Star Plus Dopahar Review: Offering fairly good content

Star Plus Dopahar brings four fresh and different shows, occupying the time slots from 12.30 PM to 2.30 PM. All the four shows have interesting concepts. The afternoon shows are the new additions made to provide more entertainment. Viewers will get to see new characters, fresh stories and lots of entertaining drama.

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka:

Airs at 12.30 PM

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka is a Hindi remake of the Turkish show Fatmagul. The show stars Pankhuri Awasthy in the lead role of Amala. She is a simple, sweet and a happy person, residing in a small village Dharamshala. Amala’s life takes a upside turn when she gets molested by some men. The show brings a journey of hope, faith and courage. Amala turns into a fighter, and sheds her image of being a helpless victim. Amala will be seen emerging strong after facing the unexpected.

Pankhuri Awasthy as Amala
Rajveer Singh as Abeer
Anant Joshi as Dev
Rajesh Khattar as Rishan Malik
Karmveer Choudhary as Hemraj
Vandana Sajnani
Akshay Anand
Kasturi Banerjee

Amala is seen enjoying the free environment. She is happy, living in her own world. Her love Dev is her childhood friend. Amala and Dev are going to get married. Dev started preparing for their marriage. Even Amala and Dev’s families are happy with their alliance. Amala lives her life in a carefree manner. Amala and Dev meet up after he returns from his work trip. Dev’s mother catches them together and creates a scene. The families talk off and end the cropping problem in their marriage.

Abeer happens to see Amala catching a bus and adores her beauty. Abeer goes to receive his friends, who are coming on a holiday trip. Abeer’s friend Surveer is going to get married. A businessman Malik lands there with his interests to acquire some land. There are hopes of a political connection via Surveer and Maya’s marriage. Amala falls in the pond, while Abeer’s friends tease her.

The locales, houses and everything looks raw and fresh. There is just naturalness around in every frame. No hyped costumes and lavish sets. The serene ambiance brings a visual delight. Amala’s character of a charming and carefree girl, is very well played by Pankhuri. She fits the role superbly. Other leads and supporting case are also much apt. Amala will be going through a tough phase in her life after some people violate her innocence. The character wins hearts since the beginning. Some dramatic characters are introduced to present the show as a perfect remake for Indian viewers. The show looks realistic. The natural appeal is the winning element for the show. The show explores the social issues and gender centric perception in society.

Our Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Airs at 1 PM

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji takes off as a sequel of Diya Aur Baati Hum. After Sooraj and Sandhya’s death, Bhabho develops a hatred towards their daughter Kanak. Bhabho holds Kanak responsible for their death. With new characters and their wonderful equations, the show brings a love story of distinct individuals Kanak and Uma Shankar, who get married by fate. Their journey begins to become each other’s strengths and heal their weaknesses. They head on to become the next Diya and Baati, showcasing their perfect compatibility and strong love.

Rhea Sharma as Kanak Sooraj Rathi
Avinesh Rekhi as Uma Shankar
Mayank Arora as Ved Sooraj Rathi
Kabeer Kumar as Vansh Sooraj Rathi
Neelu Vaghela as Santosh Arun Rathi/Bhabho
Ashok Lokhande as Arun Rathi
Kanika Maheshwari as Meenakshi Vikram Rathi

Bhabho is seen fairly old and still managing everything alone on her own. She visits Kerala with her grandsons Ved and Vansh to complete Sooraj and Sandhya’s Shraddh rituals in the temple. Ved and Vansh take her to different places every year to perform the Shraddh. She recalls the day when Sooraj and Sandhya left her, and united forever. Kanak is chased by a puppy on the way to her hostel. She is seen as a sensitive and emotional girl. She tells her friends about skipping her important exam to become part of the Shraddh rituals of her parents.

Kanak is not so daring. She still chooses to travel at night in a bus alone. She sees many men in the bus and faints by nervousness. She lands in a boat, which is owned by Uma Shankar. Kanak manages to catch a glimpse of Uma performing Surya Namaskar. Uma organizes mass marriage of some poor couples. He is a doctor, who believes in humanity. He is very much orthodox. Uma talks to the newly wedded couples and defines how a wife should be, what qualities she should possess.

