From SSO to ur billuji- an Os by silverfish_trex (Shruti)

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Shivaay came to his room in frustration. He was throwing everything in his room. Whatever came in his hand became a victim of his anger. He once again lost his hope of finding his love..his Anika..his everything..after she left him he had become a lifeless soul..he just wanted his Anika back..he wanted to confess his feelings..he wanted to tell her the truth..but he couldn’t find her.. flashbacks started racing through his mind..he couldn’t control and broke the glass which was in his hand..

a- Shivaye jb I said no then y r u digging my past?? Why did u go to the orphanage??
S- anika that is none of ur business why m I doing that..but get to know that whatever is ur past it is never gonna affect our relationship
A- no. it definitely is gonna affect our relationship..u still wanna find out my NKK..y shivaye y?? Y do u want to hurt me? Y did u meet my fake mum..she is not..
She was cut in between
S- see anika me esa hi hu…I am the great shivaye Singh Oberoi..and I cannot change let me do what I am doing.
A- yes u do whatever u r and I m gonna do Jo mujhe krna h..
S- whut do u mean??
A- aapko pta chl Jayega shaam tk.. shivaye Singh Oberoi just wait and watch..she smirks
Shivaay is shocked seeing anika like this..they had a fight so shivaye left the house and left Anika in tears..
At evening
Shivaye receives a lawyer..
Lawyer(L)- sir I am hired by miss Anika..
S- for whut have u come here??
L- to give u these.
He hands some pprs to shivaye and says- I’ll come to pick them up by tomorrow morning plz keep them ready and he hands another letter to shivaye.-
L- this letter is given by ma’am.
S- thnq..
S(thinks(- y did she not come home till now?. Koi ata pata hi nhi h time ka.
R- Bhaiyya just see the letter na and does his logic sign.
Shivaye reads the letter and is shocked he then takes the legal pprs and is shocked and brks down…
Om reads the letter
Shivaye i told u to leave my past and accept me as I am but u have to regret ur decision.u told me u need time but u Still can never change.i want divorce.and plz dont find u live happily with my past. U will surely regret ur deeds but I will never come back to u.u were Right u r Shivaye Singh Oberoi and u can never change. I thought u were my billuji but no u r the gr8 tadibaaz SSO. I am taking sahil along and ask pinky aunty if she is happy or not after u met my fake mother. I love u billuji and I’ll love u frever and I know u love me too. But billuji Luvs me not SSO and I cannot live wid SSO so m divocing u..stay happy wid ur family, ur NKK policy and my past.

Yours and only urs Anika.. only anika
(Shivaye Singh Oberoi ki ex wife now only sahil’s sister)

He tore the divorce pprs and frm then onwards he never met Anika. Anika never returned. Pinky was happy.. shivaye got to know the truth of his mom and even Anika.
Anika was not illegitimate..she had royal blood flowing within her..she was the princess of a kingdom of ajabgarh..her parents were killed and the kids fled away..she lost her sister gauri when she was adopted by sum1..this broke Anika..she was anika singh rajwanshi..and she held power to destroy 100 companies like that of oberois in 10 seconds..

Shivaye stopped talking to pinky.he hated her mum as she had taken away his life frm him.. he frm past 1 year is searching for Anika like mad ppl..still no hope..
End of fb

Omru enter the room and see his condition . Gauri ( yes she is Anika’s sister and mrs.omkara Singh Oberoi) and sumo also enters.
R- Bhaiyya bhabhi solved all the problems between us..she kept our house as a House..she made o and gauri bhabhis luv story wrk. She taught me and sumo about luv..she made us realise our feelings fr each other..she luved u unconditionally but u..bhaiyya u r the reason why this house is no more a house..bhabhi is no more wid us.. and he broke down and went away
O- rudy is right shivaye..usne Kya kuch Ni kia hmare liye and tune usko kchre jese treat Kiya..hum kya the unke liye still bhabhi cared fr us.. she always was a perfect bhabhi, perfect bahu for dadi but she could never become perfect wife and a perfect bahu for her saas. U both r the reason for this condition of us shivaye..we both hate u shivaye..
And he left.shivaye was crying vigurously.. suddenly

