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Hey everyone! This is Nisha and I’m here with some really good spoilers for krishnadasi so read and enjoy..!

In the upcoming episodes Aryan and poorva would be seen marrying when aradhya will come there to stop the marriage. Aryan would tell her that they r already married and now nothing can happen. Jairaj would throw aradhya out n will take her with him when pavitra would ask Aryan to save aradhya and Aryan would be shocked to listen pavitra saying aradhya as her daughter. Aryan will then ask pavitra if aradhya is her daughter.

Another scene that had been shot, jairaj and aradhya would be having a fight. Aradhya would be holding a gun and would ask jairaj to stay away from her otherwise she would shoot him. Jairaj will then snatch the gun from her n then aradhya would try to take the gun back. They would be fighting for the gun n during this Aryan would get shot with the gun n fall down. After this jairaj will start laughing and will accept all his crimes and at the same time all the family members of Aryan will come there and shout on jairaj for what he has done to Aryan and just then aryan will get up and tell that this was all a drama to show the real face of the dheshmukh family.

More over, a seen is been shot where aradhya’s both hands have been tied n aaba is going to shoot aradhya when kumudini comes and discloses the big secret of kid swapping that happened 21 years back. Every one will be shocked hearing this and specially aaba and when Aryan comes to support him aaba gets back and says that u r krishnadasi’s son n Aryan gets shocked listening this n then kumudini will take Aryan with him. Also when Pavitra will bring aradhya inside the house, aaba will say that she needs a shudhikaran as she has grown up in krishnadasi’s house.

So r u guys excited..!?! Finally the kid swapping thing is out and also Aryan and aradhya are not divorced and r still husband and wife n now aradhya will become the daughter in law of kumudini…!

I don’t know about u guys but I’m really happy that AaRa r still together…WOW I am so excited and happy. I just can’t wait for the upcoming episode. N I just don’t know how to control my happiness???

Credit to: Nisha Singh

Credit to: Nisha Singh

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  1. Good spoiler thanks alot

    1. Thanx

  2. thats superb… Thanx fr the info nisha… Now aftr reading this i’m really excited to see coming epis… Cant wait to see all these scenes…

  3. Sriranjani

    woww Thx 4 d spoiler Nisha………………….. Hats Off 2 U

  4. yeeeeeaaaah! its a great news to all KD fans. its nice after a long time i’m feeling like KD is gonna rock!

  5. where did u find this

    1. I searched for it on the Internet n YouTube

  6. Me too can’t control my self & thank you for giving such a good news. I must say , this aaba is good for nothing. He changes his colors when he need.idiot. he is only good for dying. For me he is a joker in arra love story rather than a villain. My eyes are yearning to see deshmuks’ countdown

  7. Sarayumane

    Omg, thank you so much for the spoilers, really excited

  8. Thanks for the spoilers… but I never thought the truth will be revealed so fast. How could they accept things so fast

  9. But even after this will aara can be together?? pradyumn will ask aru to divorce aryan…..will that happen??

  10. i am very exited for the track. it will be nice to see relationship from different angles… ok let me post TOI weekly spoiler here then.

    Episode – 106

    Aradhya tries entering Aryan’s house but guards stop her. When she forces her way in, she see garlands around Aryan and Poorva’s necks.

    Episode – 107

    In a bid to save herself, Aradhya shoots Aryan. Believing the latter is dead, Jairaj comes clean about his plan to usurp Pradyumn’s wealth.

    Episode – 108

    While Aryan spends time with Tulsi, Aradhya gets acquainted with Pavitra. However, Pradyumn is unwilling to accept Aradhya

    Episode – 109

    Aryan accepts in front of Jairaj that he is Kumudini’s grandson. Alongside, Pradyumn asks Aradhya to divorce Aryan. Later, Aryan and Jairaj have a sword fight.

    1. thank u for this one

  11. Awesome twist and turns, excited!! To see the next episode

  12. Pheww aara are not divorced…. Hate aaba… Now shuddhikaran for aaru superstitious people…. Hope after this aara will be together…. Yeah now dat witch will be out of aryan’s life… Yeahhhh….

  13. Whoa… Great eagerly waiting for kumudini’s confession…

  14. Superb spoilers.. So glad

  15. Thanks Nisha for giving gud news

  16. super…
    very nice twist…


  18. great…great…great….
    thnx for Nisha &,Tanu for the spoilers…
    iam not getting words to express my happinessssss…. even after jairaj’s truth is revealed he is still on scene..humm..sounds not that gud…. but it is really super surprising that the major truth is revealed so fast.. even though in the midst of happiness Iam feeling strange that is kd is going off air soon?????? but it is on 10.30pm then y it should go off that fast…. is it a finite series or something…??? no naa…???

  19. aryan and aradhya again to get marry in temple before Krishna alone.

  20. we only want ARADHIYAN not this KRISHNADASI KUMUDNI’S drama

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