YOU SS ( Swasan ) chapter 1

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“Maa where is this laksh ???? Can’t he be ready on time ??? Because of him I ‘m missing my lecture ”

“Uffff sanskar why are you yelling early in the morning “interrogated his room yawning .

“Mom why can’t u understand ??? I don’t want to miss the classes .

“Don’t be one of those nerdy guys buddy ”

“Mommmm …….”

“I ‘m here Bhai don’t start your complaining section ”

“Come , do u need some more time to makeup ???”

“Bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiii ”

“Now don’t whine like a girl “to which laksh pouted like a girl and sanskar and his mom did hi fi each other .

“Ok ok chalo it’s time for us to leave ”

“Okay Bhai , bye mumma ”

“Bye love u both ”

“Love u too mom /mumma ” both screamed and hugged her .

( This is a short intro of Sanskar ‘s family

Ap – his caring , lovable and funny and always makes fun of both her sons. She loves both to the core and her husband too the core .

Dp – sanskar ‘s dad. Very jolly , funny type . Same as his wife. Great prankster. Pulls both his sons leg when he gets the opportunity.

Laksh – lovable brother. A flirty type and each and every girl likes his chubby nature .)

While traveling ,

“Bhai why r u being single ???”

“What question is this laksh ???”

“Can’t u hear ??? See u r too old that’s why u couldn’t hear anything ”

“Very funny. Tomorrow u tell me I ‘ll laugh ”

“Bhai ……..”


Sanskar and laksh were in utter shock .

“Who the hell hit my car badly ???” Sanskar shouted.

“How do I know ??? Come let’s see what happened ???” Laksh sprung up from his seat to check out.

A girl in early 20’s came out wearing a pink knee length frock and came out .

“Oops sorry mister ……”(Questioning look )

“Sanskar ”

“Nice I ‘m ragini singhania ”

“Be whatever u are , first answer me why u did this ???”

“Sorry it was just a prank “.

Laksh who came out and saw her and mesmerised to see her ,”beautiful “….. Murmured .

“What??” shouted both at the same time .

“Nothing ”

“Okay see ragini , because of you my car is damaged . Now u need to pay as well as ask sorry .”

“I can pay but I can’t ask u sorry . Got it ” said she with equal attitude by pointing her index finger on his face.

He pulled and twisted her arm and such that her back is facing his front , ” listen miss attitude , I know to show off like u okay . Stay in ur limits ” with this he left her and she fell on the ground.

Ragini being tensed took a stone nearby and hit on sanskar ‘s back and screamed , ” you ‘ll pay for this sanskar ” .

Both sanlak reached college .

“Why my day is starting with nonsense things first you next that idiot ragini ”

“Don’t call ragini idiot bhai . I like her ”

“Whatever . Today is the first day of ragging come let’s go and see what’s happening ”

“Okay Bhai ”

Sanskar was busily talking with laksh that he didn’t see and collided with someone .

A girl so beautifully dressed in white shirt with a black skirt was hurriedly walking as she was late, collided with a guy who was coming in the opposite side . She scared being falling down but two muscular arms held her by her waist . Both had a beautiful eyelock broken by laksh who is laughing seeing their condition. Both broke their eyelock and stood ,

“Thank u so much sir ”

“Not sir , I ‘m second year student sanskar ”

“I ‘m first year student , swara , new here ”

Swara nice name thought sanskar and gently smiled and swara reciprocated with a sweet smile . Both felt different with the other’s smile.

“Bye sanskar , I ‘m getting late to class ”

“Bye swara ”

After swara went sanskar turned back to the direction where she went and smiled .


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