Star cross love (episode 8)


Hi guys today I am posting my nxt epi.pls comment once.
It was a bright day the priests were doing pooja for Kali maata.there were many royal tents for kings n queens prince n princess too.while pooja was going the princess should lit diya.anamika was called to lit diya as she was born on Kali maa birthday n born in her temple too.anamika lit the
diya aditya(abhi) was mesmerized to see anamika.later the pooja was finished every one had their meals.anamika n anandhi
went to waterfall as anandhi want to meet
chandran .chandran excused himself n
came from everyone n went to meet
anandhi. Aditya got suspicious as his bro

never left him n went .he followed him
.chandran n anandhi hugged each other n said that they missed each other very much.they both said at same time said I
love you.anamika said jiju wait for some
days I will give my sis hands in yours. Purab blushed.bulbul aka anandhi said anamikkaaa.anamika said OK di n went
from there saying romance happily.after
she went chandran(purab)n anandhi (bulbul) sat n they began to talk.scene shifts to anamika .she went at backside of waterfalls where there was a secret
garden.she started to sing a beautiful song

all this time aditya followed her she was unaware of it.abhi was again mesmerized to see his angel.anamika plucked a beautiful said flower which only grows in
that place.and kept it on her hair n sat on the swing made of flowers.aditya push the
swing as she was singing she beautiful
then thought who pushed the swing turned
back n was shocked to see aditya but felt happy.she asked him why he came here at
first he said to see you then said to get
some fresh breeze.both were lost in their
eyes.then saidcan we talked sometime. said yes both sat down n started to talk
about their childhood suddenly she said
aditya you know how much you changed

looking hot,handsome.he said anamika you
too r looking beautiful like an angel. Anamika blushed. She said come let’s go.abhi too went as it was time he said have sweet dreams.she said you too have sweet dreams n said tmrw we can meet again n ran away.aditya remembered about chandran n was ready to tease him.
Thanks for everyone support.

Precap:love started to rain btw anamika n aditya.

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  1. Nice episode….

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    Superb princess…

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    Awesome my dear sweet heart. I really loved it to the core

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    Wow so cute epi dear loved it??????

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    Awww meri princess sweet and cute episode!! Loved it

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  7. Nice episode yaar

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