SR and Sammie (desire) One shot (Os)

Hey it’s Aryna.. And it is My one shot but slightly passionate and naughty so it is upto you want to read or not!!!

Arre saab…mast item hai…you will not have any complaints!” the slimy thin man said, as he ushered Sanskar towards a softly lit corridor smelling of sweet perfume…it reminded him of those yesteryears movies he had watched that spoke of such kotha’s, full of splendor

“Here…this is her room…I’ll come back in some time to check; incase you need anything else” the man said with a toothy grin as Sanskar gave him a quick smile and waited for him to leave

As his shadow disappeared around the corner of the corridor, Sanskar took a deep breath and knocked on the door but was surprised to find it open already…running a hand through his perfectly gelled hair, he stepped inside the dimly lit seductive room, full of fragrant candles, before closing the door behind him

He looked around to find a svelte figure of a woman sitting on the bed, with her back towards him…he glanced around the rest of room before making his way towards the bed but stopped mid way as he heard her sultry voice

“Should I make you a drink first sahib?” she asked as she turned her face slightly towards him, giving him just a glimpse of her well defined features…though he could not make much of her face yet, he knew she was a rare beauty
Uh…no….not yet…I…why don’t you tell me your name first?” he asked her as she giggled and got up from the bed, making her way to the side table to light up the lamps a little bit more, bringing in more brightness into the room…her nearly bare back enticing arnav’s senses

“You can call me whatever your heart desires sahib…we don’t have just one name” she said as she turned around and the full magnitude of her beauty hit Sanskar at once making him completely speechless

She was absolutely stunning…with flawless milky skin, perfect doe-shaped eyes and high cheekbones…cute little nose and those oh-so kissable red pouty lips…his gaze travelled further down to her abundant curves, beneath the tiny choli and low riding ghagra she wore, with the too thin dupatta hardly covering anything (see ref pic below)

“Like what you see sahib? Or were you expecting someone a bit more…umm…should I say, younger?” she asked with a peculiar look in her hazel eyes as Sanskar finally found his voice “ old are you?” he asked her as she giggled and sat on the bed…patting the space next to her

“I’m sixteen…will be turning seventeen in a month or so…why? Do you like us much younger?” she asked Sanskar who shifted awkwardly on his feet before going and sitting next to her…his mind was running in many directions but his body was signaling just one damn thing…he was thoroughly aroused…but hearing how young she was, he felt ashamed to even think this way.
“You don’t look that young…at least, your behavior does not…and No, I don’t like young woman…I prefer older ones, those that are of legal age…you should not be here, in this profession…in fact no one should!” he said with disgust as the girl looked at him as if he had grown two horns

“Its disgusting that girls as young as you or even younger than you are forced into this trade…” he said as Swara sighed and hit her palm on her head before giving him an angry look “Oh yeah! You are one to talk…let me remind you, what you came here for mister!” she said as she gave him an annoying look and cursed out loud and scrambled off the bed

“Dammit! Shit…” she said as she got up and took out her phone from the side table drawer and clicked on a number while watching Arnav with a steady gaze “Yes, Sammie here…got the wrong guy…can you check who was the a*sh*le that had specifically asked for this girl? I don’t have all night to waste here” she said as Sanskar got up and snatched the phone off her

“Hey! That’s my phone you moron” she yelled as Sanskar pulled her towards him and held her chin with his one hand while the other circled her arm around her back…but the girl was strong enough to knee him in his thigh, loosening sanskar ’s hold on her, but he was quick enough to catch her again as he pushed her against the wall, holding her captive with his body pressing against hers.

“Don’t you dare move girl…who the hell are you? And who were you calling?” he asked her as she sneered at him “Who I am…well I’m Swara Malik, reporter for Khabardar newspaper…and right now I’m undercover trying to get proof on underage prostitution…” she said as she tired hard to push him off her, but he did not budge

“We got a tip this morning and this was supposed to be my big scoop…but you don’t seem to be the guy who had asked for Asha, the fifteen year old who was supposed to be in my place…so if you don’t mind, I need to go and find out who did! Now, if you don’t leave me this instant, I will taser your balls off!” she said as sanskar stared at her for a minute before pressing more into her struggling form
You are not a?….wait, did you say Swara Malik? You’re the pest who keeps bothering my men at the station!” he asked incredulously as Khushi smiled at him “Yes, its me…and I….wait…hold on a minute…what men? Who are you?” she asked as Sanskar left her and took out his badge “ACP Sanskar Maheshwari crime branch…I’m here for the same undercover operation, which you have single handedly foiled!” he said as he finally let her go completely and stepped back

“What? You’re a cop? Oh wait! SR…. that’s you!” she yelled as sanskar shut her mouth with his palm “Keep quite…lower your voice…yes, I’m a cop…. and I was here to look into the exact same thing, you were trying for as well…to bust this place for underage prostitution” he said as Swara ’s delectable mouth opened up in an ‘O’ making Sanskar want to kiss her senseless

“How old are you again?” he asked her stupidly as she looked on in confusion “I’m 26…but that’s not the point…I look young so was the only one who could pull this off” she said as he looked her up once again….now that she was well over the age she had originally told him, there was no harm in having those lusty thoughts about her right?…No…do your job SR! He scolded himself as he stepped further away from her, creating some distance.

