Star cross love abhigya (episode 24)


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Abhi went to a place he spoke to someone n said everything should be perfect understood the man nodded yes sir.
Here pragya was wondering why her husband didnt come till now . She was looking at wall for half a hour all she could imagine was abhi .suddenly someone closed her eyes she could feel it was abhi .she removed his hands n hugged him he started kissing her all over the face she too kissed him on cheeks abhi liftes her n went to balcony he saw a swing there he sat there n made her sit on his lap she was lyinv on him with her back on his chest abhi said to her pragya how do u want our child to be.she said i want our child to be like u i want him to do what he wishes i wont force him for anything suddenly shr stopped n asked abhi why r u calling me pragya im roshini na he said buddhu ur not roshini but pragya abhishek prem mehra.pragya asked if my real name is pragya why papa said that my name is roshini.

abhi said ill give u answers tmrw not now common complete ur wishes aboug ur happy as she was saying she slept abhi carried her to room n made her sleep n kissed on her forehead n went to terrace there he saw ram standing abhi went to him n asked papa why r u standing here.ram said nothing beta u go n sleep.abhi asked papa did u speak with maa he said no abhi said then i have an idea to suprise her n explained it to him ram nodded okk.then abhi saw happiness in his papas face but some sadness too he pestered him then ram said that pragya lost her one child actually she was carrying twins abhi was heartbroken he felt that someone had stabbed him in his heart his baby had died before it could see this world.he said papa pragya ram said no beta she doesnt know this might risk the another life growing in her too.abhi said papa u go to room im okk ill see pragya he went to their room n saw his pragya sleeping peacefully n mentally pro.ised her that he ll save her n his child from clutches of varun.

After accident abhi came to know it was preplanned one n it was done by varun .he said i wont spare u varun
Who is this varun how he is responsible for pragyas accident howll abhi save pragya n their baby to know all this stay tuned

Precap abhis suprise to pragya .ram abhi goes to meet doctor

Pls comment guys if ur angry on me for late updates scold me pls dont be without com.enting.rajesh bhaiya missing ur comment ashika choti urs too n everyone keep going to end it by 30 from 31epi therell be story of another abhigya is it ok.

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  1. Prathi

    Not at all angry Princess!! How can we be angry with our princess??? Varun who is he? Okie I will wait till you reveal.

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks my dear prathi di ill reveal abt varun in 1-2 epi di keep supporting di

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    What is this princess how I angry with my lovely princess Krisha…. today episode was amazing…. eagerly waiting for another one..

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      Thanks aishu ill upload nxt part soon.

  5. Asmithaa

    Awesome choti!! Wonderful!!! Mindblowing!!! Love tou????

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    awesome…super cool…another story?? i m waiting…

  7. Saranya24

    Darlu tats so awesome???loved it and we r ok wit watevr u do dear love u?????

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    Wow… cute… who is varun? Waiting for angel

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  9. I am sry swt heart…busy with my work thats y not properly comment u…whenever i free i read ur all ff…it’s really awesome…waiting 4 next ff..

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