it is better to have SKR ends on a happy note

  17. Oh my God -SKR will end ?????
    WHat about Ekta Kapoor’s nonsense serial ? They are forever ?????
    In real -Ramayan & Mahabhartha are forever but in reel life- EKTA KAOOR ‘s stuff are never ending.

  18. Heard that upcoming show Chandragupta Maurya is being produced by Balaji Telecast and that Ekta Kapoor is the director, hope they do not make this show as bad as their other shows.

  19. Simran.kapoor

    Both should end

  20. Noooooooo skr shouldn’t end sooooo soon …… I’ll cry now. I feel dabh should end coz its running fr past 5 yrs and I don’t like it ….. sry to all dabh fans …

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