Star cross love (episode 7) part-2


Hi guys today I am posting my epi sorry for late update thank you for those who commented.
Anamika’s story of love.
Character intro:

Anamika(pragya)-beautiful princess of kingdom chakrapur.she. loves nature very much.obedient, caring,selfless girl loved by everyone.
Anandhi(bulbul)-elder princess of chakrapur.elder sis of anamika.she is bubbly girl n cute too n loves chandran(purab).
Chakradev n chakradevini parents of anamika n anandhini.
Sahab dynastydynasty

Aditya sahab (abhi)-young prince of sahabthi.he’s cute handsome understanding guy.
Chandran sahab (purab)-elder Prince n bro of abhi.he sweet n cute loves anandhi.
Sukra sahab n swaminidevi parents of aditya n chandran.
Bala dynasty
Bala-king of balampur.loves anamika wanna get her at any cost.loves his sister tanu can do anything for her.

Tanu-princess of balampur.loves aditya.loves him just to become princess of huge sahab dynasty.
Madhu-friend of tanu n proud of her friend’s status loves bala.
Basanthi-mother of bala n tanu. Sis of sahab n sis in law of anamika’s father.she like anamika n anandhi very much for their behaviour likes aditya n chandran like her son.innocent doesn’t know about her children wishes.
There was a festival for Kali devi at chakrapur both families of sahab n basanthi were asked to attend it they also accepted.

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