Kanak hears him and disagrees with everything he says. Kanak reaches the temple and happens to see Bhabho. She delightfully prepares Jalebis to keep as prasad. Bhabho likes the Jalebis and finds the taste similar to that made by Sooraj. Kanak stands amongst the poor, to get a dress donated by Bhabho. Bhabho gets to see Kanak. She gets furious on Ved and Vansh for spoiling her puja. Ved and Vansh pose a question to Bhabho, on why she hates Kanak so much. Bhabho does not find necessary to answer them. Meenakshi stands up her son Golu when everyone make fun of his obesity. Meenakshi vows to find a beautiful bride for Golu.

Scenic beauty of Kerala is presented amazingly. Breathtaking visuals make the show a good watch. Rhea as Kanak looks fresh, cute and bright. Rhea’s dialogue delivery does not seem to appeal at some times. Avinesh Rekhi as Uma Shankar has a strong screen presence. His character is seen as calm and composed like that of Anas Rashid’s character Sooraj. Avinash needs to polish more of his acting skills to hold his character Uma comparable to Sooraj’s character. Rhea and Avinesh strike a good chemistry, but there appears a feel of unconventional pairing by watching them. Neelu Vaghela as Bhabho is still the lovable one. She puts realism in her old aged character. One can’t miss to mention Kanika Maheshwari, who turned more glamorous and convincing. There is lot of drama to get revealed about Rathi family. That holds good suspense and interest. The show takes the legacy of Diya Aur Baati Hum ahead.

Our Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee:

Airs at 1.30 PM

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee has a touching and through provoking concept which puts light on real devotion. The show explains the difference between believers and atheists, and if humanity can bridge devotion. The main lead Aastha believes in humanity, while her would be life partner Shiv is a strong believer in God. Aastha and Shiv are much different in their approach and perception towards life. Aastha is smart, sweet, cheerful and very much caring. She often helps the needy by her own unique ways. She can go to any extent for humanity. On the contrary, Shiv can do anything for his devotion. Shiv is mischievous, smart, obedient and a lovable guy. He follows all the traditions and religious customs as his family. Shiv and Aastha’s alliance gets fixed, by the misunderstanding that Aastha is also a believer. Shiv’s family doesn’t know about Aastha being a Atheist.

Kanwar Dhillon as Shiv
Tina Ann Phillip as Aastha
Manasi Salvi as Laxmi
Vivek Mushran
Pallavi Rao
Anita Kulkarni
Palak Jain
Lilly Patel
Sharanpreet Kaur as Guru Maa


Story begins with Aastha helping the poor people. Humanity holds the maximum importance in her life. Aastha steals biscuits and water from a truck. She fools people to make them donate the blankets to the poor people shivering in cold. Aastha is seen as a smart and helpful girl. She lives with her mother. She lost her believe in God after losing her father at a young age. Shiv’s entry is filmi. He jumps over the cars and runs on the roads, only to reach the temple on time and get to see the God idol.

Shiv reaches the temple in nick of time and gets the Darshan. Shiv’s family is known to be ardent devotees of God. They are a respectable family. Shiv’s mother Laxmi is looking for a prospective bride. They follow a spiritual figure Guru Maa. Every decision is taken for them by Guru Maa. Aastha attends her friend’s marriage, where the groom’s family demands dowry to take marriage proceedings ahead. Guru Maa comes there as a special guest. Aastha can’t tolerate the wrong demands, when the groom’s father demands bride’s family to give them gold weighing equal to the Laxmi idol.

Aastha manages to find a solution quickly. She asks them to make the bride sit instead the gold, as bride also means Laxmi. She tells the groom’s family that this way rituals would be done too. Guru Maa gets impressed by Aastha’s approach. She informs Laxmi that she found the perfect girl for Shiv. Guru Maa asks Laxmi and Shiv to come and meet Aastha. Laxmi asks Shiv to head for Manali to meet Guru Maa and Aastha. Shiv obeys Guru Maa’s decision. Shiv and Aastha meet and get shocked to know of their alliance getting fixed.

Leads Tina and Kanwar portray their characters of Shiv and Aastha well. Tina might need to look more convincing expression-wise, while delivering her lines. Laxmi played by Manasi Salvi is totally a natural. Manasi, Vivek and Sharanpreet shine out in their brilliant performances. Actors are fairly cast. Concept is the USP of the show. It’s interesting to see how an Atheist’s perception gets acknowledged by the believers. One can give this show a try.

