YOU SS ( Swasan ) Part 5

Part 5

Hola babes is back, I’m so sorry that I’m late, but I promise that, I will try not to be late!

After a while Swara woke up in the ward and shouted: “Swara is incomplete without Ragini, because we both together are SwaRagini, I miss you my dear sister and I’m sorry that I had insulted you!” Then she started crying uncontrollably, soon some came into the ward and said: “Shh, Swara calm down, I’m here for you, you can talk to me, because I won’t judge you!”
“Laksh, because of me Ragini isn’t alive anymore!”

“Don’t say that Swara, she is still alive in your heart and she may be not here body vice, but you always can feel her presence with you, wherever you go as it is your protector and shaddow at the same time!” Laksh said.

“Aww, Laksh that’s so sweet of you, I never knew that you can talk like an philosopher!” Swara said, while she was a little bit calmer than before.

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