guys i want to write a one shot on both couples raglak and swasan as i like both couples…… so i am giving intro of it please tell should i write or not…


Guys my upcoming one shot!!! Please tell should I write or not!!!

This story would take place during Kavsan engagement but the twist is the same would go with raglak there would be even kavlak engagement….. Sanlak love swaragini so do they but kavya and kavita love Sanlak like hell so see how love blooms between the lovers!!!! They will get engaged but Sanlak but something happens and BOOM the engage ment stops….



doc – its risky operation

person – pls doc do something and save them

doc – ok I’ll try my best


ward 1

person – pls my ****** (name i will reaveal in one shot) wake up i love u

hope is there


ward 2

person – pls get up for my sake

person holds hands of the uncociouus person and hand moves…


so guys tell me should i write or not i am sur itsnot good but i just want to give a try…. one shot name would mujhe tumse mohabbat hai

Credit to: Tvisha

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  1. Okay. To understand the full story I think you should do it. Take your time and just write it yaar

  2. You should write for my sake plz plz plz and I lov the introduction

  3. ward 1- ragini
    2 swara…

    plzz cntnu… post ur os.. today

  4. Awesome please continue

  5. Tvisha plz try to post soon….try to detail it..every pain, emotion, if its detailed, it will be very awesome….post asap

  6. Plz write yar its seems to be interesting

  7. Please write but only in English….please….. If you can update it today……

  8. ya plzzzzzzzz continue…….

  9. I loved the intro and would further like to read it . pls update fast

  10. I think swaragini r in hospital…. Plz post soon….

  11. Go ahead

  12. Superb introduction and plz continue

  13. Ya plz continue

  14. raglak 4rocks

  15. thank you guys I will post as soon a possible

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