Star cross love abhigya (episode 26)


Hi guys heres the story

Abhi came home n was thinking deeply he thought if me guess is right varun ill get u..he got a call the id was blurr he received it n saolid wattt okk sir ill manage the person on other end said something abhi said no i cant take risk in my pragya n.our childs life no person said its the only way to catch him.ya think about it abhi thought n said i need time n hanged up he thought fr a lot n said okk to person.abhi went to his room n saw his wife walking to n fro he said my dear sweethearts what happened pragya didnt respond abhi went to her n made her sit on the bed n asked jaan wat u want she said noo abhi u cant abhi asked wat i cant she said u cant fulfill my wish abhi said say me ur wish ill think n fulfill it pragya holding her belly said baby ur papa doesnt believe us see he ll think n then only n said too bad abhi said okk ill fulfill ur wish say me my dramaquee pragyas face curved into a smile she said abhi abhi i want a icecream.abhi said okk she asked what abhi said okk ill give u she said u dont care about me n our babys heath na u said okk so soon he said sweetheart not lile that she asked then what he said i made icecream today thats why abhi said come lets go pragya said i wont come lift me n go abhi smiled n took her in his arms n got down .he made her sit n went to kitchen n brought a bowl of icecream n sat pragya came n sat on his lap abhi fed her she too fed him abhi pulled her closer n whisphered pragya ur so beautiful she blushed abhi kissed her cheeks someone knocked the door pragya got down n said ill see abhi said no u sit ill go n see.abhi went n opened the door a tall n handsome man camein he started beating abhi n said hey dumbo hw dare u.abhi started laughing pragya heard the chaos n came she saw someone beating abhi he was laughing like mad she rushed n said who r u why r u beating my husband that man left abhi it was rv he was shocked n she asked to abhi why r u laughing idiot whos he she winked abhi saw that said my brother in law ur brother pragya said sorry bhaiya abhi said his name is ranveer that time ishani came n she id ishani ur bhabhi she said hai bhabhi ishani said just call me ishu pragya asked cutie bhai can i call u as cutie rv nodded abhi asked sweetheart how much time r u going to make them stand pragta gave oops reaction n said cutie n.ishu welcome n took them inside they alm sat n were talking n abhi said his plan of uniting rampriya all did some decorations N came n.sat at hall abhi noticed the time.n said sweetheart its time fr taking tablets pragta asked which tablets abhi said comr ill show u pragay ean saying noo n hid behind rv n said cutie pls save me pls rv said okk dr choti abhi said rv dont support her she has to take these tablets its fr her n baby heath ishani said yes bhai n rv u go rv said no my sis wont eat tablets n winked at them pragya said well said bhai .abhi said do what u want im going n actioned to move pragya came out while rv caught her abhi came with tablets n said open ur mputh sge didnt open her mouth so ishani tickled her alittle n abhi put tablets in her mouth n made her drink waterpragya said cheatercocks at that time.neil n ragini came she hugged them n said see maa paa they r torturing me to eat these tablets they smiled n.said beta n hugged her tears were coming from their eyes she said maa n paa dont cry abhi went out rv asked hw u know them u had memory. Loss na she said actually bhai abhi.showed me all ur photos i thought to tease u thats why ran rv tok ran behind her she said ur my cute n sweet bhai na love u pls forgive me rv said im forgiving u only fr my mapillai referring to pragyas baby n fr my choti n smiled pragya too smiled nw all saw abhi brought his maa blindfolded n left her in a room n came all were chatting down in room

You came as a angel in my life
U protected me as ur eyes
But fate separated us
Now destiny destiny i forgot but i love u love u.priya priya hugged him n said ram ur back love u ram n removed her blindfold till nw u cant propose me ram n both smiled n spoke some.matters they hugged each other.priya was able to feel her husbands warmth n said missed u in all these yrs.all went down pragya said appa ur looking handsome today n sasu maa too ram opened his hands n pragya hugged him.n said appa ur great he said roshini no pragya ur great then ur appa should also be na she said appa call me roshini itself appa i like that name appa lls.he said roshini beta all smiled neilragini thanked him fr saving pragya he said.its my duty to save my daughter na.all were happy screen freezed ovee their faces

Precap.ram priya separation n abhi bro secret

Guys sorry to say my exams r.from 9 so ill not upload frm today till 23 after that ill pls.pardon me me.guys pls.pls comment n support too ur comments mean alot to me.pls

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