ssk,yhm and kalash new beginning….after 7 years (Episode 1)

Hello friend samreen here , sorry I was hospitalized that’s why not able to post. Thanks for all of your comments. And do comment after reading please.
First episode:
(janki devi daughters are ragini : ragini from swaragini, tanvi : soumya from shakti astitva ke ehsaas ki and ambika : twinkle from tashan e ishk)
So, here we go with our first episode :
Location : bhardwaj mansion
Prem : simar u have to choose between this child or our family
Simar: how can u tell this prem jii u r not asking me to choose between this child or family but for my soul or my body
Prem: simar I don’t want to listen anything just give me my answer what u want I m waiting for your answer
(saying this prem leaves to his room)
Khushi ( to uma and pari) : bhabhi if simar bhabhi will choose her son and go away from our life than our importance in this family will get increase what do u think
Uma : yes pari khushi is rite but what can we do

Pari : I have an idea (they discuss something in silent mode)
(uma , pari and khushi went to sujata and fill her ears against simar)
(sujata goes to simar)
Sujata: simar I will talk to prem
(simar does’nt says anything. She was just sitting near maata rani’s mandir and crying)
Sujata: prem my son simar has taken her decision. She wants her son back. Come lets her give this child
Prem: maa u take this child I won’t come
(sujata takes the child and come near simar. Other family members where in there respective rooms)
Sujata: simar take ur son and get lost from here. Prem don’t want to see your face
Simar: maa I want to talk to prem jii. Please let me talk to him
Sujata: no u can’t. I don’t want my son to be more upset.
(all the family members come in the hall. But, prem was watching all this from upstairs)
Simar: okay fine I will go

(prem hides when simar was about to see him and cries)
(simar starts leaving and remembers her all cute, sweet, lovely and happy moments with all she was about to take anjali and sanjana but sujata stops her)
Sujata: u have to go alone. You can’t take anjali and sanjana with u.
(simar was distraught after listening this. She leaves from there and closes the door)

Location 2: city hospital
(bhallas and iyers both familys where their in the hospital waiting for ishita. Raman was already their and not answering to anyone till than ishita came with pihu)
(manoj takes pihu from ishita’s hand)
Manoj: that’s good ishita jii that u bring pihu here on time
(manoj takes pihu to the special ward)
Mrs bhalla: ishita puttar where is ruhi ???
Mrs iyer: ishuu kanna where is ruhi ???
Raman: what she will tell I will tell u. she killed my daughter
Mrs bhalla: what are u telling raman are are u in your sense
Raman: maa I am totally in my sense. She killed my daughter
(all were shocked after listening ruhi’s dead news)
Mrs bhalla and mrs iyer: this can’t happen. Our ruhi can’t left us
Raman: she left us only bcoz of this ishita (raman scold ishita very much as he had scold her in the episode )
(ishita leaves from there)

Location 3:. Cliff
(devika was about to fall from the cliff. She was only holding branch of the tree till that ravi came there)
Ravi: Devika nothing will happen to u. I will save u. don’t leave your hand.
(ravi goes to bring rope)
Nivi: look ravi has gone. Still he was acting. He is nice actor. Still u will be alive for him. After knowing all this. If I was in yours place I would have killed myself
(after listening all this devika leaves her hand and falls in the river. When she was about to leave ravi reaches there)
Ravi: nooo devika ..

Janki devi: maa u have to return my 3 daughters back to me maa. If u are there than give me the proof that u are their return my daughters to me maa.

The end.

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