Star cross love abhigya (episode 28)

Hi guys thanks fr commenting everyone thanks fr ur love guys n as punishment I ll give 2 updates of each ff n an is too guys

All eyes were filled with tears.pragya consoled everyone later everyone retired to their room .pragya was thinking who is abhis bro his name why appa didn’t tell when I asked him he changed the topic suddenly someone shouted booooo near her ears she was scared she knew who it was it was her hubby who is a grown up child.her lips curved a little before her hubby could notice it she twisted her lips n acted to be angry .abhi did many things to make her laugh n finally she laughed abhi took pragya to the balcony n said jaan I have a gift fr u she asked gift fr me that too from u kadoos she said with a teasing smile. Abhi said no i won’t give the gift to u pragya holded her ears n said sorry na pls give me my gift na with a cute pout abhi gave her a gift she opened it n saw headphones +music cds+baby books+pregnancu care books+some soft toys she asked everything fr our baby only na nt fr me na see baby ur appa doesnt love ur amma abhi said close ur eyes n pragya felt his hands brushing past her legs she felt a shiver in her spine she slowly opened one of her eyes abhi said close it she obeyed like a small child he asked her to open her eyes she saw anklets twingling in her feet.both were talking pragya dozed off she was looking cute her pregnancy added a special beauty to her.abhi was worried about pragya n lifted her n went insode he thought how to save her frm varun n he too dozed off lying beside her with many unknown fears.
A beautiful day as sun rising the birds singing we could see the house glitterring with happiness inside it we can see some of them rushing here n there they all were happy but tensed too we could see it was decorated like a palace all were happy n contented suddenly they heard a voice pragyaaaaaaa pragyaaaaa whr r u ………….
Abhi came shouting he said sasumaa do u know whr pragya is I have searched her everywhere but she’s not here he said with a panicked stricken face all were tensed we could not here even a pin drop sound

Suddenly all started laughing

Precap I won’t leave you she said leave me n go abhishek go pls go someone said not yet…………abhishekkkkkkkkkkkkk

Where is pragya what happened to all why all r laughing did varun kidnap her
To know all this stay tune guys……..

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