Star cross love abhigya (episode 20)


Hi guys my exams r over now n happy to say i got centum results almost four electives all because of your wishes.thanks everyone see at last coming to story.
Till now :abhis family sucess party abhis mom testing pragya whether she is apt for abhi n pragya accident n shock for all pragya is pregnant .
Doctor came of the hospital n said ram i can save either girl or baby who is she to you ram said my daughter n doctor said go n fill form immediately to do the operation.ram went n filled the form n he wrote her name as roshini n paid fees too operation was going on

Here abhi was crying bitterly he went to nearby police station n enquired about accident case but all said no he broke down as it was the last station he enquired .doctor came out of the cabin n said shes lucky she survived but baby……….
Abhi decided to search on hospitals he was dejected but was hopeful that he could get some good news that his pragya is here.neil n ranveer went a filed a case of accident missing n ca.e back home they were broken to losr their daughter whom they found after many years n shes a mother too ragini was most broken as a mother she couldnt tolerate the news of her daughters accident when she knew her daughter was pregnant her joy kbew no bounds but when thought missing striked her mind she felt sad .here abhi was searching pragya like a mad.

Screen shifts to pragya ram ásked wat happened to the baby doctor he said both aee fine but she lost her one baby due to excess loss of blood she was carrying twins ram broke down he didnt know why he was crying for that girl but he seemed to have a deep connection with her like his own said dont say this to her because it may endanger the another life in her too n she lost her memory too because of accident so take care of her.ram nodded yes n asked when can i take her home doctor said after she has opened her eyes.pragya slowly opened her eyes n asked where am i n who are you to me he said roshini im your papa n you got accident she saod papa n hugged him tight n said i was scared papa ram felt like flying in the air after hearing the word papa.she saw her cute baby bump n asked him papa am i pregnant am i married he said yes my dr your husband os abhi(pragya muttered abhi n baby while taking to hospital so he said abhi) n said hes in USA he went there for a project n will return in few months she said oh papa can we go home he said yes dr

Abhi too reached the same hospital n felt his heartbeat increasing he thought his pragya was there here roshini i mean pragya too felt unknown happiness.screen freezes on pragyas n abhis happy face.

Will abhi meet pragya or pragya will go before meeting him to know pls stay tuned guys ill post nxt part also .

Thanks di,lucky for encouraging me n rajesh bhaiya thanks for commenting in my ff beside your heavy work your comment made me happy bhaiya i said na bhaiya ill save live of baby but only one baby bhaiya thanks keep supporting bhaiya.

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  1. Omg!!pragya lose her memory…
    Pls dont seperate abhigya…

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks priyanka i wont separate them theyll be joined in upcoming epi keep supporting yr

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    Supet yaar..but sad that only one baby is alive. …but I hope you will not seperate abhigya..

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  3. wow nice but sad one baby dear……….

    love u lot dear…………..

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  5. Superb episode ma very interesting congrats for your 20th episode

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    Lively darlu iam not angry u r busy na no prob awesone epi love u????

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