Star cross love abhigya (episode 16)

Hi guys good day for everyone n there was some mistakes in my update so thought to clear it.actually avanti is abhi aunt daughter n pragya-a charming n lovely girl studying in 3rd yr college n loves abhi n separated from her parents n lives.alone in her house in chennai.

Pragya was very angry seeing abhi sit with avanti.she fumed.seeing her abhi could not help but laugh. He turned again n concentrated in lectures but today pragya was out of mind.suddenly she felt like her head spinning n said to mam that she’s not feeling well n for permission n went to class.pragya was walking in the road when she fainted near a temple.ragini came out of temple saw a girl lying unconscious n went near her.abhi was in class thinking his pragya is angry on him that’s why she left n thought to convince her later as he thought she will be either in canteen or park.ragini saw pragyas face she went to her n patted her face.she lifted pragua n made her lie on her lap n took some water splashed on her face.but she didn’t wake up ragini got panick she felt some connection with her n took her to hospital.she admitted her.ragini was walking to n fro n was afraid about pragya.when doctor came she rushed to him and asked wat happened to her? Doctor said nothing serious its due to some kind of shock she fainted. Your daughter is keep on muttering Maa pls go n see her.ragini nodded n went to her n said beside hereanwhile abhi came in search of pragya after the classes were over.he couldn’t find his pragya he panicked that’s when he got a call making him more panock it was from ragini she said beta pragya is admitted in hospital n come soon I called you as this was her last dialled number.abhi immediately dropped his phone tears were in his eyes he thought all because of me that my pragya is in hospital.he picked his phone n rushed to hospital.he asked receptionist n went to room no 24aa pragya was there.ragini immediately stood seeing him n said abhi abhi said yes aunty thanks for taking care of her what happened to her ragini said beta she fainted near mandhir its because of some kind of shock take care of her.abhi said sure aunty I’ll take good care of her n thanks aunty.ragini left with a heavy heart .

pragya woke up m saw a different atmosphere she saw abhi was sitting there she asked him how I came here wat happened abhi explained her everything but pragya asked where is Maa i ran that aunty I wanna see her abhi replied she went just now n sat on the stool she turned her face in anger n asked why you came you could have stayed with your avanti na.abhi said pragya don’t say her my avanti youre only mine not pragya understand she said OK come letssss go…after one day with complete rest pragya CE back to college n started listening to notes carefully. Abhi was sitting along with avanti bit his thought were on pragya he thought that he’s not able to spend time with pragya. Classes were finished. Days rolled abhi was sitting with avanti n pragya was used to it one day abhi CE n sat near her she asked where is your pyaari avanti he said she’s not my avanti n she’s on leave today pragya said I don’t need you to accompany me on her absence n o don’t need your over concern Mr abhishek mehta.abhi was shocked by her calling his full name.but professor came n they had to sit in the we places.abhi was overjoyed even pragya too but didn’t showed it.classes were going on when abhi rubbed his feet against hers n he even holder her waist this made pragya sweat abhi was so call she pinched her in hip she shouted ahhh prof asked what pragya she said lizard Sir n pointed it near her said sit don’t shout for silly things understand whole class laughed even abhi too pragya sat with anger n gave him a stern look later classes were finished. Abhi n pragya were walking on the corridor. When pragya asked why you did like that in class you idiot abhi said missed you babe n come let’s go for shopping n dragged her.they went to a mall a old mall where this film notebook was playing both watched it n pragya was on tears n understood what abhi was trying to say its he will be waiting for n will only love her like hero waiting for his love even in 80 years of age.slowly they both walked out. Pragya was so happy it was so stupid of her to behave like that to abhi she thought.

Precap pragya bought abhi a tie n it was insisted by abhi so guys guess wats meaning of tieing a tie to a prince she loves.

pls support me hope next part will on Friday guys so much of work reading all ff but not able to comment n tomorrow I’ll update isss pyaar ko kya naam doon pls drop your valuable comments everyone hope you like today’s epi

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