YOU SS ( Swasan ) Part 6

Part 6

Heya Babes is back with a longer part!

Many days have passed, for Swara it wasn’t easy at all for her, as she misses Ragini a lot, while Sanskar was showing her the cold shoulder and Laksh was trying to get them friendly with eachother, which was a hell of a task.

“Shona, yaar come here and join us for lunch, pretty please?” Laksh requested, while making a puppy face, while she smiled at him and she cheeckily answered back: “sure, I will join you my dear muffin!”
“Wow muffins, I love them!” Laksh said cutely.
“Oh and I love muffins as well!” Swara flirtingly said, which wasn’t liked by Sanskar at all, so he left them two alone, after Swara came towards them, because he gave an excuse, while saying and then he was gone like the air: “Sorry Lucky, I have to go, I have forgotten something in my classroom.”
“He will never forgive me Laksh as he thinks that it’s my fault that Ragini died!” Swara sadly said, to make her smile Laksh said, while his heart was aching: “no, he doesn’t, he knows that his Swara wouldn’t kill her own sister!”
“Really?” Swara asked him, while she gave a sweet smile and Laksh sadly nodded, because he just wants to see this poor soul happy and that is his only mission, while he was forgetting himself for her love. SwaLak were talking and laughing for a long time as they became best friends in a short span of time.

Meanwhile Sanskar went to his favourite spot, where he could be himself and relax, he was thinking about her, if he really loves her or not, but he couldn’t answer his question to himself, as he was very confused. “Tu meri dil ki chahat hai, par tum meri ho ya kisi aur ki(You are my hearts desire but are you mine or someone elses)?”

Back to SwaLak
“Swara what happened?” Laksh asked her with a lot of concern.
“Nothing Laksh!” Swara lied to him, because she received a message from Sahil, that stated: “I killed your sister Ragini and if you don’t stay away from the Mehewari brothers, I will kill them both my love!”
Then Swara hurriedly left and Laksh went behind her as he was worried for her. Soon Swara reached the spot, where Sahil had messaged her to come, Laksh was hiding behind a pillar and was listening to SwaHil’s convo.
“What do you want Sahil?” A pissed Swara asked him.
“I want you!” He said, while he possesively was looking at her, he was about to touch her, when she slapped him.

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