Star cross love abhigya (episode 27)

Hi guys typing after a long time happy new yr everyone let this new yr put forth happiness in all ur life n fill the air around u with joy with success shower falling from sky as rain droplets n spread eternal peace everywhere

Ram pa said we went to kanyakumari we enjoyed a lot we all went to beach in eve to see the sunset yes but never did I think that it’ll be sunset of my life we were playing happily in the beach that’s when abhis twin bro ran into sea it was a deep cut I told him to stop but he didn’t listen n ran to play he was running on rocks his legs slipped he twisted n fell into the sea I couldn’t see those rakshas waves engulfing my child so as my child’s hero n guardian I ran to save him n jumped into sea that’s when in saw Oriya n abhi last
Priya Maa said when I saw my child slipped my whole world slipped when ram fell my whole world became colourless I felt like dying then I saw my abhi crying holding a icecream in his hands fr his twin bro I felt I should live for my abhishek.n wiped the tears that slid from her eyes n ram continued saying I managed to hold my baby’s hand n put him on my back I swam some distance it was very difficult those giant waves came again n again my baby started to lose concsiousness I said Kanna pls open ur eyes see appa ll save you that’s when I saw a ship n shouted help n waved my hands nothing but to my dismay noone heard I saw darkness filling my eyes I thought at least to save my son I can’t fight against those waves I was losing my confidence that’s when I heard my baby muttering appa save me his love gave me immense strength I tried some I swam against those ferocious waves I managed to reach a nearby island thank god we saw ship nearing our side n I shouted help fortunately they heard n came to our rescue n I gave my son in their hands n let darkness engulf me muttering save my child n fell down with a thud when I woke up I saw myself in a cabin with first aid done the first that ng that clicked my mind was my baby my child I shouted ….. They said sir ur child is safe n taking rest I thanked all of them we got down in Visakhapatnam I thought to inform priya but when I heard flash news my heart skipped a beat yes in kanya kumari there was an terrorist attack n all were shot with bullets none managed to escape I was broken but when I saw my baby sleeping peacefully on my shoulders I felt I should live fr him .
Priya said yes terrorist came but I his abhishek under a boat when was broken n upside down I said him not to come out whatever happens he was trembling I kissed him n put a chain around his neck n hid myself in a place somehow I managed to escape after their went I searched fr abhishek but he was not under boat I was panicked n searched him everywhere at last I found him in a nearby temple sleeping hugging god I took him from there later I brought him up n asked how’s our baby ram said very goooddd I ll say about him after wards n said somewhere. In my heart there was a hope that PRiya n abhi r alive I saw them its all because of u ma roshini thanks pragya eyes filled with tears she said appa sees no thanks I’m ur daughter na all were in tears .
Later at night abhi n pragya were speaking

Precap pragya kidnap n varun arrest

Guys next part is on the way pls pardon me n
Happy new year to all pls comment yr pls shower ur love on me


  1. B_Ani


    |Registered Member

    aesome dear…
    long time no see??? how r u? how is ur studies gng on?? i wish this new start is great for u…

    epi was aweosme…full of emotions. post soon…
    love you😍😍 😍 😍 😍 😘😘😘😘 😘

  2. priyanka

    Nice dr..but its too Short epi..Wishing you a happy new year dear…
    May god fulfill ur wishes….

  3. Monesha


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    Wow super baby. Missed this ff to the death. Thank you so much for updating. Loved it keep ROCKINGGGGGGG. Love you 😘

  4. Minu

    painful past for abhi’s family but loved it.
    how are you princess missed you so much. Happy new year have a wonderful year keep rocking

  5. Suhani

    Awesome angel😍😍
    Missed you and ff so much😘😘
    Happy new year..
    Love youβ™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

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