Star cross love abhigya (episode 17)

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Recap:pragya jealous of abhishek n avanti n prabhi romantic date.
Abhi bought pragya a Teddy, some dresses, clips n cosmetics n some photo frames with beautiful heart designs. N bought her many other things .she thought that all these things would fill her room

She asked watll happen abhi if any of my friends see this in my room abhi said i have only the right to enter your roomroom right pragya pragya blushed.she asked wat he want to buy she said you have bought all the things for me now wat you want. Abhi said I want a special thing n dragged her to gens section n asked her to buy him a tie pragya asked abhishek why all of things you wanna tie.abhi said I wanna a tie that’s it n I’ll tell you reason later.pragya bought him a tie he asked her to tie it on his neck .pragya said abhishek this is store wat will others think pragya tried to tie tie on his neck but he was somewhat taller due to his new boots he made pragya stand on his boots n she tied the tie.abhi pulled her closer. Pragya face was having all shades of red .abhi smiled.everyone around them whispered wat a lovely couple I think they are newly married muttered other hearing marriage with abhi pragya blushed abhi too.abhi said according to myths when a women ties a tie to her lover or husband it means she owns him.yes pragya you own me I’m always yours don’t feel jealous dear I’ll always love you only my love for you will never cease n let’s get married after semester .pragya eyes were filled with tears she nodded yes.they went home atlast their college exams were over.

Now abhi went to meet pragya he stayed at her home. Abhi now took financial department of his empire actually he had great idea n dealing of bussiness but took this part .pragya joined in her bro ranveer company as his pa.ranveer felt that he has got his sister back (he was searching for pragya many days but when he CE to know pragya is his choti he felt happy.he made sure of all source n info that she was his lost sos he thought to give her a surprise on her birthday which is after 3 weeks. N say this to his mom too on that day.he knew about abhi too)ritika was scolding pragya for pouring water on her dress.ranveer heard the chaos n came there n saw ritika scolding his doll his choti he got angry on ritika n shouted at her for making a big fuss of a small matter n asked them to do their work. Ritika fumed.pragya said thanks bhai n went.ranveer was on cloud nine that his sis called him bhai unable to control his happiness he hit his hand in table the nail hurt his finger n it started bleeding he shouted ahhhh pragya came rushing n saw it bleeding ritika bought first aid box pragya got it from her n bandaged it n asked him to tk care. Ranveer nodded OK he said bhai you must drink bitter guard juice. Ranveer said cheeeeeee.pragya gave a stern look n ranveer said okkkk choti. Pragya smiled n went to buy bitter guard juice for him but didn’t get it so she went to shop n asked whether she can just make one juice but they said nook she argued with them n said its for her bro who is hurt so they allowed her seeing tears in her eyes.later she prepared it n gave money to shop n went thanking them she gave it to ranveer n made him drink it.later pragya went to her home.

ranveer entered his home humming a song everyone were shocked to see ranveer solkk much happy ragini got shocked seeing big bandage in his hand n rushed to him asking wat happened ishani n Neil tooo came ranveer said maaa paaa ishu I found my choti our pragya she is in my company Maa she called me bhaaiiii n she bandaged my hand made me drink bitter guard juice too Maa.ragini was shocked n she was having years inher eyes even Neil too they said they wanna meet her ranveer took his phone n said my choti is this girl n took it n ran away ragini chased him saying to show her daughters pic even Neil too. But ishani got it n showed it to ragini n neil .their eyes filled with joy seeing their princess after a long time.they had happy tears in their eyes. Ranveer explained his plan to tell the truth to pragya on her bday everyone agreed.except ragini but they made her agree.screen freezes on ranveer,ishu,ragini, neil happy face.

Precap:abhigya romance
n ranveer,ishu,ragini,Neil extra care towards prsgyapragya.

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