G- bade bhaiyya don’t cry we both r wid u. I promise i and soumya will never leave u..we know u r regretting ur decision so we have forgiven u.and anika bhabhi willalso frget it.and frgive u after all she Luvs her bagad billa..
Su-yes Bhaiyya Dont worry she will be back..
Suddenly soumya sees a newsppr..
So- bhaiyya anika bhabhi
S- khn h meri anika where is she..tell me soumya

G- bhaiyya relax
So- bhaiyya in this newsppr..anika bhabhis pic.. it is written-
The event manager of Amitabh bacchan’s birthday party.. miss. Anika .
Shivaye is overwhelmed to know that anika is in Mumbai only..
He runs to his Mobile and calls Khanna to find the whole information about Anika.. soon Shivaye was on the gate of an apartment. It was written.. this property was gifted by mr.amitabh bacchan to Anika ..
Shivaay was happy as a ray of hope lit his dark thoughts..
He went inside. He saw a girl in a long tunic asking the ppl to complete the wrk of setting the house soon..she was speaking in the whoel Anika style.. shivaye was happy as his ears were craving fr her voice. Craving to listen her stupid jokes and silly it was her billuji who had come to her and the SSO had died the day Anika’d past was revealed..

He went to her.. she turned back as her Shivaye sensor had sensed him..
Anika without turning back- Mr. Oberoi just leave..
Shivaay was shocked as his wife could sense him..
S- Anika plz listen to me once.. plz Anika
A- rudely..I said just leave..r u leaving or shall I call the guards to take u away..
S- Anika plz.. just once look at me.. listen to me.. whatever u tell I’ll do. Bs plzz ek baar sunlo.
Anika turned back and tears were flowing down frm both pair of eyes..they could see the pain in each other’s eyes.. those eyes craved for each other for a whole year.
A- say fast and leave
S- comes to hug her but Anika moves back

A- heyy back off..m no more ur wife
S- Anika m srry.. m really sorry..I should have trusted u..m sorry Anika. I now dont believe in NKK.. today only ur billuji has come to take his anika back..the gr8 SSO died long ago..this billu was just a lifeless creature when his Anika left.. this bagad billa of URS is nothing without u Anika..I have realised it Anika..I luv u Anika..plz frgive me..
A- ho gya ho aapka maafinama to jaiye yhn SE mr. Oberoi..m not ur wife anymore..and I hate u shivaye..I really hate u..I know u can never frget NKK and I hate u more than I luv u .. so leave
She screamed to the top of her voice..
Sumthing broke inside shivaye..till date he never broke..but today he felt like he had lost everything he was just a defeated person..
He left frm there..
This was witnessed by gauri and soumya..
Gauri couldn’t take it more and rushed to her sister..
Anika was shocked as never saw gauri in this state..gauri hugged her so tight..soumya to came and said
So- bhabhi she is gauri
A- soumya I know that..but y is she crying??
So- cuz she has found her sister..
A- sister?
So- yes
A- ohh so gauri who is ur sister??
G- ani di how did u frget ur chutki??
I am ur chutki ani di..

Anika’d happiness seemed no bounds..she was Soo happy .tears were flowing down her eyes and asked
A- how did u find that m ur sister??
G- because of bde bhaiyya. He has changed dii. He has changed fr u. He luves u a lot..he did everything so that only u cud meet ur sister and not anything else..all was pinky aunty’s fault..and u punished him.. today he broke down completely..after u left om and rudra hate him..he doesn’t talk to pinky aunty and u know dadi…she broke down
A- Dadi?? Whut happened to her chutki..tell me..she screamed
So- she is in coma.. doctor says that if she doesn’t gets happy she may slip into coma frever..
A- what the hell has happened
So- Even we don’t know bhabhi all we know is..our house needs u badly.. Bhaiyya found out everything about ur past. Pinky aunty is regretting day and night and dadi is fighting with death..

