SSK the New start (part 4)


Hi frnds…
Sry I hav taken long time to upload epi. i m fine..i I’ll upload regularly..

The episode starts with…

In hotel..
Sid and roli gets close to kiss.. that’s wen they hear knock in door..

Roli: sidarthjii…
Sid: sssssshhhhhh…and gets more close..again knock at door..
Roli: sidarthjii..go nd open door..
Sid: leave it..let me..again knock..arey yaar coon hoo..
Roli: laughs out loud..
Sid: tum paagal hoo. ..and goes and open door..and someone hits sid head.. and he gets unconsious by shouting ‘rrrooollliii’
Roli: sssssiiiiiddddaaarrrttthhhjjiii. Someone kidnaps leaving chit on the table for Sid..

(Sry guys as per request to add spice to story line I m delaying consumation part for nxt 6 r 7 epi..and i m also changing precap)

In bharadwaj house..

All r appeared for dinner..

Pari: uma I think sid and roli r enjoying nicely..I m asking my husband to take me to holiday..He s not even listening to me..?I hav decided to go on holiday tommorow for sure..?
Uma: Haan pari..u r rite..hum Saab ek saath outing chalengay..kya mataji..
Mataji: teek hai..v ill to picnic kush..aap kaana karengay..
Uma and pari smiles and nods..

They hear knock at door..
Simar: iI’ll see..she goes and opens the door and gets shocked..devika Tum..
Devika: haan didi..hum wapaas aagaya..
Simar: come in..wat happen u r having injuries..r u alright…
Mataji: comes to devika..kya hua devika aur yey injuries..
Devika: didi and mataji humteek hai. .aap tension maat karo…I came back to stay here for few days..did u hav any problem..
(As I already said devika I’ll enter back as neg charec and i m changing her charec totally diff. .if u hav prob pls comment..and i asure u tat she I’ll bring closeness between premar and some of romantic scenes)

Simar: no devika u can stay here as u wish..
Devika: to herself..simar now ur life I’ll take drastic change..I ill snatch my prem and my family frm u. .I hav full rights towards prem morethan u…and smiles evilly..

After diner all goes to respective rooms..prem is gng towards the premar room suddenly someone holds his hand..He turns back and sees devika there..
Prem: devika..kya hua. .
Devika: premji..I want to talk to u..
Prem: say devika..
Devika: u pls come into my room..
Prem: ok..
They enter guest room which is alotted for devika..
Devika starts to cry..(her drama starts)
Prem: kya hua devika..
Devika: didn’t say anything and cont crying..
Prem: don’t cry devika..wat s ur prob..y u came back to my house..
Devika: i cannot go back to my home mom is not accepting me back..
Prem: kya..but y..
Devika: because I married u…that’s the reason..and tightly hugs prem..

Simar who crosses tat room sees both of them..devika who hav seen simar in mirror intentionally hugs prem and evilly smiles..simar leaves from there..
Prem: devika don’t cry..I ill speak to ur mom and make her accept u..till tat u stay here..
Devika: nods with teary eye…

In hotel..

Sid gets consiousness and shocked to accept the reality..He shouts for roli..
Sid: roli…roli…roliii…He searches throught the room and gets reading it he gets hell shocked…
Sid: rrrrroooolllllliiiiii..
The epi ends with shocked face of Sid and unconcious roli…

no PRECAP drs..

Hi frnds..
If u r happy wit current track I I’ll cont drs. ..if u get bored please leave comments …

Credit to: Aasha

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  1. Pls cont track is nice

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  3. Nye conti

  4. Yaiii…aab ayega mazaa…its getting interesting now so don’t change the track go on with it. Its getting awesome and interesting.???

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