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Hello guys I am not new here I will not reveal my name until first episode till then guess me if u can I will post my next episode when I will finish my one ff cause right now I am handling three ffs. Sorry if I have done any mistakes. Guys it is a complete swasan ff.

Prologue: –
Sanskar pov
I am Sanskar Gadodia I am womaniser and my hobby is to sleep with girls and I love to do betting and I never accept my defeat in it. All think that I am rich and don’t respect girl’s dignity but my past made me like this. And time changes everyone like it changed me first I never used to do this type of things now it has become my hobby.
Sanskar pov ends.
Swara pov
I am Swara maheshwari I hate the boys who are womaniser and play with girl’s dignity. These kind of boys think that girls are toys and they play with their feelings and emotions and because of these many girls attempted suicide. But I swara maheshwari I m not like that types of girl. I always fight for justice.
Swara pov ends

Swara maheshwari: – a bold strong and daring girl hates womaniser and always fights for justice. Daughter of dp and ap maheshwari.
Sanskar Gadodia: – a womaniser hates girls and his mother a lot due to bitter past. Son of Shekhar and sharmishta Gadodia his father died.
Dp and ap maheshwari: – parents of swara.

So how two different pole will fall in love with each other?
What is the past of Sanskar due to which he hates girl and his mother a lot?
How sanskar’s father died? what is the mystery behind it? To know keep reading my ff.
See u all at the first episode which is not going to come so soon. Till then bye.
Love u all

Credit to: guess me who I am

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  1. Hint de do koi…

    1. dear I have written two raglak and swasan ffs and now this the third one and another ff of mine is ragsan and swalak one and I am swasan fan

      1. Hehehehe…Sriya…its u???

  2. Sanskar a womaniser? I hope u dont portray him too bad.
    But loved the intro :):)

    1. no way anu cause I am sanskarholic dear I can’t show him too bad I am glad that u loved the intro dear anu u know u are my inspiration ur ff only motivate me to write my own ff I have read ur all ffs dear please post ur fbs and cs

    2. Aww! Im glad to hear this. And lately busy with studies but yes I’ll post them soon ??

  3. R u anu??? If no sorry for wrong guess

    1. no I am not anu navi dear

  4. ????????

  5. Nice

  6. nice.. continue soooon.. but dont show him so bad..

    1. No way anu I can’t show him too bad cause I am sanskarholic

  7. interesting. plz continue

    1. Thanks mou dear I will post my first episode soon

  8. continue……nice

    1. Thanks soujanya dear I will definitely continue soon

  9. nyc intro..:)

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