Spoilers for (Vishkanya ff,krishnadasi ff,Rettai Vaal , ishveer forever-2 and u r my life)


So guys here is my spoilers for my some of the ff!!

Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever)season-2.

This ff has taken 2month leap.. Ishaani is business tycoon.. She runs business and earns profit and serves poor. Shikhar is business partner but he does not like girls.. He always taunts ishaani.. Ishaani is pregnant.. Ishaani in the mean time sees news.. She comes to know about terrorists.. One of the veiled man will keep gun on Ishaani and take her to escape from police.. He brings her to place and keeps her arrest.. He tortured Ishaani.. Ishaani does not know who is he?.. Finally she comes to know that he is none other than ranveer.. Neha,randhir and sanyu will be making him as terrorists.. Will Ishaani save ranveer from that group? Wait.. And read..

Krishnadasi ff..

Aryan and aradhya grand wedding takes place.. All guests arrive.. that time snake comes there and attacks radhika.. She tells them to get married.. They gets married but radhika dies. Which will shock them!!

Vishkanya ff

Veiled man is none other than.. Yug.. He loves kalpana.. She also loves him but stopped it when they are aged.. Now kalpana has began to love him. He is none other than.. Kumkum and rasik friend.. He is taking revenge behalf of them.. Apu will come to know about yug truth and tell to kalpana.. But she does not believe her..will apu bring truth out?

Rettai Vaal kuruvi ff

This one has taken major small leap of 2months.. Bala and nila loves each other now also but does not express it.. They are away but their heart beats for each other.. New woman leads enters.. She is the girl.. Whom malini wanted to get Bala married..but he refuses for it.. Nila also refuses to marry MD.Anuj will try to kill nila.. Bala will come to know about kidnap.. Will he save her?

U r my life..

Arjun and radhika have knock jhok fight.. Arjun office servant steals money and blames radhika for it. Arjuna helplessly sends her out.. Apu helps Malay in house work and have good time with him.. Kunj confesses his love.. Twinkle will also accept it but after sometime.. Becoz girls does not accept when boys say… Will radhika prove her innocent? Wait.. And read it..

Guys there is mahasangam for all this above mentioned ff.. Soon it will be happen during Aryan and aradhya wedding so get ready to see Aryan and aradhya wedding with.. Apu and Malay and .
All.. And get ready to laugh when both Malay and apu meet each other??

Credit to: Narendran

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  2. Idea of spoiler of ff is nice I will also write spoiler for ff.

  3. Tnx for the spoilers naren… OMG…. Hope Apu will bring the truth out…soon… again luv blossom in two luv birds… Bala n Nile… Hope Bala will save her.. Oh no… Arjun u should believe radhika .. Not fair… Excited for the episode … Waiting…

  4. Damn.. very interesting bro that matsh part!! Can’t wait for Ranveer to feel his love all again :3

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