ssk,yhm and kalash new beginning….after 7 years (Episode 3)


Hello guyz its samreen here.friend my exams are started that’s y I will not able to post episodes daily. And thanks for ur support Labdhi0507, Janani, Aru, Jasmine Rahul, Vijaya and Ssss

Episode: 3
Location: somewhere on the road
(Ishita was walking on the road. She was crying very badly)
Ishita: how can I kill my ruhi. If ruhi is not alive then y I m alive I also have to die. Raman was rite if ruhi is not there than there is no use of our relation. With ruhi this relationship is also over. And if this relationship is over than I m also over.

Scene: 2
Location: cliff
(abhishek and his team were finding ruhi)
Abhishek: did u got niddhi and ruhi’s death body
Inspector: no sir, we r finding
Abhishek: ok
(after some time)
Inspector: sir sir sir
Abhishek: what happen ???
Inspector: sir we got that 2 bodies
Abhishek: where r they
(inspector takes abhishek near the bodies)
Inspector: sir that girl is alive
Abhishek: we have to take her to hospital and send this body for postmortem
Abhishek (to himself): thank god ruhi is alive

Scene: 3
Location: bhalla house
(all were their)
Mrs iyer: where is ishu??
Mrs bhalla: don’t know where is she
Mihika: I think we should inform abhishek that ishu akka is missing
Romi: yeah mihika is rite we should inform him bcoz raman bhai scold bhabhi soo much. Hope bhabhi should not take any wrong decision
Mrs bhalla and mrs iyers: no she will not take any wrong decision.
Abhishek: ruhi is alive but….
Raman: but what abhishek
Abhishek: ishita jii done suside
(all are shocked)

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  1. U type little bit long episode . Your episode is nice .

  2. All the best for your exams. I love to read your ff. Please post regularly as waiting eagerly to read your ff.

  3. Superb episode but write it long dear.

  4. Aru

    Samreen all the best for exams first u concrete on ur exams after that u can post ur ff and its nice

    1. Samreen

      thanks aru

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