SSK the New start (part 2)

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The bharadwaj house..
Simar and all other ladies r already in kitchen..roli enters kitchen smiling to herself..

Simar: roli..gud morning..please take tat box near u..
Roli: s thinking of sidarth and didn’t notice simar saying..
Simar: after sometime notices roli while she lost in thoughts..roli… roli….and shakes roli..
Roli: that’s wen roli came to reality.. di wat happened. .
Simar: i want to ask u wat happened..r u k..all others starts laugh..
Roli: hum teek hai..and runs from there..
Simar and all others burst into laughter..

Sidarth gets ready and comes down at the same time roli runs out of kitchen..the both clash wit eachother.. and sidharth holds roli before she falls down..they share an eyelock..

Sidarth: roli please stand straight fast otherwise my hand I’ll break into pieces. .
Roli: kya?? Roli stares at sid…
Sid: gets tensed and says nothing..
Roli: that’s gud..
Sid: achaa..u don’t watch and go va..always falling down..
Roli: achaa..hum always falling down ah..teek hai from now on u want to catch me whenever I fall down..if u miss u I’ll hav punishment. .
Sid: kya…I m having other wrks i m not having tis wrk nly..
Roli: u nly said I always falling down.. so u want to hav punishment for tat..
Sid: teek hai roli I m sry. kush. .
Roli: hmm..but u want to buy chocolates in eve..then nly I forgive u..
Sid: k.. I m getting late for office… bye…
Roli: bye..

After sidarth left roli turns and see whole ladies standing there.. and she runs from there fearing tat they I’ll tease..

Uma: hamari family may nly sid and roli didn’t start family yet.. v I’ll b happy wen they also hav kids..
Simar: i think..that day s not far bhabi..
Uma and others nods and smiles..

In evening….

at 6pm. ..

Roli gets call from unknown num saying sidharth is in some hotel with girl.. roli gets shocked at first..but then ignored the call..and went for cooking dinner..

At 7pm..
Roli calls sidarth abt getting late..he didnt pickup..

At 8pm. ..
She gets call from same unknown num.. and she gets tensed..she leaves for the hotel without anybody notice..

Roli reaches hotel and she is abt to enter 209 room num..that’s wen roli gets call from simar..

Roli: hello di. ..
Simar: where r u??
Roli: di I came for important wrk. ..I ill reach back in 1hr…bye.
Simar: k..bye..

After cancelling the call simar gets some msg she opens and reads and tensed..

Roli enters 209 room’s full of dark where some candeles r lightened..
She calls out sidarth..and somone tries to close her mouth..
Roli: sidharthji.. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.. ssssiiiiiddddhaaarrrttthhhjjjjiii..

No precap..

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Credit to: Aasha

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  1. nice.story I love Rosid

  2. wow its amazing. dont take any leap yaar. show only rosid and prem simar story. if children come everything will be spoiled.todays episode was nice,

  3. Lovely story plz carry on especially when avika leaves the show this will make me very happy
    So plz carry on!?????

  4. Today’s episode S super loved it

  5. Absolutely love this love ROSID very very much and thnx aasha for giving them importance u should hv been the writer for ssk ?

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  10. Rosid scenes superb…

  11. Really lovely yaar plz continue it frnd

  12. Superb story…

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