SriKa: Love can happen (Suhani Si Ek ladki) – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Krishna was so hurt by his behavior.What is he thinking of himself?He is not her Master , for god sake dammit.Today for sure she will show him his place.

‘The way to your heart ‘ a voice chided her.
Krishna was shocked to hear a voice out of the empty room.What is happening? The voice asked her not to freak out.It introduced her to be Krishna’s Stupid mind which goes to hibernation on seeing Sayyam.

Krishna was irritated.Her mind voice is the reason why she can’t explain what she wanted to convey to him.The rakshas.Both of them are evil and stupid.Why can’t they give her a chance? This stupid mind always crashes her plans.She chided with her mind.

“Why are you here?” She asked rudely to her mind.
“To show Sayyam his place” it replied smartly.

Krishna can clearly see that her mind is mocking her.She doesn’t love Sayyam, does she?Oh my god ji,If she is in love with that rakshaas, What will he do to her?

“He will kill you ” replied her mind.She gave her mind a glare and asked it to shut up.

Before she brings up anything before him, she needs to be clear on her ground.She decided and pulled the quilt over her.

Tomorrow will be a new beginning for KriYam.

Updated on Feb 05.

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  1. Nnnya

    Hi Coffee green. Thank you for checking out my ff. Yours in an interesting take. Loving this battle between Krishna and her mind hehe unique concept.. Keep writing ?

    1. Coffee Green

      Thank you Nnnya.???And nyou can convey your thank you by updating your ff quickly…

  2. Aarti32

    Interesting start..N your writing style is commendable..

    1. Coffee Green

      Thank you Aarti32 .Have a happy week.

  3. Nyc starting…this is the war between her mind and heart…who will win??…keep writing wanna know who wins.. 🙂

    1. CoffeeGreen

      Thank you, Isha.Glad you showed your liking towards the story through comments.;)

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