ssk,yhm and kalash new beginning….after 7 years (Episode 2)


Hello friends its samreen here, I think all are not liking the story. If u don’t like plzz tell me atleast comment guyzz if I will not get much comments than I have to stop this ff. and sry for the short updates bcoz my exams are going to start that’s y.

2nd Episode:
Location: Mandir
(Janki Devi was their to fulfill her daughters last rights. She was too much depressed)
(Janki devi gets up and go near Maata Rani)
Janki Devi: Maa why u did this with me Maa. Is there was any mistake in my prayer. That u had given such a big punishment to me. U taken my 3 daughters away from me. And my broken fate was that I can’t see my daughters for the last time. I was soo happy that I will meet my daughters after 2 years. Maa u have to answer me today y u did this with me. U took my husband I didn’t argue with u. because I was knowing that my 3 daughters will not let me remember their father. But today u took them also. U are also a mother na. than how could you do like this with the other mother. U have to answer me. If u are there than u have to return my daughters any how. Prove that u are there. U have to return my daughters….(after saying all this janki devi was shattered that time she heard some voice)

(their was a lady sitting with her small child and crying she was none other than simar. Janki devi went to simar)
Janki devi: daughter what are u doing here in this heavy rain. And your child is also so small.
Simar: everything is over. My husband leave me. My family leaves me….(simar was crying very badly, janki devi consoles her)
(simar was having high fever so janki devi ask her driver to take simar in her car she will to her daughters puja and come. Her driver takes simar to her car.)

Abhishek: We saved ruhi but…..
Raman: But what Abhishek???
Abhishek: Ishita jii is dead
(all were shock to listen this)

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  1. its so confusing and complicated.. dont continue plz..

    1. Samreen

      its confusing bcoz u didn’t read intro,promo and first episode

  2. Labdhi0507

    Awesome yaar..don’t stop it….post soon

    1. Samreen

      thanks dear and yeah i will not stop

  3. yaar m to kha padh rhi hu kha kya ho gya smj hi ni aa rh.. itni mehnat kyun kr rh ho…

  4. U write this ff it is different

    1. Samreen

      thanks dear

  5. Pls continue yar its super ff and its unique form others ff i love ur ff pls continue dont stop

    1. Samreen

      thanks dear and yeah i will continue only for u

  6. plz plz m not liking it…………….. dont torture us………

  7. wtf…. u dont understand nythng.. dont lisn to othrs.. lstn to me.. m ur genuine critic..

    1. Samreen

      u have the problem than y r u reading it i m not forcing u to read and i m not torturing u its upto to u have to read or not thats ur choose only bcoz of u i can’t blet other suffers

  8. What happened to today’s episode it is not updated till now.

  9. Jasmine Rahul

    love this ff.sad 4 simar,ishita n devika.;oved janki simar meeting.waiting 4 how she will meet the other 2

  10. Where is today’s episode. When u will update it. It is a request please update the ff regularly.

    1. Samreen

      i will try to post regularly today i will post it definitely and thanks for ur support janani

  11. kya friend khawa khoye hoy story kidhar giya….tum ko koi [email protected]@@@@d [email protected]@@h ne bol diya nei likhne ke liye es liye stop kor diya….ur r unique & ur story also ……keep it up babua

    1. Samreen

      thank u soo much

  12. Please continue it is very intrasting.

    1. Samreen

      thanks vijaya

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