Star cross love (episode 1)


It was a worst day in abhi life first his shower has broken down so had to wash in his younger brother purab hair.he had woken up with a weird feeling he had called someone fuggi.his bhaiya ranveer asked where are you still in your draemland.pureb shook abhi he said you are zoning out again.

Abhi came out of his thoughts and rushed to go as it was his first day in college. He parked his blue whale his bike. He skipped two steps at a time. He didn’t know she he was the best student in college. He didn’t know that hisworst day would bring his destiny. Suddenly he clashed with a red clad guy no it was a girl. She was adjusting her chasma. She was looking beautiful. She stood up and went inside class n sat in his seat. Abhi too stood up and went inside his class and saw seated on his place.

he asked her to move as it was his place.she quietly movedfrom that place.sat in front bench abhi was admiring her. He whispered fuggi she turned n looked at abhi as if he called her.let see their destiny.

can I continue it

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  1. Nice… Please continue…

  2. Ofcource yaar plzzzz continue… It’s really cute n sweet soooooo sweet start n episode yaar…

  3. Super hmmmmmmmmmm love it ?????????????????????????????

  4. Monesha

    It is really awesome dear. Please continue….. i loved it

  5. Saranya24

    Wow nice start diff story pls continue?are u new here?

  6. nice

  7. Maya

    Interesting! And go ahead! ???Are u the same Princess Krisha who commented in my ff??

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