Star cross love abhigya (episode 15)

Hi guys here’s my nxt part hope you like it.I hope you all remember first 2-4epi in that I have shown about abhi n pragya were college mates they fell in love at first sight their ice cream outing nabhi proposed by offering her some precious gifts.she too accepted story will continue from
this.pls support guys.

Character intro of family
Abhishek mehta 3rd yr college student of BBS. He is dashing n charming so handsome.many would fall for him .but hr fell for one it is pragya.loves his family.
Purab mehta -elder bro of abhi n handsome n caring guy loves his family n can do anything for them.studying 4yr engineering.
Ishani mehta-elder sis of abhi n purab n wife of Young entrepreneur ranveer joanna-a dashing n handsome entrepreneur who owns a company called pg group of industries .
Kalki-mom of abhi,purab, ishani loves her children very much but misses her husband karan who was thought to be dead by tsunami while he was in west Bengal.
Khanna family.
Neil khanna-a business man father of ranveer n pragya.
Ragini khanna-wife of Neil n mom of pragya n ranveer.

A fb
17 years ago I was in chennai with Neil n my children pragya n ranveer we went to beach suddenly some chaos took place n people ran here n there in that crowd I missed my daughter pragya she was 4yrs old baby n my ranveer was 10 my ranveer escaped n came to me n Neil.but my pragya.I shouted cried n even begged but nobody said where my pragya is today when I see some teenage girl I’d think if my pragya was here she too would have been like this the thought of my pragya leaving my hand makes my heartvpain more.raginis traunce was broken by ishani later the daily routine began .
Abhi asks to pragya pragya how much do you love me pragya said I love you more than myself but abhi asked wat but she said not more than you .abhi smiled.that’s when avanti came n sat near abhi n said abhi why you left me n I’m scared too actually avanti is abhis cousin n she loves him but our hero abhi loves pragya .pragya gave a angry n jealous look to abhi.abhi said avanti you sit there ill gyide you n he made there sit in front row n he too went n sa sat with her .

Precap a jealously tigress pragya n romantic abhi .

Guys pls bear with me n my story if it’s not nice pls tell me I’ll correct it .pls don’t beat me you guys like this track pls tlell me all my dear sis n friends good night everyone.thanks to everyone support I have reached till 15 epi thanks everyone keep supporting continuously everyone. Telly updates post this on abhigya fanfic n not ishveer because they r only supporting roles
With butterflies princess.

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  1. Rithu

    Interesting precap dear

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks rithu pls supporting continuously

  2. story is nice but pls update long epic

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks lakshmi for commenting I’ll sure give a long epi

  3. Super yaaa….

  4. Prathi

    Nice Story Princess.. Write a long epi next time..

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks prathi di happy you liked it di keep supporting continuously di

  5. PrincessesMadhu

    Krishu..I love the plot…but I have some doubts and questions?

    1) Why did you not write the character intro for Pragya?
    2) And…why? how? how can Avanti love Abhi in that way? you said he is a cousin…so isn’t it like a brother..? so she loves her brother in that way..that’s really really weird… but sorry yaar don’t mean to hurt you…that so doesn’t happen in my religion? does that happen in yours? If it does I respect it…but i just thought to ask u….i’m also curious and I am just like how is it possible! ????

    accept that it was SUPI!! (superb) ??

    1. Princesskrisha

      Madhu no one is like that in my religion but it was typed wrong oys actually avanti is her aunts daughter n pragya sketch it got erased dear sorry for inconvenience dear pls keep supporting continuously

    2. Princesskrisha

      Madhu no one is like that in my religion but it was typed wrong oys actually avanti is his aunts daughter n pragya sketch it got erased dear sorry for inconvenience dear pls keep supporting continuously

  6. waiting dear………….

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      Thanks di keep supporting continuously di

  7. Superrrr

  8. Saranya24

    Ohh darlu its so beautiful loved it??????

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks priyanka

    2. Princesskrisha

      Thanks saranya di

  9. B_Ani

    nice epi Krishu. waiting for the next one.And yaa, i am also confused with the relation of Abhi and avanti…clear me dear.

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks ani n sorry avanti is abhis aunt daughter

  10. Nice dear…..

  11. Princesskrisha

    Thanks sugan for commenting keep supporting continuously

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