SSEL rants, confusions ect.


It has been a plethora of months now, not to mention how the show’s TRP rating has dropped miserably…

The show used to be about a dark-skinned courageous ready to prove to the world, who she was…
It was also all about this love triangle Suhani–>Yuvraaj—>Soumya…. the main ending couple finally being YuvAni- the couple everyone loves and enjoys from the depths of their heart, it had it’s spark, it’s uniqueness. Now that has been lost- through the shallowness and the stupidity of the writers. I still remember when Suhani was trying to fight for Yuv’s heart, and trying to get him to change his mindset about fair=superior… Like let’s be honest. Yuvraaj wasn’t even light skin himself xD I still remember when Suhani broke through… like FINALLY! and he found her beautiful, then Somu decided to re-enter their life and blah blah blah. Then the Rohan track, then the Gauri track, then the Sajan track…. Yup that is still fresh in my head, but now it is all starting to fade away, the simplicity, the humour, the love, the everything that made this show the SSEL we all LOVED! yes LOVED. Not Love. That love has faded ages ago- post leap.

We all thought the leap was going to be AMAZING. but look where it has ended us. back to square one, but worse. Portraying the fact that woman in society can get abused, physically, emotionally and psychologically (mentally), where is the Suhani who used to fight for her rights? Lost because of a disgusting dog!? Yes not husband but a dog! Ever since SSEL just showed a snippit of his eyes, I was like errrrmmmm… No. I don’t like him at all… Then when it showed his happy character, I was like “uh, no. too good to be true.” and now i just abhor the fact that he is breathing! Like even my dad said “what is this rubbish?” The fact that he thinks it even acceptable to treat anyone the way he has been treating them, the fact that he can blackmail people, the fact that he can use children to get his selfish need. It is REPULSIVE (SICKENING)
It is giving India and even worse reputation than they are already claiming. They are shaming India! I know India- not personally, but I have friends and I know that there is an amazing side to india! And aquiring bombs soo easily, getting goons to poison kidnap and kill, getting away with murder, purchasing poisons and toxins ect. ect. isn’t india! But HOW did Sambhav manage to do this without getting a death sentence?
It hurts my brain. Even I, the delusional, unexperienced 15 year old would be able to produce something better than the script the actors are following!…

The Script…

The Script… Leading on the one of the main actor’s future…

Saahil and his future.

Due to the script.
“I just went through the page and read what all everybody has written for me.. I just want to tell you guys that I’m absolutely overwhelmed.. Immense love & respect to all you guys… Shall cherish this forever… – Sahil ”
Ok this is what Sahil has said recently on FB, I have sone my analysis on this and the Shall Cherish frightens me… Is he talking about the current track or is he talking about his career who knows, he is being very secretive about it so it is difficult to decide.
He also said some inp things on the 13/14th of september:
“Hi guys.. I’ve been receiving your messages since yesterday… I can’t say anything about my track yet.. Will update as soon as possible.. – Sahil”
“Hey guys.. I’m glad u love the show.. But you have to understand my position.. It’s not within my rights to make any announcements or disclose any information regarding the show.. I love you guys.. But I also owe it to my producers.. Let everything come to you… Thank you for showering so much love.. It means a lot to me.. I shall always remember this.. 🙂 – Sahil”
“I can’t say anything about my track right now.. It’s not within my rights to do so.. Hope you all understand ? always yours… , – Sahil”
I think all these comments are important, as they can mean three things….
1) Disclosing anything about YuvAni reuniting
or 2) Him leaving the show…
or/and 3) The leap that everyone has been talking about (maybe even made up) but maybe he is talking about that…
I will let you decide on that
It is too early to decide on the future of Sahil/Yuvraaj, but without a doubt, SSEL would never be the same without him… He is definatelty the heart of the show….
Many people have left SSEL, not major things, like Anuj has starred in a successful show on StarPlus Ishqbaaz (no i don;t watch it, it airs too late or during school, but my parents love it!) anyway old rags and Saurab left, has’t made much a difference, new actors stepped in quite easily, but it Yuvraaj well Saahil leaves… It’s like ripping out a person’s heart ad putting a sh*tty one in thinking that it would revive the person that is already dead! YES! EXACTLY HOW IT WOUULD BE!
Like SSEL need to pick up and clean up their act fast. Like ASAP. Like if Sahil leaves and/or the leap happens guess whose show would be going off air due to lack of funding… SUHANI SI EK LADKI *distant cheers in the background* but seriously, the TRP ratings ate already dropping 1.7 now, and 9th place in top ten, heh that is clinging on from last week… now imagine when Sahil leaves, I wish I could see the director’s and script writers and the cast director’s face when they realise the mistake has cost them their jobs.

