Star cross love (episode 12)


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Suddenly someone shouted stopppp..
This can’t happen.
The girls face is revealed she is none other than ishani devi elder sis of pragya n bulbul n wife of ranveer chakravarthi .she had a wound in her head ,blood was oozing.she told bappa don’t worry about me our pragya is isn danger. Yesterday night I reached here I saw tanu giving money to priest to do real rituals of marriage.pragya saw this got angry then from their fight I came to know that pragya n abhi loves each other. I saw tanu hitting pragya n asked goons to tie her in den. I went to save my choti but this tanu hitted me too n tied me in storeroom somehow escaped n passed message to ranveer to search pragya. Again tanu saw me n tied me in ramu kaka
came n Freed me pa pls save pragya. She
fainted doctor was called n he treated
ishani n said maharaja princess is fine n went.slowly ishani regained her consciousness n saw pragya sitting beside her n hugged her n kissed her forehead.she asked my dear ru fine ????pragya says di I’m alright di you take rest n made her have food n medicines after that pragya came out.abhi dragged her to a corner n kissed her cheek n forehead n hugged her tightly like a lost child found its mom he cried vigorously.pragya consoled him n said don’t cry I’m here na I won’t leave you n go
ever said pragya.abhi too felt light .he said I won’t let anything happen to you. Chakradev called pragya everyone was
present there they owed an explanation.pragya said let me tell how II
came in the place of tanu.
15mins before
Bulbul got angry on tanu as she harmed
her sisters n went to slap her n unveiled n saw pragya she hugged her.everyone hugged her.abhi was shocked to see events pragya said I’ll explain later after seeing
ishu di. Everyone nodded.
10hours ago
Pragya said Tanu harmed her n tied her in a den after sometime how bala came n said
tanu plan n his intentions to marry her n their convo.after that how ranveer jiju came
in disguise of servant after finding me to save me he Free me we planned to escape but unfortunately we were caught n jiju nn
I fought with them(actually pragya learnt
archery n sword fighting from rudra her guru)tied them n came here before bala comes.ranveer jiju is here jiju come here why r u hiding behind the curtain jiju.
.then ranveer said got me saali let me continue saali you said this much na then ranveer said we reaches palace then
we came to costume room we tied tanu in
room n pragya took her place.chakradev
asked then what about rituals pragya said II
asked pundit to do drama rituals n not to real rituals pa all were happy about their daughter’s braveness n intelligence. N everyone thanked ranveer .all were happy.
Then purbul engagement took place n
ranveer went to meet ishani in way he saw
abhi n abhi thanked him saying really you saved my life,my pragya.ranveer said don’t make me a third personby saying me
thanks she’s my saali n protecting her is my
duty too so don’t worry.abhi went to pragya n ranveer to ishani.pragya went to meet basanthi she told her don’t worry ma i ll ask pa not to do anything to bala n tanu
.basanthi pls forgive my children n joined her hands .pragya said wat r u dng ma I
already forgave them ma .chakradev nsahab saw this n were proud of
pragya.then pragya went to her storeroom to see tanu n make her understand. But she didn’t know that leopard can’t change it’s spots.she went n saw tanu struggling n helped her sit n gave her water to drink tanu was shocked by her kindness she then apologized to pragya .pragya said she forgave her n advisee her n told her not to meet basanthi Maa n seek d for forgiveness tanu went n asked for forgiveness e in royal court all were present there to discuss the marriage of purbul n abhigya .everyone forgave tanu except basanthi n abhi .abhi said I’ll try to forgive you it may take time n went.basanthi came n slapped her across the face n said ask sorry to pragya beti pragya said I forgave her ma she too asked sorry. Basanthivsaid I’m proud of beti you the exactly like my bro n babhi .n said I can’t stay here anymore .pragya said Maa it a promise in me that you should be here yo bless your children’s marriage Maa.chakradev n sahab said yes choti stay here tanu is also our daughter we forgave her. Tanu thought to change for good.a leopard can’t change its spots but by constant love ones stone heart can also be melt.she changed. She decided to help pragya n make her bro understand it.she smiled n hugged basanthi n pragya.then everyone hugged her n all went to sleep.except three couples it was abhigya,ishveer n purbul.purab n bulbul came to garden then slowly purab pinned her to tree n kissed passionately.abhihya too were in the garden but near pool Pragya was keeping her head on his chest .they were looking in each others eyes n was speaking through eyes with love. Here ranveer carried ishani n placed her on cot on balcony he said ishani Is it paining the wound. Ishani said no with my ranveer by my side to ease pain then how it will pain ranveer said I love you ishani n she said I love you too ranveer. She laid her head on his chest. All the three couples saw the moon which was only happiness.

Precap romance of three couples. Pandits warning .a shooting star is shown…..

What destiny has in store for them to see that pls wait.I have planned to give qualities of us each update.
Forgiveness is noble quality
But forgetting is noblest quality.

So guys if anyone had hurt you badly ,scolded you just forgive them now.if somebody make mistake make them understand forget all your hurts,betrayal because till we live let’s forgive n forget n enjoy our life n make others life colourful.
Bye n good night everyone .telly updates pls post this soon.if you guys really liked my today’s epi pls comment.tell me mistakes so I can make changes

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