Mihika gets up to go to her room and takes the sleeping pills from romi… mihika puts on an alarm at 10 am… romi says r u going somewhere tomorrow…..
M: obviously work…
R: oh yea I have a meeting… with ashok
M: when do u have to wake up?
R: 11am… why?

M: I will be gone from the house at 11 so u have to wake up on ur own…
Ruhi and pihu r playing in their room… then they hear footsteps coming towards their room… raman and ishita is coming to check on them
Ruhi and Pihu pretends to sleep
Raman sees the games under their beds and says u know ishita? They can pretend as much as they want… but we r their parents we know when someone is sleeping and not..
Pihu opens 1 eye slowly to see and raman says pihuu u cant fool me ur eyes were moving and the games under the bed….
Ishita and raman also sleeps with ruhi and pihu
In the morning
Mihika wakes up and goes in the bathroom to shower
After a while mihika comes out of the shower in a robe and sees romi and maya awake… and tells romi to get ready… its late… and she takes out clothes to wear
Mihika wears a pink hoodie top with tight pink sweat/legging and nude pink heels… romi sees a tattoo on mihika’s back waist…
R: is that a tattoo?
M: yea…. Why?
R: wht does it say?

M: ummm… being shy… “Maya is the love of my life”
R: u knew I was gonna choose the name u wanted for the baby….
M: yes… ok forget it… go change I have to do makeup… I will see maya… don’t worry..
Everyone is at the the table
Mihika comes there holding the baby and wearing a rose gold watch and diamond rings,makeup, and everything…. Her tattoo shows and ishita asks about it…
M: why is everyone asking the same question? Laughing… since everyone is here I will tell all … of u… it says “ maya is the love of my life”
Adi : doesn’t it hurt when u get it?
M: it does a little after u get used to it… but don’t even think about getting it in this age….
A: chiti… plz.. take me to the place…. Im 22
M: idk… ask ur parents if they give permission…
Raman: sure… only one…

Ishita: wht… but its bad… everyone says let him.. he is old enough and he has a gf…
Mihika: I will take u in the after noon I have to get to work…
Romi: im gonna take him im gonna get the same… just meet us there
Everyone goes to their respective room
At the tattoo shop
Mihika comes there and meets the tattoo artist and says they need tats so yea… and romi gets one first a forgivness sign with two hands together on his chest…
Adi gets one on his mucule
Mihika comes back and sees romi paying the man… and says finished?
They all go home and romi gets a call and picks up…. Romi ends the call and tells everyone we all r going to the receiving awards because I was nominated for the top 10 business…
At night
Romi is wearing a black shirt with burgundy coat and pants
Mihika is wearing long sleeved blue dress with a thigh length slit at the side with a goldi studded belt and blue heels and rose gold watch and earrings,necklace,
Romi is memerized by mihika

Ishita is wearing a pink sleeveless gown
Ruhi is wearing red straplees dress and pihu also
Aliya (adi’s wife) is wearing a black knee length drees
Romi hugs mihika and says finally…. My dream has come true and maya is in toshi’s hands and they r in a car… at the venue….
Mihika holds hands with romi and enter the venue people take pictures… the news reporter says omg it’s the the top 10 business men and the famous model mihika… raman and ishita walks in and camera’s flashes, adi and aliya walks in flashes…. Then everyone comes in and toshi is holding maya… mihika takes maya in her arms and the news reporter asks whose baby is that?
Mihika says this is my daughter maya…
Nr: how come we never saw u with a baby bump…
Mihika: well I started modeling after birth so yea…
Nr: when will we be expecting another famous baby?
Mihika looks at romi… mihika says not the early my first priority is giving the baby a good future…
Nr: asks ishita about pihu
I: well I love my kids equally…

Nr: so mrs aliya and mr aditya… u guys r the youngest business company… how do u feel about being in the top ten famous business?
A&A: well we r happy for everyone and we have made our future…
Romi,Raman,Adi,Mihir are given awards they all go home toshi says to mihika to let maya sleep with her tonight…
Mihika says ok…
Mihika goes to her room with romi….
R: so when do u wanna plan for another baby?
M: I really don’t know? On romi’s chest
Romi puts mihika’s chin up and kisses her… and says don’t worry… not pressuring
M: giving birth to the baby is really hard….
Romi says who said that we cant do anything and cant get pregnant ….
In the ishra room
Ishita falls entering the room and raman catches her…. They have a long eyelock….
In romihka’s room
Mihika says r u sure? Idk…. What if I do get pregnant…
Romi kisses mihika….mihika recropicates

Romi kisses mihika on the neck and gives a love bite
Romi takes off his shirt… they continue kissing
Romi unzips mihika’s dress and throws it on the floor… just then a knock on the door… its raman and ishita…. Romi says wtf!! Ugh…mihika takes her dress and gives a tshirt to romi to wear and goes to the bathroom romi opens the door… ishita asks where is mihika?….
Romi: why?
Raman: wht r u doing that u open the door so little….
Ishita: wait ruhi is calling me
Raman pushes the door and sees romi in boxers….
Raman: what the hell! And says to romi whispering…. Should I give the good news to everyone?
Romi: stop! I was sleeping
R: u were sleeping without pants but u sleep with a t-shirt on?
Romi: so!
R: ok stop giving lame excuse I will leave…
Mihika comes out and says what was he saying?
Romi forget him… romi locks the door and starts where he left off… romi takes off his tshirt and mihika is in her bra and underwear..
Mihika is breathing deeply and moans….

Mihika puts her fingers through romi’s hair and moans
Romi takes off her bra and underwear…
Mihika: is it too late to say I want to become a mother again?
Romi: really? And kisses her on the lips
Romi take his dk out and goes inside mihika….
Mihika moans….mihika screeches…. Romi does it more harder back and forth…. In and out… mihika was about to scream then romi covers her mouth and says its 2am in the night if anyone hears they will come….

Mihika kept moaning and romi was flexing his mucules and sweating on mihika…
Just then romi was almost finished romi moun for a long time becuz he was cumming in mihika… mihika also moans and romi is breathing heavily on mihika they falls asleep…


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  1. Are u trying to ruin yhm???.Dude this is really boring and height of stupidity.Plz write it in a way that is appealing for all.This is just a boring ff.

    If u think y I read ur ff if its that boring and stupid I was just making things clear for u that ur ff is really boring and ur ruining the original show

    I am a fan of Ishra and Romika.Plz do stop writing like this or continue well……

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