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Hello guys my name is sriya. I am the writer of three ffs other than this swasan and raglak true love story, true love starts with her and hatred turned into love(swalak and ragsan).
Sanskar pov
As I said time changes everyone so does it change me. I never used to be like this because of my past I changed like this. At first I used to respect girl’s feelings and now I am not the old Sanskar. And now I hates girl’s and my own mother a lot. I am going back to Delhi my mom where first I used to live after my father’s death I left the place now I am going back to the place due to some reasons. But actually I don’t want to go back to that place because that place reminds of my father the person whom I used to love the most.
Sanskar pov ends

Swara pov
I am going back to Delhi I am a doctor who saved thousands of lives. My parents always encouraged me. Being a doctor is my passion my dream everything. My parents always taught to fight me for justice. Actually my parents won’t me to become lawyer but I choosed doctor now I don’t regret choosing doctor. I have become a successful doctor and my parents and my frnds are proud of me for whatever I have become now. I hate womaniser who play with girl’s dignity. Few years back a womaniser played with my best frnd feelings and dignity and she attempted suicide being a doctor I saved her life and I said her that she have to fight for justice and she did. Now she has gained her justice respect good position everything. now I am happy to see her like this after that bad incident.
Swara pov ends.
The flight has reached Delhi. Sanskar is waiting at airport for his frnds to come to pick him up.
His frnds are: –
They all reach there. They all are glad to meet Sanskar. Swara is also there but they both don’t see each other they go in different ways.

@ Swara house
Her parents were glad to see her after many years. They hugged swara together. In dining table there were all dishes which were favourite of swara at starting she used to eat the food like foodie but now being a doctor she takes care of her diet and says servants to take them and make healthy food.

@ Sanskar house
He is enjoying with his frnds and he receives a call from Ragini she was his gf they both are in relationship. He picks up the call and Ragini says to sanky that I missed u so much baby and sanky says I also missed u so much baby. After their phone conversation sanky says to his frnds that she is a foolish girl she is not able to understand that for a bet I am living in a relationship after my bet is over I will leave her.

Precap: – swasan first meet.

Guys so how was the episode. Tell me through ur comments. Till then bye. Sorry for the short update but I am busy with my other ffs also. Really sorry to my all the ff readers.
Love u all
Keep smiling

Credit to: Sriya

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  1. Super dear ….loved it ….I must say u have a wonderful skill of writing and new ideas …good ! Keep it up …
    I wish u all best for this ff …hope this also rocks as the other ff…..
    Keep smiling ☺

    1. Dolly dear I posted my second episode of hatred turned into love it is in 9th page

  2. awesomeeee…………..

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