Hi guys I’m Maanvi,I’m new in writing for tu so pls excuse me for the mistakes
I have got the upcoming spoilers in all ur favourite shows:-

Ragini mistakengly kill Parineeta by drowning in river-
In the upcoming episode there will be a lot of drama involved in the serial as there is an upcoming twist coming.
Parineeta will be seen calling Ragini at riverside to blackmail her regarding the video.
Ragini is seen snatching the mobile from Parineeta and by mistake gets drowns in the river.
Ragini stands there helpless and just sees Parineeta drowning.
This incident leaves Ragini tensed as well as shocked.
Ragini going on doing mistakes after mistakes
In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Ragini is fully tensed and does not know what to do.

No matter how-so-ever she tries to be good, some incidences happen and make her faulty.

Atharv and Vividha to get involved in a cooking competition-

In the upcoming episode Atharv and Vividha will be seen challenging each other for cooking.

There was a small tiff going on between Vividha and Atharv as to who is a better cook?

Vividha and Atharv both started fighting and mutually decided to hold a competition.

Both of them will be preparing a particular dish and will make Sujata taste it.

The whole and sole competition’s decision lies on Sujata as she will announce the winner.

2)Atharv talks to his father over phone-
In the upcoming episode it will be seen something shocking as Atharv will talk to his father over phone.

Actually it will be Sujata who will be talking to his husband and in meantime Atharv will receive the call and start talking.

Further it will also be seen that Sujata and his father both will be in shock as it will be Atharv directly on the other end talking.

Sambhav is seen trying different ways to hurt Suhani so that she does not come to meet Yuvraj

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Sambhav is making continuous efforts so as to hurt Suhani by some or the other way.

Sambhav just has one problem with Suhani and that’s Suhani coming to Birla house to meet Yuvraj.

Sambhav somehow cannot digest the fact that Suhani and Yuvraj are still in love.

Sambhav wants Suhani to permanently stop coming to Yuvraj’s house.

For the same Sambhav is trying different tricks so as to hurt Suhani’s legs so that she can’t walk.

Sambhav’s all efforts are put in vain one by one but the last one click and Suhani is hurt.

Sambhav drives off car on Suhani’s feet
In the upcoming episode there will be high voltage drama as Suhani will be seen hurt.
Sambhav purposely does it as he drives off a remote controlled car off Suhani’s feet.
Suhani is seen in terrible pain as her feet are injured and blood is pouring out.

Twinkle is confused as to whom to choose Yuvi or Kunj as Yuvi is seen forcing Twinkle to marry Kunj

In the upcoming episode we will see high intentioned drama as Twinkle will be seen confused as to whom to choose.

Twinkle does not know what to do-either to stay with Yuvi whom she had married only for family and child’s sake.

Either to marry Kunj who despite of being around for 5 years did not come up to Twinkle in her hard times.

Now there will be high voltage shocks that the audiences will be getting as no one is able to guess as to with whom will Twinkle stay on?

Bebe’s family is seen forcing Twinkle to choose Kunj and divorce Yuvi.
Where as Leela is seen making Twinkle understand that go ahead with your heart and take your time.
With whom will Twinkle’s fate end her up?
In the upcoming episode we will see that Twinkle is yet to take any decision.
On the other end Yuvi is forcing Twinkle to remarry Kunj as they are the ultimate lovers.
Yuvi has in a way started to believe that Twinkle will not be choosing him over Kunj.

Kaushalya challenged ladies at temple to change her name if Riya and Shivam don’t have child within one year

In the upcoming episode there will be high voltage drama as Kaushalya who usually is quite but has not challenged people in open.
Kaushalya is seen challenging people at temple as to if Riya and Shivam will not have children in one year she will change her name.
Further she has even challenged that if this does not happen she will not see Raghav’s face her entire life.
Now this is a way to force the couple mentally so as to get a child.
Might be that this might be some trick by Kaushalya to make Riya ready for a child.
Riya and Shivam on the other had want a baby but a little later on.
What will be Riya and Shivam’s reaction towards Kaushalya’s challenge?
In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Riya and Shivam will be thoroughly shocked.
Riya will not be able to find out a solution to this problem.

Imli after getting hurt by Suraj breaks all relationships and moves ahead in life with Vivaan-
In the upcoming episode it will be clearely seen that Imli after knowing the truth about Suraj is upset.
Suraj is seen breaking Imli’s trust and this makes her even more angry.
Imli decides to move ahead in life without Suraj.
Vivaan on the other end is seen giving his full support and love to Imli.
Chakor is seen happy as she was successful in clearing all the misunderstandings between her and Imli.
Chakor has this hope in her heart that one day she will be able to get the love of her life Vivaan back.
What will be Suraj’s next step after receiving rejection from Imli?
In the upcoming episode we will see a lot of drama in the lives of Imli and Suraj.
Suraj will not be able to digest the fact that Chakor defeated him and will take revenge.
Suraj will be seen taking Chakor to his room and making her his wife forcefully as he is drunk.
Will Vivaan and Imli be able to save Chakor from Suraj’s clutches?

Credit to: Maanvi

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