Star cross love (episode 11)

Hi guys after a long time updating sorry I went to grandma house so can’t update but hope you guys didn’t forget my story n also hope you all will support me sorry.
Recap abhihya romance everyone’s approval n drama.

Tanu thought to hurt pragya so she can’t take place in drama.later in afternoon pragya was playing in swing suddenly someone pushed her.she fell down with a thud.everyone came n saw abhi was shocked to see pragya hurt.her leg was hurt n had a cut in her head her hands we’re bleeding .abhi came n carried pragya in his arms n made her lay on the came n treated wounds n said illavarasi anamika(pragya) should take rest for three days.everyone was upset abhi said pls cancel the drama with pragya hurt I can’t do this. Chakradev but beta how can we cancel everyone would be waiting for it pls do beta.then bsanthi told can tanu act as damayanthi.everyone convinced abhi even pragya too.abhi tanu n abhi were practising abhis mind was only thinking about pragya .so he went saying we can practise after sometime. Abhi came to see pragya he went near her hugged n cried(no one was in room except pragya)

Pragya slowly woke up she saw her abhi crying like a child she gestured him to sleep in bed nxt to her.he slept near her n she kept her head in abhis chest n said to him abhi don’t worry l will be alright you re there na to take care of me then what abhi smiled n both slept like that itself.(love sees rose with no thorns…
I wish this moment to freeze
So that I can get peace
I am yours you re mine noone an change
But destiny has different plan range
I want to live with u for hundred years
But destiny gives us thousand tears
O my love you re my everything
Without you I am nothing)

Everyone (sahab n chakradevs family ,tanu,n basanthi) came to see pragya they were happy to see abhihya sleeping n their love towards each other n decided to announce their marriage n pandit WS called they all left to see him leaving a fuming tanu behind. Then pandit said Kali Maa has already arranged their marriage n they are made for each other many obstacles will come evil will try to separate them but their love will overpower evil n banish it.Kali Maa blessing is always with them.pandit says next week is auspicious for abhihya marriage marry them soon because kalidrvi has many plans with them..everyone were happy n decided to do their marriage next Monday .tanu thought to make abhi hers she had a plan. She went to meet someone out she covered with black cloth pragya saw this n got suspicious n she got up with difficulty n followed her.tanu said to man are the arrangements done???he said yes princess then tanu said abhi you’re going to be mine n laughed evilly pragya came n slapped her n said whatever plaNs you make abhi is always mine n she went toto tell abhi about this but tanu hit her with a rock she called some goons n asked them to tie her in a den.pragya was tied in a den at back of castle.there bala was there he
saw pragya n said my dear you’re going to
be my wife when your abhi become my sis
pathi n laughed pragya said you scum if I am anyone’s I am only my abhi otherwise I am dead body n said to him my love is true n Kali Maa ll save us you brainless
buffalo.bala became angry n said you know
pragya tomorrow in nala damayanthi drama my sis has arranged a priest to do original marriage then what you ll do you re only mine n went pragya WS crying bitterly
n said Kali Maa pls save me.bala asked the goons to take care of his to be wife n went.he said tomorrow you ll be my wife

doll pragya.pragya thought about abhi(song thodu vaanam from anegan plays)here
marriage of abhihya was announced abhi
was very happy.he asked everyone not to

disturb pragya n tomorrow evening he
himself will tell her. Everyone agreed
tomorrow is purbul engagement n drama
too.tanu came back to palace n said the to servant of pragyas room not to open the
door because pragya life is in danger pls don’t tell anyone about this they will get
worried.servant nodded OK n tanu said if
anyone asks about pragya tell them some
excuse.servant said even I ll give my life for
our princess ske(all servants,maids likes
pragya because she will not critize them n
in young age she will play with them even

now so they can do anything for her.)tanu
smiled evilly n went.
Next morning.
Palace was in happy swing for purbul engagement arrangements were
done.everyone was happy birds were
chirping sweetly denoting happiness first
dance was given by some dancers on song
(idicha pacharisi song plays)nobody
detected pragya absence n thought let her
take rest nwe can call her during
engagement.abhi wanted to see pragya but was stopped by servant telling that princess wounds is dressed now prince
abhi said inform me after her wounds r
dressed.servant said yes sir.abhi went but
from yesterday night his heart was missing
pragya.soon abhi was called for doing
drama abhi went to stage dressed up with
costumes nalan n damayanthi loved each other very much.

but damayanthi swayamvar was arranged she sent message to nalan that her swayamvar is arranged n asked him to come to swayamvar.she tied her message in pigeons leg n let it fly.all this was acted by abhi n tanu after that before next scene both went to change costumes. (In naladamayanthi story demi gods n some priests ,wizard will come in avatar of nalan to marry her knowing their love.nalan too came he was surprised to see many images of him.damayanthi was shocked. Damayanthi went to each n every person n saw them it was late n garland in nalan neck started to dry as soon as reached near nalan she felt immense happiness n put garland in her hand she found out the real nalan she confirmed it when his garland dried n his legs were on land.all kings gods,priests n wizards were unhappy n went.this is how nala damayanthi were united as we can’t show many abhi we planned a different method many mirrors in semi circle were placed there that behind one mirror nalan will be theren n his image will be in all mirrors n damayanthi will find
it out said purvi who is pragyas friend n daughter of dasi.)everyone was excited to see new method. Abhi image was in all mirrors n damayanthi covered her in a veil she was searching for her nalan n finally put garland behind one mirror nalan came out n their marriage rituals were done they took vows n seven rounds n he tied mangalasutra n about to keep kumkum someone shouted stopppppp….

This can’t happen everyone was shocked to see that girl face…

No precap wait for suspense

Who is the girl ???who shouted stop??did tanu plan succeeded ??did abhigya love separated???? Wat happened to pragya???? To know this pls wait for nxt part. Hope you liked it pls drop your valuable comments everyone. Next part I will upload today itself. Bye everyone with love princess.

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