SSK in my view (Episode 2)

Hey guys i m back.

The episode starts with mataji it is just due to small accident don’t worry.jhanki dressed the wound.all had their breakfast n they went to their res room to get rosid room when roli enter the room sid lock the room from back and hugged her from back n said hey roli i have a surprise for u .in evening get ready i ll come soon.roli asked what the surprise.sid says it is a surprise so it should be revealed only in evning n leave to his office.prem picks anjali n sanju to school n drop them n he want to office.Roli was thinking hole day about the surprise so she get tired so she thought better we can wait up to evening.Now its 3pm roli went to pick sanju n anjali.on the way it was heavy traffic,it seems like a big personality is she reached tv school last n now she picks sanju b anjali.on way they r taking that the rockstar abhi is going to perform a concern tonight here n they said there would be so many fun in the concern.on hearing this roli feel sad as she can’t go to the concern s she is a great fan of abhi.they reached home. In home already sid has came n he gets angry s roli is getting late he pretend to be anger in a funny manner n they have a cute nokjhok.
Now they get ready n sid says mataji that they r going out for dinner n on the way roli asked sid what’s the surprise .sid said wait n see.

Percap:ROSID romantic dance

hey guys i think it is a quite boring episode.sorry:( for that but next episode will be a romantic episode:$.
Guys pls say ur opinion about my ff n pls comment pls pls 😐

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