SSK in my view (Episode 1)

Hey guys i m mash here.i m a great fan of ssk.i think to write a ff on SSK as its current track is quite better than previous but i think it is not like our loved ssk.

I my ff all characters r as such in serial.
Here i have thought to make romance :$between rosid n pramer.
I can only update a short episode as i m using my phone.sorry for that:(.and my ff begin on next part .guys give me tracks that u like to have in ssk. N one think i m asking u guys would u like to continue the ff from current track r some other ? Please do comment guys i m waiting for ur comments :-/.
As the required characters r not attain i m just giving an introduction.

One morning,
in bharadwaj house ,simar and roli r doing pooja and all family members r shown attending pooja. At that time mataji is shown entering the house, all are shocked to see mataji as she has a cut in her hand n it is bleeding.All asked to her what is reason for it.mataji remain silent
after sometime mataji opens her mouth to answer at that time screen freezes.
Now mataji answer will be based on ur wish, whether would u like to continue current track or other.pls comment guys

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  1. Continue it pls

    1. Ya sure,but can u say which track do u like to have

  2. Not current track..its a fed up story..

    1. Thank u sola

  3. Plz don’t take current track

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