Star cross love (episode 13)


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Abhigya,ishveer,purbul decided to go for picnic to enjoy.they invited tanu but she refused to give them privacy. All went to jungle garden actually after reaching end we can see a beautiful order to see that everyone started walking ishveer in front purbul in back n abhigya in middle as they were walking they were able to see three divisions each pair decided to go in each way.our heroes know that all way will reach to waterfall safely.first ishveer went in the path followed by them the remaining two pairsalso went. As they were walking first our ishveer she asked him how much he loves her.ranveer said you know I love you this much showed his hands stretched wide.ishani smiled seeing her husband as they were lost in each others eyes .ranveer came n pinned her to wall of grass n kissed her passionately she too responded they broke kiss in need of air.ishani was blushing hard.

ranveer liked her expression.he came near her n she began to ran suddenly her leg tripped n she fell.ranveer was almost shaken.she said I’m OK jaann tried to stand but failed then ranveer lifted her up in his arms n he asked Jaan you’re so cute while lying n bit her ear lobes.she shouted in pain ahh n playfully poked his chest.
Scene shifts to purbul.purqb knows that bulbul is afraid of lizards n frogs.that’s when a lizard fell on her back she went n hugged purab n shouted in fear purab took that lizard n left it away.they remained on that position for few more minutes.that’s when bulbul broke the hug n went purab holder her hands n spinned her she came n fell on his chest.they had a cute eye lock.(purbul were in a den that’s why lizard was there).purab asked bulbul for a reward for chasing the lizard. Bulbul came near him n pushed purab n ran away.purab too ran behind her.

Scene shifts to abhigya.
Pragya asked abhi your love on me is reducing na abhi .abhi said no.pragya said you’re lying n sat on a rock.abhi asked OK tell me wat I have to prove so you believe on our love.she said abhi pls catch me that butterfly na n pouted. Abhi said it’s a small matter to me .i ll catch it for you n went.he saw butterfly sitting on a flower.he jumped to catch it but fell on muddy water. Pragya laughed by looking at him.abhi then saw that butterfly siitin on grass he again jumped to catch it but fell down now grass was sticking on his head.pragya was not able to control her laughter n laughed aloud.abhi again saw it on a tree n went to catch it but hit on the tree at last it was sitting onsand he jumped to catch it n fell on mud now he was looking like a pakka cartoon.pragya laughed aloud n said see I told you bayou can’t … ….laughed.

abhi said I won n showed the butterfly he catched.pragya saw that n burst into more peals of laughter as it was not butterfly but a ordinary insect. Abhi too laughed seeing his love laugh.all assembled purbul n ishveer broke into more laughter seeing abhi like that.abhi fumed n went to wash his face n suit.pragya explained her wish n abhis action to catch it for her. Abhi came back .purab n ranveer made fun of him saying for silly wish you did like ishani n bulbul asked ranveer n purab to catch the same beautiful butterfly pragya asked for.ranveer n purab said nooooo escape now abhigya n ishani,bulbul laughedas they puran (purab+ranveer) ran away later everyone finished their lunch n enjoyed at waterfalls now all returned back to palace.
At palace a priest came n said destruction is coming maharaja.that shooting star is coming towards our dynasty.

it occur once in 40000years it is coming again be careful pls make sure pragya (anamika) to do the pooja to lord Shiva after pournami .ppurnami will be over within 5days don’t forget maharaja make only pragya do the pooja with her to be husband.while they r doing pooja .all stay inside the cave behind the one should come out. Send your other two daughters n their husband somewhere on that one day don’t tell them about pooja ask everyone to be safe.the mistake your family did before many years is haunting your daughters they mistakenly opened rush n inform this to sahab raja safe.he asked but pragya. Priest said she has power of goddess durga as she was born for her cause to save this people durga ma will save her n abhi too born for the same cause too so don’t worry.tie this in pragya hands till it is there it will act as armour for her n abhi life but ask her not to miss it n said I’ll make everything ready for pooja.chakradev said this to sahab n he said she came again noo.chakradev said all the things that was narrated by priest they decided to do it soon.

Precap:secret is revealed.n purbul n ishveer to go somewhere n shooting star show its arrival by some changes in stars.

To know wat will happen stay tuned.
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