Star cross love abhigya (episode 18)

Hi guys sorry for the late updates this will be posted regularly hope you remember my story.

Recap:rv n family came to know about pragya n their care towards her.
Pragya was working in the company while she got a call to come outside to xyz place to save rv reputation she went there she couldn’t see her bhai in probs though he was not her bhai she thought but destiny know it was her bhai.suddenly a truck was about to hit her while abhi came m saved her he asked her why you came here she said about the call they both went to that place n saw rv n his whole family standing there he said choti come to your family ragini said beta I’m your mom pragya muttered ragini Maa Neil papa n ran to them n hugged them she asked rago why you left me n papa you too didn’t search me Maa ragini said beta we tried to search you but you were not detected beta you know how it was for is but you called me by my name na she said rago I won’t change n you too samosa rv ran behind her n said hey choti come here abhi was standing confused then pragya explained him n introduced everyone to him see abhi this is rago,papa,bhai n bhabhi.she said papa bhai rago n ishu bhabhi this is abhi I’m in love with him n we r going to get married Neil n rv exclaimed what ragini n ishu said I’m happy for you doll.rv went near abhi n made him sit Neil came n both rounded him n saw him from top to bottom n asked do you know to sing,dance,cook,clean ….

……..etc ragini asked Neil n rv beta come here wat r u doing to my son in law rv n Neil corrected tk be son in law they said he is not at all match to my choti so we reject him n she can’t get married in young age na ragini said chip you both she can n will marry him.Neil n rv say but pragya said pa bhai I love him without him I can’t live pls understood then they said okkkkkk.abhi said I’m going to marry pragya by register marriage they asked what while he explained them everything n said ill Marry pragya n keep it secret n we will convince Maa n get again married with all day we can see a girl dressing in baby pink legenha with some ornament n slight makeup she is putting kajal to her eyes while ragini enters n saw her n said beautiful beta she hugged we can see abhi getting ready in golden sherwani n he was looking handsome his frnds congratulated him.both comes to register office all were present except abhis family all signed the formalities rv as abhi witness n ishani as abhi witness abhi tied man gala sutra in her neck n filled her hair line with kumkum.mangalyam song plays they took blessings from all n abhi hugged pragya n bid her bye n went pragya too went with her family days passed one day pragya was feeling restless she saw some one climbing her balcony it was abhi she thought it was thief n was about to hit him as it was night time she couldn’t see his face when his hands encircled her waist she came to know it was abhi n kept the vase back she took to hit abhi .abhi said I’m feeling restless dear without seeing or hugging or kissing you I’m dying he slowly pinned her
to the the wall nn kissed her she was blushing she saw abhis face by light of moon he was too handsome so she
couldn’t resist she pulled him closer n gave another kiss to him making abhi shocked .abhi slowly got hold of her pallu n about to remove it when someone knocked the door it was Neil he asked pragya is everything
fine while abhi Nuzzled her neck she said

Haaa she asked abhi to leave her he caught hold of her tightly while abhi n pragya were romancing mistakenly they pushed a vase it cracked while neil asked beta is
everything fine she asked haa pa she
pushed abhi n went to open the door n she opened it unaware of abhi standing behind the door holding her pallu Neil said beta wat hpnd she said nothing pa I slept early
so when you called I got up n stretched my hands vase fell down paa suddenly abhi pulled her pallu n holded her waist n pinched it n took his hand pragya shouted
ahhh Neil asked wat she said pa cockroach
n showed it he said go n sleep beta.she went inside n saw abhi with a angry look n asked abhi wat you did if papa saw is then
he asked wat if papa saw us were married
then what she said abhi he came near her n slowly removed her pallu n his shirt both hugged each other n they slowly fell in bed n consummate their marriage next morning abhi was the first to wake up he saw pragya sleeping she too got up n saw him with shy
both saw each other while abhi pulled her on his top when someone knocked the door abhi said wrong timing pragya saw her state n said pa getting ready will come
soon she rushed to take a bath n wrapped
her with a bedsheets abhi too followed her but she bolted bfr he could enter she bathed n came wearing a anarkali to hide
all the love bites of abhi abhi stared her he
Changed into his old clothes he pulled her closer n gave a kiss on her lips pragya pushed him him n said its late go soon n
come if you have time today also n blushed

abhi went through balcony n reached his home while his Maa asked abhi why didn’t you come home yesterday he said Maa stayed in my in-law house she asked wat he said in lawn house Maa she said okk go n bathe he got freshened up n came down he said Maa I’m going office n went in the office he couldn’t stop thinking about pragya so he came again to her house through pipes n entered her room n saw pragya sleeping in sitting position while reading a book he took the book n kept it in table n made her lie on the bed she woke up n saw abhi staring at her like a love struck teenager she thought even though they rr married they are meeting like this.
like this abhigya met each other n sometime ended upspeaking the whole night or making love,3 weeks passed abhi received a call from pragya she said abhi come to home I wanna tell you a important thing she urged him.
To know wat pragya wanna tell abhi plz stay tuned guys n pls drop your valuable comments everyone pls n tell me it is nice or I have to make any changes guys nowadays I’m getting less comments but I’m posting for some who comment on my ff do you all like it.there Is a twist in this story guys.Precap:pragya family going to abhis family success function n abhis Maa wanna make pragya her bahu all come to know about abhigya.

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