Spoilers – Vishkanya – 26 July 2016 – Appu as Vamp

Appu is officially branded as Vamp of the show. As per Spoilers, in todays episode, Malay tells Apu that applying sindoor on her was a mistake and that he only regards Vardaan as his wife. He asks her to leave. Then the tomorrow episode with feature the scene , When Malay asks Apu to leave for Darjeeling, she discreetly calls the police. The police arrest Malay on bigamy charges. Now as per writers serious interest to show Vardaan as the positive lead of the show, When Malay is put in jail on charges of bigamy, Vardaan decides to find a way to save him. She files for divorce.

So now they had made Appu officially as the vamp of the show. So where is the anokhi prem kahaani of Appu that is promised in the promotions of Vishkanya.

The synopsis of Vishkanya states “Aparajita has been brought up under her mother’s thumb and is unaware that she is a ‘vishkanya’. She is not allowed to leave her house. However, Malay, their neighbour’s son, gets smitten with her.” But it now doesn’t match the plot, after all they are making Appu as Vamp.

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  1. Nandana

    Hate that chipkali vardaan and malay also. Plz throw both of them out of the show .

  2. Can we clap for the cvs for achieving a new low in this serial? ???????? pls do cast these writers to spoil every serial in the celluloid and they are such a perfect example for the ones who don’t want to stick to the title of their shows… slow claps again ?????????
    We are only torturing ourselves by viewing this serial or reading updates. To hell with Malay and vardaan.

  3. Yes throw them out and bring new hero as apu is viskanya she is the lead , at any cost we need new hero as she is lead. Make everyone negative including her mamuni. We want apu postive only positive at any cost eveybon the serial so stupid, only apu is intelligent , we want new hero he will marry her but he won’t die , as she is the lead she won’t harm him she ‘ll do some thing that he won’t die so throw every one out of the show we will see only apu face in each every episode as she is the lead.

  4. bad thing really bad thing when i saw this serial first i thought it was really anokhi love story. But now i feel awful they should not have made appu as villian. I hate this serial now i will stop watching everything related to serial.

  5. Kathy

    Tnx Andrew for the spoiler… Am just fed up with the plot … Wish to give a tight slap to the makers… They spoil a wonderful show… RIP… Vishkanya …

  6. This serial was interesting but after the marriage of malay and vardaan…story is taking apu’s role in negative side and vardaan towards positive and strong side, malay’s behavior towards apu has changed. It’s pretty disappointing, what the title say and what the story as been captured in action is seriously in two different directions at which pple can laugh at it and change the channel

  7. So ridiculous….apu is the main lead…though she is taking revenge from mittals,her love for Malay is true…and she is taking revenge for a right reason…vardaan knws Malay love Apu nly den also she married him…and after marriage Malay went to apu n tells her dat he love her only…noe suddenly his love for apu gone away and he started to love vardaan instead…so rubbish…we are with apu..nanditha Mittal should get punished and Malay should accept apu as his wife..
    Else we won’t watch this show…

  8. vardaan is soo nyc, please don’t comment in negative to her

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