G- ur so called omru are nothing more than stone statues.. they 3 don’t talk to each other..we lost the old happy and cheerful rudra and shayaribaaz om..
Anika on hearing this started crying like hell..
Omru on getting to know frm khanna about Anika come their
Omru- Anika bhabhi
They 3 hug each other as tight as they could..omru were as if trying to convey anika not to leave them again
O- how dare u bhabhi..u left us..??

R- hn bhabhi aapko pta h aapke peeche Kya Kya hua h??
A- hn meko pta h kya hua h pr who r u guys??
All shocked
Omru- bhabhiii..nahiiii
O- Anika bhabhi aap hmko bhool Ni skti..
R- dekha sumo me bolta tha na didi ko lg gyi hogi aur unki memory loss hogyi hogi..tabhi vo nhi aai..??
O- in full shayari mode..
Bhool jate h log….
O- Kya hua

She Burst into laughter- I was joking yr..itte serious the tum log and i knew that my devars can never be serious. Toh thode mze liye
R- haww bhabhii aate hi hmare SE bdlaa?? he made a cry baby face
All were happy on getting back omru
but our Anika started crying again..she was only thinking about what she told to shivaye and how he had changed fr her..
Omru gauri soumya- bhabhiii Kya hua??
A- Shivaye
R- lo aate hi hogyi o my Mata.. aate hi romance shuru..
A- u guys tell me where will I find Shivaye..plzzz
G- bde bhaiyya must be on the beach..he often goes there when he is sad..
Anika is sad and she rushed to juhu beach..

A man was lying there almost lifeless..Anika reached and was shocked to see the view..
Shivaye has cut his wrist and a letter was lying next to him..
Dear Anika,
M srry that I could not win ur trust but plzz believe me I luv u. I trust u and NKK doesn’t affect me now..that SSO is dead nd now only ur billuji exists..but today he too has left u..m srry fr all that pain I gave u Anika..and remember me u r Still my wife Anika..
URS and only urs billuji

Tears were flooding down Anika’s eyes.she was full of guilt of her words..the one whom she luved unconditionally was about to leave her..but she showed courage she picked up Shivaye and supporting her till the car and drove him to the hospital..

Anika had informed everyone and all were there. They were happy as they found Anika but sad fr shivaye
Doc- mrs.oberoi ur husband has lost a lot of blood.. it’s hard that he will survive
All seemed to be in a shock after seeing the sweetest Anika in ASSO mode..
Doc- trembling- ya ill surely save him.. I’ll try my best
Anika on hearing the wrd try once again rages but she is now calmed by jahnvi..
J- beta calm down.. he’ll be fine
A- jahnvi aunty then just listen to this dumb doctor..he has no senses..he is talking bullshit..
Jhanvi signs the doctor to leave..
Anika brks down while omri and rumya console her

Shivaay is being operated. After 8 hrs…
D- we r srry mrs.oberoi mr.oberoi is not at all responding.. we r sorry
She completely broke down..
doc- u can meet him
Anika goes to Shivaye and shouts
A- hello Mr. Bagad bille. Get up.i know u r acting to die.. just stop ur acting.. get up na fast.. orelse I’ll throw water on u..get up
She started crying while hugging Shivaye

Omru come to her
A- om ask na shivaay to get up..kitna ghtiya mzaak h ye..tell him to stop acting I m getting tensed.. plzzzz on rudra.. ask ur Bhai to get up na.. Pinky aunty tell na shivaay to get up.. tell him to fight wid om Shivaye is not dead na.. he is acting na..
She is crying.. and shouts tell me om
O- no bhabhi Shivaye is not acting..he is dead bhabhi.. ur shivaye left u
Anika is crying like hell. Her tears falling on shivaye’s eyes.. she gets a flashback..

