SriKa: Love can happen (Suhani Si Ek ladki) – Chapter 2

Chapter 1

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The mind of Krishna is so restless.How can it rest?When she knows her possessor is so dumb that she can’t understand what her heart says.blo*dy woman.They just uff.She huffed in annoyance.Why can’t activities of mind be simpler?Just like hearts.Just pump blood and exchange yourself in love market.But nahi, God has to be cruel towards Mind.They have to be strict, intelligent and be always of the possessor.Or else their possessor just goes into drain just like Krishna.See how sound she is asleep?She doesn’t have an ounce of care for her mind, does she?But howsoever her possessor may be?She has to be perfect on her work grounds.She collected all the memories of Dearest Sayam and reviewed them.them.Nothing is trustworthy.She went to the memory bank and asked the staffs to blur certain things and keep them on backstage ready.They obliged to their master’s command and went to do their routines.Mind came hustling into her cabin and reviewed at the first memory they had.’How ironic’ Mind smiled.The first person Sayyam met in Birla family is Krishna.Interesting.Love knew how to play games with hearts.With the mention of heart, the heart came running to him and said,”What are you planning to do?”

“What?” asked irritated Mind.It is always a heart’s problem.Her favorite job is to interfere in his work.

“Why are you putting facts before Krishna ?”
“Because it is necessary for her to decide”
“How can you do this?It is you who threw the seeds of love in her system.”
“We are her system.”Replied back angrily Mind.
“You can’t do this.”
“I am doing this.”
“If not now,she has to do this.”
“You can’t decide on her behalf”
“Then she can’t blame me for my silence on her decisions.”
“She is naive”
“She will become stupid”
“One decision of yours can ruin her life.”
“It cannot.”
“Please do not do this.”
“I want to reunite with Saiyam.”
“Why it is always about Sayyam?”

“Because we all are meant to be his, and his all are meant to be ours.” Heart replied tenderly to the angry young man, Mind.
“I don’t want to”
“You have to” Spoke Heart.
“I do not want Krishna to be hurt.”
“Experiences teaches her to be strong.”
“Why can’t she listen to us ?”
“Because you will know once you get to know Sayyam”
“By replaying all their memories back, we will let Krishna Decide what is best for her without our judgments.”
“So you are telling me that we are going to replay all their moments as dreams in her head and she is gonna take decisions according to that”
He replied with a huff.

This is not what I planned.It just came out randomly.Do tell me about this.

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