Well that was my rant, you all can rant below, write what you think about SSEL, write you ops on Sahil ect…. I will rant with you in the comments too XD

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  1. Aqsxxh

    Ok guys, apparently its official that the leap is occurring? LIKE WZF! Can’t they finish one job before they move on to the next? Unite YuvAni, then add the leap- otherwise no leap! Simple. And if Dadi is still alive after the leap then I will really be worried. Is that woman immortal! And if Yuvraaj and Suhani are not alive then….. How did Dadi manage to survive? The writers are only doing this leap to save their TRP. They are not listening to their fans! What is this senselessness! I am extremely infuriated and i have given up. I am finishing my FFs ASAP as when the show flops noone would read the updates XD

    1. Aqsxxh

      Sorry i had to include my humour XD

      1. Nithu

        n im sure that dadi would be alive if show takes a leap of 20 yrs..!!u no wat dr sns is farway better than ssel these days..

    2. Nithu

      aqsaah sissy im really ver very vey fed up wt
      ith the show…i stopped watching ssel since 1 month…i started t watch ishqbaaz…it betters my mood and makes my day…earlier ssel used to make my day but now by the reading the written update itself spoils my mood n today tho i hated it …my n our ssel is showing evryone how to torture their wives if they dnt love their husbands…my lovel ssel has turned into such a crap..!!n if sahil leaves the show im nt evn going read the written update..ill open this page only for the fan fictions which are just amazing……!!! i wish the crew of ssel shd listen to us its high time now…if there is a 20 yrs of leap in the show none will watch the show….i really want the writers to change title from ssel to mujh se pyaar varna torture karoonga…

      1. I totally agree with u…..once SSEL used to make my day and now I don’t even wanna see the promo,,,,,,really miss good old SSEL times

    1. I would pull out my dictionary of swears right now, bcos this is definitely nowhere near happiness.

  2. Ruksy

    ???? your too hilarious. im fed up im quiting on the show after the leap.

    1. Same I will too. I can’t see the show without YuvAni. It already hurts so much after suhani’s “I love you” Conession I walked out the room bcos Yuvraaj said he was going to leave. So I left too ???? but who wouldn’t quit?


    After leap… im done. But i will keep writing and reading ffs if people make them cause i wont be able to let go of YuvAni…

    1. If you still make ur Ffs I will make mine ???? but everyone is fed up of this nonsense its unbelievable ?

    2. Ruksy

      I’ll be done after leap too but ffs should continue because YuvAni are too good to be let go of

  4. Hi Aqsaah di…. It has been ages since I have been here but today I thought to visit thos site and after reading your post I was heart broken. I haven’t read about ssel for about 1 month and I m surprised to know about the show stooping so low than ever before…. I just hope the director gets changed , otherwise this show is going to bring shame to starplus and going to destroy the reputation of the channel. Really disgusting,…… I really really wish that the show gets its charm back and YuvAni reunites but after reading your article I think it won’t be possible as sahil is quitting.