“So where is this girl…Asha you said right? How did you get here in her place?” he asked her as Swara sighed and walked to the lamp where she proceeded to pluck out the small hidden camera, which she was obviously fixing earlier

“I smuggled her out of here with a colleague of mine…poor thing was shit scared but was more than desperate to run away….I took her place instead to get more concrete evidence before exposing these people” she said matter of factly as sanskar shook his head in disbelief

“Are you mad? Do you even know the kind of risk you have taken? These places are very highly connected…politically connected…they wouldn’t even think twice before getting rid of you and everyone in your blo*dy newspaper if they found out…you should leave this to us…after all its our duty ” Sanskar said as Swara sighed, loosening her hair, making the gorgeous tresses flow freely onto her shoulder

“Lets just say, we love to help you!…Listen ACP, I can lead you to Asha, whose confession should be more than enough for you to nab these guys…after all, it was she you were after right? Put her into witness protection to keep her safe, but let me write the expose on this…I can’t directly put her story into the newspaper now that I won’t get evidence, but with the police involved, it would be possible” she said as sanskar thought about it for a second before nodding
I’ll see what I can do…but for now, lets get out of here” he said as Swara nodded in agreement, when there was a knock on the door “Sahib…are you enjoying in there? Are you decent enough?” the same slimy man asked from the door making both Swara and sanskar panic…they can’t be found out just yet

“Uh…yes, hold on a minute” Sanskar called out before pulling Khushi towards the bed and making her lie down on it…he pulled off her dupatta making her gasp as he threw it somewhere on the floor…he then proceeded to take off his t-shirt making Swara gulp at his powerfully muscle-packed body

“Get inside the covers and hide your face” he said as Swara nodded but stopped him “Wait” she said as she got onto her knees on the bed and tousled his hair a bit with her fingers making him stifle a groan…but then he completely stilled as she pulled his head quickly towards herself and kissed him…it took him a second to respond before he held her face and kissed her back…but before he could deepen it further he felt her hands pushing him away

“Easy tiger…I wanted it to look authentic…now you look well kissed….Go” she said wiping excess lipstick off his lips before diving into the covers, leaving Sanskar to wonder what the hell just happened “Sahib? All ok in there?” the man’s voice called out again as Sanskar walked awkwardly to the door, thanks to his aroused lower half and opened it slightly to find him standing there with a guard

“Sorry sahib, but I am leaving a guard behind as we have been tipped of someone trying to snoop into our Kotha…these people might be harmful to us…. but you don’t worry…you carry on and whenever you are done, just inform him and he will get you out safely” he said as Sanskar nodded…wondering what they should do now

“Oh and don’t worry…. these guards are very used to all sorts of sounds…you have fun now” he said as Sanskar quickly shut the door and bolted it…making Swara throw the quilt away and get up from the bed “What now?” she asked him as he told her to keep quite while walking towards her

He bent down to her ears and whispered “Make those sounds…till I make a quick phone call to my sub who is waiting outside for me” he said as Swara looked at him in confusion “What sounds?” she asked him as he rolled his eyes “Those sounds….like your enjoying…uh….” He said as it finally dawned into Swara ’s head what he was asking for

She gave him a thumbs up and went to sit on the bed while Sanskar turned towards the window and called up Laksh “Oooh….yeah…..ummm….right there…” Swara moaned loudly, making Sanskar suddenly jerk his head towards her…he felt his body tighten in response as she sat cross-legged in that s*xy as sin lehenga, moaning in abandon

yes….oh yes….you are so good….oh yes….ummmm….bite me….aaahhh…..yes….” she kept moaning as sanskar hardly realized what he was saying to Laksh …he could not help but watch her as she closed her eyes and kept speaking in a low seductive tone “Sanskar …you are soo big…ohh….aahhh….baby….yes….” she continued as sanskar finished his call quickly before turning his fully aroused body towards her

He had almost climaxed, as he heard her say his name in that tone…what was he going to do? “Swara ….” He whispered as she suddenly stopped and opened her eyes to find Sanskar sitting close to her on the bed, making her inhale his intoxicating masculine scent “It’s done…Laksh will get us out…but it will take some time….” He said as Swara nodded and shifted slightly as Sanskar kept looking at her