A- Shivaye sum1 wants to kill u plzzz shivaye listen to me.what if u leave me shivaye
S- anika..calm down.. shivaye Singh Oberoi iki Jaan it asani SE ni jayegi..
And I promise kuch nhi hoga na tumhe na mujhe..and I promise I’ll never leave u Anika.. I’ll fight with death also but I won’t leave u ..

Fb ends
A- ho gye Khush.. jhute.. shivaye Singh Oberoi ki jaan asani SE ni jayegi.. u left me shivaye​ u broke ur promise shivaye..
She is crying and starts to leave her charm bracelet gets stuck in shivaye’s finger..
A- kya h..u broke ur promise na .. I’ll never talk to u again..u left me leave my charm bracelet or I’ll throw water on u..
All.were crying seeing this scenario while came a voice..
Voice- i Don’t lie panika..phekdo pani but I’ll never leave kyuki shivaye Singh Oberoi ki jaan asani SE ni jayegi…
All r shocked while Anika just ran into shivaye..
A- Shivaye i knew ki u won’t leave me ..
Doc- its miracle..
O- its not a miracle doc..its luv

G- staring at shivika then omkara..yes the power of true luv..
R- which can do anything..
So- even bring back a soul frm heaven..
J- its the power of their love which brought back shivaye..

Anika is happy then suddenly she is angry and worried at the same time so she cried..
S- what happened panika..y u crying?
A- esa koi krta hh…aap koi ranjhana ke dhanush h, koi Superman h, ya koi hero h jo kalai kaat lii..pta tha na usse jaan jaa skti h tb bhi.
S- Anika u left me. U disowned me cud I even tolerate that much hatred frm u..i broke down and to whom had I to brothers didn’t talk to me..I hate my mom..dadi is not whom shall I live..
A- fr me shivaye.. I luv u shivaye​..I just said all that in anger..I never meant that..
S- I know Anika.

A- accha suno suno suno..Shree Shree 1008 bagad bille ji Maharaj​kanji aankho wale..knew that I was angry still he cut his wrist..wooww..
Then coming out of sarcasm.. shivaye ab to tadi mt maariye..atlast aapko frk pdta h ..
She gave a victorious smile..
S- hn anika pdta h frk..u affect me alot Anika..I was craving fr these taunts of URS..I was craving fr my Anika.. I luv u Anika..

They hug each other.. shivaye kissed Anika’s forehead and same with Anika..
All- ahem ahem..
R- aaplog kbhi Ni bdloge.. u guys again started ur romance..kuch to soch yrr.. operation theatre h yrr..
All laughed as they say rudra back in his cool..
A voice came frm behind
Voice- oye khotya..kbhi to unko shanti SE rehne dia kr..
All turned to find out dadi who was brought by pinky..
Dadi hugged Anika then her billu and then everyone over there..
D- pinky when she told that anika.. Meri anika is back even God could not stop me frm coming back..
Pinky was leaving when she was stopped by Anika
A- aunty ji wait..
She brings her near shivaye..

Aapka heera beta pehle aapka then kisi aur ka..
Pinky gets glad and says
P- m srry anika..I misunderstood u..u always wanted our good but I and she started crying..
S- MOM..
Pinky was @cloud 9 after hearing her son call her after 1 year..
S- dont cry mom I frgive u mom..
P- m srry shivaye
S- I already frgave u mom..
They share a hug..
P- atlast meri khwaish of kanji aankho wale pota poti will not be left as a drm..
All laugh at her..

R- kanji aankho wale hi kyu u’ll get khuuub sare types ke pota poti choti maa..
He said smirking to soumya who was blushing..
All- ahem ahem.
Shivika- sharm kro rudra OT h
R- haww aate hi bdlaa
All laugh..
While here omri were stealing glances from each others notice this and smile..
Rumya omri shivika tejahnvi and pinkyshakti and dadi in the thoughts of her husband..
Shivaay was reminded of a poetry by his brother..
S- sach me dhal jate h kisse dil SE dohrane ke baad ishq PR hoga yakeen ishq hojane ke Baad
—————the end—————-

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