  5. By the way guys do u when is the leap taking place?

  6. As for me, the writters made a mistake by making this 6 years leap, for me, the message in this show is that we should not judge people by their look and we should not change ourselves for someone’s love, but since the leap happened, the show is no more about that.
    The current track is not so bad, but what i don’t understand is that when it was about Rohan, Yuvraj did everything to show that he was a bad man, so why isn’t he doing anything for Sambhav?
    And there is so many things that are still hidden, specially dadi and Soumya’s truth.
    And also so many track that the writters start but didn’t end, like Amit’s accident by Sharad, Yuvraj calling a detective to know about his kidnapping, Rakhee and Radhe who are the real parents of Menka’s son and, Rags’parlor
    As for the 15 years leap, i’m not against it, but only if before that they unite Yuvraj and Suhani, because i think that we are all watching this serial since the beggining for that, if it doesn’t happen, then i waste my time watching this serial.

  7. here after i wnt see this stupid story

  8. 1000% correct!!! u express wat i felt in my heart.. absolutely wat are all u wrote about sahil commands , i felt sahul indirectly accept this news he s leaving…. rajshri also told n iv abt somthing wrong going to happen.. i dont knw y sahil left..i felt leads offscreen not good or track currnt track sahil has no work ti show his acting..! and one more think they really make culture of india shameless..

  9. No words to describe this horrible scrap!!…the most pathetic thing here is lead quitting d show…due to their egos…i mean..wats d need…they r nly acting ri8…its after all reel…not real…eventhough they r acting both off and on screens we ppl r supporting them…serial mein suhani ka character was ruined to depths…this show definitely goes offair if therz no yuvani…sry if anyone felt offended…

    1. U r rite… I too feel…. just end this stupidity now if no yuvani… i think coz of leap only sahil n menka quitting…. but I lyk both acting… menka funny things to trouble others n sahil n rajshri characters r just ruined… where is rajshri business… height of stupidity is showing in this serial…. no one’s aware about sambhav he is just physically by cutting, burning n all… I hate y they brought sambhav…. no more friendship between suhani n soumya… where the theme of show should on friendship instead of digging hole for friend to fall….. useless writers

  10. There was no need of that 8 years leap,,,coz everything got worse after the leap,,,,the tracks before the leap was good bcoz yuvANI was together that tym,…eventhough Barbie came as Yuvi’s wife that was tolerable twist,,,
    ,bt after the leap……yuvani separation,Somu-Yuvi connection,Suhani-Sambav marriage all were unbearable and stupid twists…
    I really wished to see yuvANI family moments with their little babies,,,bt smthng else happened and yuvANI got separated,,,,and the leap was lyk ‘not planned’,,,,there were so many loopholes in the story after the leap…..

  11. Halloo Aqsaah ,,,,hwz u,,,,nice post,,,,I always wished to comment all these things abt SSEL since I stopped watching the show

    1. Aqsxxh

      Hey Roz! I have stopped watching it recently fter Sambhav burnt Suhani’s hand. SO instead I have written my final episode of our dark destiny to make the fans happy :d x

  12. I no never like leap only yuvani …humya koi #laep nahi chiya understand plz

  13. Firstly, y they want 2 take leap… sahil is young n after the leap his kid will grown up equally so may b this reason also, he don’t want 2 continue… lyk we can see in many show ,all the male actors r quiting the show… naitik, n many more… just copying n dragging

  14. I’ll stop watching this bakwaas… wish the trp should come 0 after the 15 year leap


    Do you think we should start another petition saying no leap, i know there is another one but the more support the better, right?

  16. No leap i want see yuvani with there kids

  17. No leap is required to increase trp.
    Trp will increase only and only if yuvAni stay together forever.
    Most of people are watching ssel for yuvAni so it is better to make them unite again.
    There are many tracks which can be followed to run the show with good trp.

  18. without sahil sir in the show i’m not going to watch and i also don’t want leap these writers have gone mad these days beause of taking 7years leap this happen think what will happen when another 20 yrs leap comes….finally without sahil/no yuvraaj = no SSEL.

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