SSK the New start (part 3)

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The episode starts with. …

In hotel..

Roli enters 209 room num by calling out sid. ..and somone is trying to shut roli’s mouth

Roli: sidharthji…aaaaaahhhhh.. sssssiiidddhhaaaarrrttthhhjjiii..

Someone makes roli unconcious and took her somewhere in boat..

In bhardwaj house..

Simar is tensed because she want to answer all others who r asking about sid and roli..
Simar goes to mataji room..she explained to mataji abt sid and roli..mataji gets happy and says let them b happy..don’t disturb them.. simar smiles and nods..

(It is to b seen that sid kidnaps roli from hotel room to some island for their honeymoon..simar recieves msg from sidarth that they r gng on honeymoon which I’ll b totally a surprise for her..that’s wat simar informed mataji..will they hide the secret from others??)

In boat…

Roli gets consious while sid is waiting near her to open her eyes..

Roli: getup wit a jerk remembering the last incident and sees sid..she looks at him wit ques??
Sid: hi roli doll..and shakes hand..
Roli: to herself doll?? And she cannot connect it wit incident in hotel and now she s wit sidarth and in boat..she has many ques..
Sid: helllloooo..wat happened??
Roli: where v r??and wat v r dng in boat??and last night somebody tries to kidnap me??who they r??and..
Sid: Buzz..Buzz..for all the ques u r nly having one ans. ..I hav kidnapped u for honeymoon. .
Roli: (in angry tone) kya…u… kidnapped me… and for honeymoon..r u mad.. don’t u take me by saying everyone in home..they ill get worried thinking abt us…chaloo hum wapas ghar chalthegay …
Sid: s roli I m mad..
Roli: stares at sid..
Sid: i got mad in love..
Roli: shys and says I lovee uuu too.. but all will b worried thinking abt us na..
Sid: habbaaaa and gives deep breath.. don’t u care abt me.. and I already informed kush.. and leaves frm there angrily..
Roli: roli goes behind sid and hugs frm back..I m sry yaar..
Sid: didn’t speak to her..
Roli: I love u yaar don’t u forgive me..and gives kiss on his cheek..
Sid: turns towards roli and hugs her tight. ..

After tat they break the hug and enjoys the sceneary of ocean in moonlight..
The nxt morning they reach the island which is especially for honeymoon couples..
The island is full of lovely couples and full of enjoyment..
Roli and sid check-in in the hotel…
Roli enters the room while sid locks the door and comes and hugs roli tight and turns her and gets close to her to kiss..

Sid and roli dances sensational to the song in the rain..and devika enters back in bharadwaj house

Hi frnds..
Please leave ur comments to cont my story..if it gets bored leave ur comments. ..

Credit to: Aasha

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  1. Aasha don’t worry your story is getting great but bring some twist and turns in roli and Sid’s life to make it spicy.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Yes I agree with you

  2. nice story I want more Rosid scene

  3. Have a baby for roli and sid

  4. Nice…continue same in rosid life…its very nice…

  5. Realy nice dear. Waiting for rosid scene

  6. Can u give some twist nd turns in rosid life??? Plz plz it’s an request

  7. Good going aasha still more rosid scenes plZ…

  8. Broken heart?

    Good …..

  9. Hi frnds..
    Sry I cannot upload all for today and tommorow..I ill upload on tues. ..take care

  10. pls continue the story

  11. It is very boring.

  12. I am waiting 4 nxt epi pls do it fast

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