Star cross love (episode 3)


Pragya forwarded her hand to abhi and said friends???. Abhi said I thought we already are friends. Pragya chuckled n said OK now we r friends so we r going to have icecream.abhi said what???pragya asked what you’re asking what. Now itself I wanna have icecream if you’re not coming then I will go with rajesh.abhi asked now who is rajesh .pragya answered my friend.abhi said no need I am coming with you.abhi murmured rajesh his name itself not nice exactly like a monkey name I think he will look like some monkey.pragya hearing this chuckled. She thought really he is child .in all the chaos I forgot to ask his name.she asked what’s your name .abhi asked now only you thought to ask it.pragya said sorry cutely by holding her ears.abhi smiled at her antics n said iam abhi.she said nice name. She do you know my name. Abhi said of course I know she asked how he replied someone called you pragya when you fainted. She said ya my name is pragya arora. As they were walking while talking they reached icecream shoo.they asked for one strawberry ice they saw each and said it’s my favourite. Abhi said we have similar tastes .pragya said yes n bought the icecreams . she gave one to abhi.n started to eat her icecream.abhi looked at her lovingly . then he turned his face when pragya looked at him.pragya thought why am I attracted to him I feel that in some birth I would have been in love with him.pragya control.its your imagination.abhi too feels that he would have been in love with pragya in some birth.both look each other their eyes met deep ocean their stories were.someone saw them together n said yes they r destined to be together that’s why they r born again to complete their incomplete love story.
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  1. pls update regularly yaar

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      Thanks for commenting so happy that you like my epi

  2. Nice episode yaar

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  3. What?? Incomplete love story?? Who are those persons??? So many questions…. hope so all these questions will get their answers In the next update….. really loved it a lot….

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thank you for commenting. Sure you will get your answers in 3-4 epi

  4. really nice amazing please be regular

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      Thank you for commenting. Sure regular update

  5. Superrrr…. Waiting for previous birth love story also…..

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      Soon previous love story will be uploaded thank you very much for commenting

  6. Superb episode….waiting for your next episode

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      Thanks for commenting thank you very much.

    2. Princesskrisha

      Thanks for commenting thank you very much aishwarya.

  7. Asmithaa

    Wonderful princess…. You are really my princess… Luv u dear..

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      Thanks aasmitha di for commenting. Thanks for calling me your princess. Thank you once again

      1. Asmithaa

        which std r u princess???

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