ssk, yhm and kalash new begining….after 7 years (intro)

my intro:- guyzzz i m a silent reader and i m addicted to serials….
my name is samreen ..
after reading many fan fictions i decided to write this fan fiction only if u all will support me
ur all support is very important for me so plzz comment my dear friends…
soo here i go with intro;-
its combine of sasural simar ka , yeh hai mohabbatein and kalash ek vishwas
sasural simar ka;-as u all no that 2 days before only sasural simar ka had taken a leap of 6 years but here it will be of 7 years..
yeh hai mohabbatein;-it will continue after ruhi takes niddhi and ishita was going to do suicide.. and
kalash ek vishwaas;-it has taken only 9th months leap but here it will be 7 years only

ishita bhalla as tanvi raichand, (yeh hai mohabbatien)
simar bhardwaaj as ragini raichand (sasural simar ka) and
devika garewal as ambika raichand… (kalash ek vishwaas)
janki devi raichand (kalash ek vishwaas)
and other character will be same as in their respective serials
short intro ;-
janki devi is very powerful business women she was having three daughters tanvi ragini and ambika
ragini was her elder daughter than tanvi and the youngest daughter was ambika ..her husband was dead when she gave birth to her younger daughter ambika after his death she start her own business and is very successful in it she lives in london but her 3 daughters were staying in india bcoz they want to help poors tanvi was doctor ragini was teacher and ambika was helping her mother from india … janki devi was very proud of her daughters 3 sister were like 3 jism par ek jaan but unfortunately one day they were going to london to meet their mom but due to terror attack 3 of them die …… be continue
frnds i will continue if u will tell than only


    • Samreen



      jasmine its not different its becoz of leap they have to take revenge thats y u will understand when u will read further episodes

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