Star cross love abhigya (special episode)


Hi guys meeting after a long time i have typed the reason below n all pls look at it coming to the story
Recap..abhi n pragya secret meeting n pragya urged abhi to cone to her home.

Abhi went to pragya house this time he went through front door he started searching pragya he called her name it was dark n someone placed hands on his eyes he understood that it was his pragua at the merest touch n she leaded him to a place n opened his eyes abhi was amazed to see such a beautiful decorations the place was decorated wirh white n red roses n candles were glowing n red heart shaped ballons were along with gold glittering lanterns n on wall it was written happy birthday abhi with white n blue orchids n there was lotus candles on table n a big cake of chocolate placed in it.abhi rurned to look at pragya n saw her in whote saree n minimal makeup n diamond earrings with kumkum on her maang shimmering n mangalasutra around her neck glittering n her hair let loose she was like an angel of heaven decended from moon to earth pragua was holding something in her hand she said i love you abhi you came as an angel in my life as made it shine.youre the rainbow of my life making it colourful youre my everything to such wonderful person happy birthday abhi abhi smiled with tears brimming in his eyes he hugged pragya tightly they broke their hug all came n wished him n after cutting the cake they left leaving couple pragya made abhi wear an ring in it was written prabhi n she gestured abhi to wear the another ring pn her handa in it it was written abhigya pragya said i have emerged our names in these rings abhi gave kiss on her lips they broke theor kiss n pragya said one more imp thing abhi she asked him to close hos eyes abhi closed n asks wat gift it is pragya took his n placed it on her tummy n said guess what abhi opened his eyes n said im going to be papa n you mamma pragya blushed n nodded n lowered her head abbi lifted her face with chin kissed her forehead n bent down he moved her sareen whisphered near her tummy princess papa is waiting for you come soon n he kissed her tummy pragya smiled n said only kisses for your baby huh n then for me abhi smiled at her antics n said see baby how jealous mummy is of you pragya said no my dear boy your papa is lying i love you so much abbi asked thwn meSHE SAID more n asked abhi when he was going to reveal it to his n her family he said soon n saod tmrw is success party function ill speak to her after thar okkk pragya said okkkk now i wanna eat pav bhaji abhi saod nooooo iys unbygiene for the baby n you pragya said pls handsome husband na pls youre lovely na pls plssssss abhi said okkk come lets go abhi went to the restuarant with pragya she aaked why we came here he said for pav bhaji dear pragya sais nooo not here n showed a small dhaba n said there yku go abhi cirst refused then later accepted for his wife puppy eyes they ate pav bhaji happily n walked sometime while walking pragya saw panchumittai n aaked abhi to buy it for her he bought n gavr her she smiled n ate it happily abhi thought that ill keep you happy always n later they went home .

Next day pragua was getting ready cor party she was wearing a beautiful yellow with dark blue border stoneworked saree it was beautiful pragyAmade her hair into a french braid n she kept a white stone on her forehead she hid her mangalasutra n kumkum n put pink lipstick with kajal n big beautiful diamomnd earrings n a silvrr bracelet in his hand god she was looking like a goddesss ranveer saw ishani dressed in baby pink saree n her hair let lose he whisphered near her ears youte looking damn hot ishu ishu blushed n all went to mm priya maa welcomex them n they all went in priya maa thought pragya is beautiful n seems to be cultured why dont i marry her to abhi then function started abhi looked at prAgya she gestured him that it was boring n shes hungry abhi came near her n made her sit n asked her wat do you wanna eat madam sh e said pizza abhi said sit here till i come n went meanwhile pria maa saw all this n went to pragya n asked are you abhis frd she thought ohh sasu maa im ur bahu n his wife she said yes maa priya maa thought to see whether prafya has feelings for abhi or not she asked beti can you tell ne any good culyured girl apt for my abhi i wanna marry him to a girl he loves does he love anyone aa youre his frnd can you ask him pragyas eyes were filled with jealousy but managed to smile n said okkkk maaaa n went priya smiled n saod shes my bahu for sure n went hete pragya was fuming with jealousy abhi searching for her

Note guys pragya is 2 n half a month preganant success party postponed n happening now..

Abhi atlast found pragya he made her ait n eat pizza she was lost in thoughts seeing this abhi asked pragya wat happnd she said abhi your mom asked me search a girl for you abhi laughed pragya got angry she went from that place abhi was about to follow but priya maa came n dragged him to stage pragya went out n was standing to get fresh air to cool her down suddenly a car came n hit her n went another car which came at tge back a man of 65came there he said open ykur eyes all she could mutter was abhi n our baby he rushed to security n said im admitting her in a hospotal if anyone asks n went he made pragya sit in the car blood was ciming from pragya head nonstop he took her to his frnds hospital n admitted n said start operarion n save her she was shifted to icu here ABHIwas feeling something strange happening so he went in search of pragya pragyas family was panicked even priya maa searched pragya alonv with them atlast abhi n everyone came to know that thete was a accident abhi feared n tears were flowing he went near the spot n saw pragya bracelet in blood n shoited pragyaaaaahe cried bitterly even pragya family brokedown priya maa consoled abhi he said maa pragya is my wife maa n sge is preganant too amma why it happeba to me ask her to come back na maaa i cant live without her mAapragya pls dont play with come soon priya maa was happy n shocked n sad at the same time she was shocked to know abhi was married n happy to know that pragya was her bahu n she going tl be grandma but sad that pravya got accident n they dont know where she iss even aroras were eaually shocked to know that pragya wS preganant but they went n consoled abhi as he would be having more pain screen freezes with crying face of abhi n oxgen maakwd face of pragya the song thodu vanam from anegan plays.

A voiceover says they r destined to be together they mAy be separatwd but l be joined their love will bring them closer like wars in their ptevious birth theyll have hurdles n separation,pain in this birth but they special couple so they ll overcome this phase

Precap:abhi searching pragya but couldnt find her anothrr side doctor says can save either the girl or baby on more scene is shown a girl wearing pink cotton shirt n black pants n with lose hair coming from car is shown.
To know watll happen next stay tuned guys n ill upload nxt part by next weekend as i have wxams from tueaday n have to prepare a lot as i was absent for two weks so much pprtions to cover pls understand guys.
Important note guys i dodnt upload beacause of severe fever n was admittwd in hospital was discharged few days back due to low immunity only yr pls support me n sorry everyone.

Thanks di,kristy,priyanka,minu,lucky,ani dear thanksn aasmitha di love you too di,cute vanshu n lakshmi di pragya lived alo ne not with sarlamaa n bulbul di thanks di for your support,rithu,durga di,saranya di thanks di n sabeenia you guessed it right pragya is pregnant nrhanksmukund bhaiya n thanks roli because of your support i contonued this ff di miss you di n prathi love you n maya di you tooo n surbhi di tooo reshma diii missing your comment n rajesh bhaiya ,varshavenkat miss all your comments n my choti too sorry if i had missed anyone thanks everyone keep supporting till then bye everyone i have planned for some twists keep supporting everyone

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