“Um…shouldn’t you say something too? He might get suspicious” Swara said looking at the door, as sanskar nodded in a daze “You seem like quite a pro at this…” he said as Swara smiled at him coyly “Oh…experience always helps” she winked at him as she scooted closer to him while his breathing nearly stopped looking at her cleavage spilling out of the tight choli “Is that so? Well…. I too have experience, but I can’t act…it has to be real for me…” he said as he got closer to her

“How real?” she asked him as her eyes sparkled making him lose all the control he had kept restrained till now “This real” he said as he literally pounced on her and took her teasing lips in a mind numbing kiss…his hands went to tilt her face to deepen the kiss as his tongue sought entry into her delicious mouth

Swara moaned for real, as her hands strayed to his shoulders, travelling over his bare muscled chest making him growl in need. He lifted her up slightly to make her sit on his lap, straddling him…he bit her lower lip as her hands went to hold him tightly while her nails dug into his back, making him groan in pain and pleasure

As they came away for breathing when it got absolutely necessary, their darkened orbs spoke of mutual desire and unfulfilled passions…before either could formulate anything else, their lips once again met in a smoldering kiss which all but let their bodies wanting more; nails scratching, tongues lapping, teeth biting…both did not realize who was the first to disrobe the other of all clothes as their hands travelled over each other intimately, while their bodies burned in absolute abandon
Swara …ask me to stop…if you let me go on, I won’t be able to” Sanskar said as he flipped her beneath him as his lips descended on her feverish skin, nipping and sucking as she arched into him…she moaned loudly as his mouth came hot and urgent on her hardened peaks, leaving her wanting more as his fingers caressed her dripping core, making her breath hitch in sheer raw need

“D…don’t stop Sanskar …umm….I want you….please….now…” Swara said as sanskar came back up to look into her eyes… “I know this is not the best place b…” he started saying when she flipped him over and straddled him again “You talk too much…” she said with a wink as she leaned over him and kissed him hungrily…her long hair falling over them as they continued to rub against each other

“And I don’t care where we are…I need you….right now” she said as she pulled out the side drawer and handed him a foil packet…she giggled as she saw the surprise on Sanskar’s face “How?…off course you must have done your research…” he said as he pulled her underneath him and donned the protection

Just as he parted her legs, Swara kept her hand on his chest, making him stop as he looked on in confusion…his arousal bursting in need for her “Just so you know….I never do this….never…I don’t know why I can’t control myself with you…but I’m not that kind of a girl…” she said as sanskar leaned forward and kissed her on her forehead

“I know you’re not…and I’m too not like this…control is my second name…but with you…I just can’t resist….” He said as he kissed her deeply while entering her in one go…she screamed his name as he claimed her again and again, their bodies rubbing against each other deliciously as sanskar thrust into her welcoming heat

“Harder….Oh….Sanskar …you are big…” she said naughtily as sanskar smirked at her and proceeded to play with her body making her scream in pleasure…he rubbed his thumb against her nub as he continued to fill her up, faster and harder as she demanded, when he finally felt her inner muscles clench him…he kissed her again and again while she came apart under him as he too found his release with her

“Gosh…that was amazing…” Swara said as Sanskar pulled out of her and laid beside her on the bouncy bed…he pulled her naked form against his hard body as he bought her face close to kiss her lightly “it was amazing…you are amazing” he said as she leaned her head on his chest “So, I’m not an irritable pest anymore?” she asked him as he shook his head “You can irritate me all you want” he said as she giggled when sanskar ’s phone vibrated as he suddenly remembered where they were.

He picked it up and ended the call in a few seconds and looked at Swara apologetically “Laksh will be here in a few minutes…he’ll take care of the guard and we’ll be able to leave…you will need to tell us Asha’s whereabouts so that the authorities can take her to a safe house” he said as Swara nodded and got up with the bed sheet wrapped around her and opened a small bag to dress herself in a separate set of clothes, a plain kurta and jeans

“My actual clothes…” she said sheepishly as he too got dressed quickly and pulled her in an embrace, his face nuzzling her neck “You didn’t ask me what you will have to do after that Ms Malik ” he said as she looked at him with a naughty glint “Oh…I thought that will be the end of it…we will go our separate ways…whatever more do you need from me?“ she asked with a smile as he turned her around

“Once we are out and Asha is in safe hands, you will come with me and we can then share notes on this operation…what do you say? I can feed you as well…you have to eat anyways….uh breakfast at least” he said glancing at his watch that said 4 am “Is that so ACP? I didn’t know they call it ‘Sharing notes’ now a days…but your plan sounds good” she said as they heard some scuffling outside the door

“Shall we?” Sanskar asked her as he offered his hands to her “off course Sahib” Swara said with a wink as they opened the door to find a harassed looking Laksh and another officer waiting for them…this night was going to get much more interesting! Oh and it definitely wasn’t over yet…

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