Star Parivaar Awards 2017 Winners List

SPA 2017

Star Parivaar Awards was held yesterday. Even though telecast would take some time, here are the results….

Favourite Maa: Ishita (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

Favourite Father Award: Raman Ballah (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

Favourite naya sadasya female :Anika From (Ishqbaaaz)

Favourite Naya Sadasya Male: Omkara Singh Oberoi from Dil Bole Oberoi

Dabur Fresh Face Award: Aastha (Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi)

Favourite Mazedar Sadasya : Jaggi (Saathiya)

Most Stylish Sadasya Female: Sonakshi Sinha (Nash Baliye) and Swetlana (Dil Bole Oberoi)

Favourite Judge Award: Karan Johar (DilHaiHindustani) and Remo Dsouza (Dance Plus)

Favourite Beti : Durga(Meri Durga) and Avni (Naamkaran)

Favourite Beta : Shvivaay Singh Oberoi (Ishqbaaz)

Favorite Saas : Ammaji from (Mere Anganey Mein)

Favorite Sasur: Naitik (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)

Favourite Digital Star (Female): Anika (Ishqbaaz)

Favourite Digital Star (Male): Shivaay (Ishqbaaz)

Best Badu: Gopi (Saath Nibhana Sathia)

Favourite Patni : Naira (Yeh Rishta) and Nandni (Chandra Nandni)

Favourite Pati : Candra (Chandra Nandni) and Kartik (Yeh Rishta)

Nayi Soch: Amala (Kya Kasoor Hai Amala Kya)

Favourite Jodi International :Anika-Shivay (Ishqbaaz)

Favourite Jodi: Kartik- Naira (Yeh Rishta)

Guys do comment your opinion.

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  1. Wooooo….very very very happy for Ishqbaaz…..Shivika were rocking, r rocking and vill b always rocking….maximum awards tuk ISHQBAAZ into its pocket….Wat i expecTed tat thing happened…..Great…….

  2. so happy for ishqbazz.ISHQBAZZ HAVE WON MAXIMUM AWARDS.

  3. yrkkh rocks….this time i expected international jodi for its ok shivika gt it….n kaira got d best jodi award….luv u kaira….n wt abt best serial award…..also ishra are my favourite…bt this yr there r noo ishra scenes soo they didnt got best jodi.. soo sad…n best sasur naitik wooow…soo happy….

  4. radhika patel

    yrkkh is most best show because of kaira…………
    best wife and best husband and also best couple awarrds got yrkk…..
    love you kaira………..
    best of luck for future

  5. Harshi

    Thank u everyone for thanking me. *wink*.
    And it was great to see u all comment on this and sharing your opinions.
    Keeping loving Star Plus….

  6. Ishqbaaz Rockzz

  7. Krishnaa

    YAY!!! Happy for IB!! But Leenesh Matoo aka Rudra Singh Oberoi should have been nominated in Favourite Mazedar Sadasya! His character has always been entertaining and he makes every serious moment light!

  8. JNDSD would have won atleast a single award if the 1st track was continued till now focussing on vitharav ….!!!! ☹️
    Nevertheless IShqbaaz and yrkkh deserves the most …!!! Congratulations..!!! ?

  9. Sunanda12345

    Shivika got many awards….iam very happy….

  10. I’m happy ? for all award ? winners
    Keep it up yeh hai mohebatain
    Love ❤️ you naamkarann
    Always best Chandra Nandini

  11. All jokers of these stupid serials . These serials must be banned.

  12. Vedanshidwivedi

    Yess kaira won best jodi soo happy for them

  13. preetika banerjee

    Rhea Sharma for Dabur Red Gel Fresh Face

  14. All are suit for awards congratulations to shivika

  15. Purvi128

    Yeahhhhh yeahh yippieeee kaira won….. best jodi.. yippiee… fav pati fav patni.. fav sasur.. ohh gosh yrkkhh is best..
    Nd fav beti avni.. yeahh..
    Congratulation yrkkh team…
    Love kaira a lot.. thy r the best.. indeed ?????❤❤❤

  16. Where is Vitharv??

  17. Shivika!!!… Yeah!!!…. Favourite Jodi Internationally….They be the Best!!

  18. Favorite Jodi kaira !!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Favorite pati patni also kaira!!!!!!! Yipeee

  19. Bakwaas, kartik and naira and not favourite jodi, they are so crap, the guy looks older than her disgusting. Shivika are the best, they are the true favourite jodi and anika is favourite patni and shivaay is favourite pati. kartik is sooo ugly, he dosen’t even match with naira, i bet they won because of their dirty scenes. Shivaay and anika are the best. This is my opinion. ISHQBAAZ won anyways the most awards.
    I think vitharv are more popular than kaira actually, because in the poll they had more votes and when i went on the website to vote, you could only vote for favoruite international jodi so i don’t think FANS voted for kaira.. hu

  20. Hey!! I’m happy with everything except favourite pati award!! Shivaay deserved it!! Karthik CANNOT be the best pati! Not happy with that category…Who else agree with me? Thnx Harshi for the update.
    Where are all the IB fans?!!

  21. All the best karan and divyanka.i really like your acting .

  22. kartik and naira are bestest couple they also deserve international Jodi award. ishqbaaz does not deserve any award and shivaay and anika are most hated Jodi and does not deserve any award.

  23. Disappointed that Artharv and Vivida didn’t win!

  24. Divya sabareesh

    Shivika is best not vitharv. Atharv nd vividha koi award deserve nahi kartha ghatiya jodi hai

  25. Shivika deserve the award……I am so happy….Most importantly jaggi doesn’ deserve the majedar sadassaya….Rudra deserves it…

  26. I love OMKARA….It would be better if he gauri gets the favourite jodi award..

  27. I love OMKARA….It would be better if he and gauri gets the favourite jodi award..

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