Our Rating: 2 out of 5

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Airs at 2 PM

Dhhai Kilo Prem brings a love story of two overweight and super confident individuals. As the title marks a substantial love story, the concept brings a comic-romance tale of two obese characters, Deepika and Piyush. They have their own perceptions towards their struggles in life pertaining their obesity. Their families are very much different. While Deepika is much pampered by her family, Piyush gets to hear daily taunts by his father about his obesity.

Meherzan Mazda as Piyush Sharma
Anjali Anand as Dipika Mishra
Kishwar Merchant as Shilpa
Benazir Shaikh as Sarika
Kiran Karmarkar as Pankaj Sharma
Mansi Joshi Roy as Madhuri Sharma
Rajendra Chawla as Mishra ji
Ritu Vijj as Ragini Mishra

Deepika’s mother tries to fix her meet with a matrimonial company’s manager. Piyush loves food and does not care for his increasing weight. His friend asks him to regulate his diet. Deepika is seen as a carefree and big hearted girl. She wishes to get a groom, who is equally big hearted and similar to her nature. Piyush wants a slim and pretty life partner. He has big dreams to marry someone like Bollywood actress Deepika. They have opposite ideas of their prospective life partners. Deepika goes to act as Sita in Ramleela, after her best friend Sarika does not come up. Sarika then turns up and replacement gets cancelled.

Deepika becomes the target of everyone’s insulting comments. Deepika does not care anyone pointing at her obesity. She does not let it affect her. Deepika then plays the role of Hanuman. Her mother gets angry and pulls her off the stage. Deepika gets more insulted. Piyush meets Sarika. He tries to impress her. He acts sweet to Deepika thinking that would impress Sarika more. Piyush develops a like for Sarika. Deepika tells her family that she is not ready for marriage yet. Her father supports her decision.

Realistic characters and concept. One can easily related to the struggles of the obese people. The concept is quite fresh and interesting. It has comedy, fun, drama and emotions. The relationships in a family are shown much caring and protective. It brings an lovely essence in the show. Meherzan Mazda and Anjali Anand are convincing in their roles. Mehezan and Anjali do total justice to their characters of Piyush and Deepika. The actors present varied emotions, when they go through tough situations and struggles because of their obesity. Supporting cast is equally convincing. The show will get better when leads’ marriage and love track develops.

Our Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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  1. Tu suraj main saanj piyaji and ek astha asi bhi show was awesome.. ??????

  2. the show ek aastha aise bhi is really interested and awesomw

  3. I was really waiting for season 2 of DABH. Thank you makers of DABH to give this Tu sooraj……. . Dhhai kilo prem is lovely show. Must watch type of show.

    My Ratings to the shows which I watch are

    Tu suraj main… : 4.5 out of 5
    Dhhai kilo prem: 3.5 out of 5

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Well Ek Aastha aise bhi is really interesting loved the concept of an atheist who will get married to a religious family the concept of atheist is really unique and that too the female lead is an atheist and male lead is religious i m surprised that the ratings is quite less for this show deserves 4 out of 5 instead at the same i m surprised after watching dabh 2 on other words tu Sooraj mein saanjh piyaji it’s actually awesome i loved it Kanak and Uma r good ??? ratings is correct 3.5 out of 5 for this show but i m wondering ved became an IPS officer i thought it was vansh who wanted to be an IPS officer instead anyways show is awesome kanak character is somewhat diff to sandhya but it has similarities but i like season 2 more then season 1 so far ? So vote goes for EAAB and TSMSP

  5. KkHAK IS also good

  6. ek aastha aase bhi

  7. i wuld give a full 5 on 5 for KKHAK…….Its way too good nd the emotions carrie by the characters are also nice…….i love it ………….

    1. Sukhjeet Kaur

      Yes..I agree..It’s simple sweet and real..I founded it the best among all the shows..Others are usual tv series with lot of drama n twist..I am not happy with it’s rating

  8. Kya qusoor hai amla ka is a show which deserves all popularity?

  9. Ck1234

    out of 4 , the best one is ek aastha aisi bhi….

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