SSK the New start (part 1)

Hi frnds..
So many of them r suggeting for rosid and premar scenes..I thought to add their scenes in this story itself..wat u r saying guys..

shall i add their scenes in first few episodes then the story which ill take leap and i ill start sanjana and anjali and aditya story..

Please leave ur comments below for cont my story..

For now I I’ll start wit last track which is shown in serial i.e that paatal lok nonsense track..

After all the comotions in bharadwaj house devika leaves the house(I don’t knw wat happened in last in actual track)
Simar: devika u can stay here as our family..
Devika: no simar di…I m leaving the house for gud…please send me wit smile..

Simar: i don’t knw wat to say devika but pls call wen u need help..

Devika leaves bhardwaj house wit heart eye and she glances prem and leaves the house (she thought that prem I’ll stop her because prem married devika in the past)…(guys she I’ll enter back if u guys suggest to cont the story first wit rosid scene)

Premar room..

Simar comes to room where prem s sitting upset..

Simar: premji…
Prem: after hearing simar’s voice he getsup to go..
Simar: tries to move towards prem that’s wen she hits her leg and fell down calling prem..
Prem: runs to simar..don’t u care for urself while watching others..
Simar: u r having premji to look after me and smiles…
Prem: makes funny face and took her to bed and throws her in bed for faking injury..
Simar: aaaaahhh.. premji it hurts more..
Prem: achaa..Y u didn’t get hurt while leaving me and kids..
Simar: holds her ears..sry premji… frm now on I ill take u whereever i go…now k..
Prem: now better…
Simar: shall u cum wit me now…
Prem: y r u gng back to paatal lok..
Simar: naahi. ..I want to drink water so I want to go to kitchen..U nly said whereever u go take me also so cum wit me..
Prem: achaa..tum. …and tries to catch her while simar runs..

Atlast prem catch simar and hugs her tight just then sanjana and anjali cums and gets happy and runs to them and they 4 share a hug..

In morning

Rosid room..

Roli enters the room after bath..sid is waiting for her in bed. .

Sid: roli. ..I m really feeling weak..I m really sick (faking sick)..
Roli: wat??wat happen sidarthji??she touches sidharth to chk temp..just then she saw a hot water bag under pillow..
Sidharth: looking inocent at roli. ..while she understands his plan..
Roli: to herself achaa..tum faking fever rite. u want to bear the consequences for faking illnesses. ..
Sidarth: don’t knw roli saw hot water bag..
Roli: in shocked tone..sidharthji u r having high fever..I ill call doc for ur illnesses and he I’ll giv injection for fever..
Sidharth: gets shocked hearing injection..naahi (he shouts)
Roli: keeps her face inocent and asks wat happen..achaa u take rest I I’ll bring doc wen he arrives..and leaves the room smiling to herself. ..
Sidharth: gets up from bed..iss ladki ek num paagal..sidarth tum get late to go frm here u I’ll get injec..common move to office thinking his he goes to get ready..
Roli: who is standing outside the room hear tis and burst into laughter..

(As of I knw rosid didn’t consummate their marrige so nxt part ill b consummation part)

Sry for mistake if they already consumate the marrige..pls leave comments below wether they did r not..

If u like the story please leave comment below..and also suggest for choosing the story..

Credit to: Aasha

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  1. nice…pls continue

  2. Hi frnds..
    Sry for grammar mistakes…I ill try to do without mistakes…

  3. Hi its nice,can u make it quite longer and update regularly pls

  4. Nice story keep it up.

  5. Ranaji(narendran)

    Many grammar mistakes and nice epi and I wrote ssk ff and it completed 16epi after that I did not got much response so I stopped it

  6. Plsssssss continue it’s really superb
    Plssssssssszszzzzzzz continue..

  7. Hi it seems u all fan of ssk …. Me too
    Here is a great news for Avika(Roli)’s fans

    GV to romance Avika Gor and Nikki Galrani in Rajesh’s film

    Director Rajesh will start shooting his next film, Kadavul Irukkiran Kumaru, come March. It was already decided that GV Prakash will be the lead, and when we last spoke to the director, he had told us that he was on the lookout for a heroine.

    But now comes the news that the film has not one, but two heroines, and that Nikki Galrani and Avika Gor (famous for Hindi telly soaps like Balika Vadhu), have been roped in for the same. This will be the Kollywood debut for Avika, who has already acted in Telugu films.

    A source says, “Yes, both, Avika and Nikki have been finalised. This will be typical Rajesh film, a romcom. Rajesh is currently looking for suitable locations. Once that has been decided, they will begin shooting.”

  8. Jy don’t u write a ff for Neri aashiqui tumse hi?

    1. Sorry meri aashiqui tumse hi*

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